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SEIU/1199 all out for Cuomo/Hochul. Yay.
New York state politics at its finest (1199 is the big SEIU-affiliated hospital-workers' union in New York): Cuomo-Hochul ‘First Priority’ For 1199/SEIU Getting its members out to the polls ...
mightymouse 09/06/2014 54 9 - -
Filibuster: Clueless Dem Senate Staffer Says Why Reform is Icky, Advocates Minority Rule
Well, as most of us cynics expected, the Senate didn't fix the filibuster/cloture mess. Thus the Obama presidency will continue to be stifled by McConnell and his crew. More good bills will die or ...
mightymouse 01/26/2013 15 22 - -
Change I Want to Believe in: The President Leads on Climate
It was wonderful to see President Obama make a clear and stirring statement on climate at his inaugural. After years of avoiding the issue, he came right out and said a lot of good things, on the ...
mightymouse 01/22/2013 22 12 - -
Some Good News for 2014 House Elections - Donna Edwards
We all know we really need to win the House back ASAP .... sharing government with the GOP nihilists is not workable. Some good news came to my inbox on this front (an email from the Edwards ...
mightymouse 01/04/2013 9 12 - -
Chuck Schumer Thinks We're Idiots
(From the It's my party and I'll cry if I want to files) NY Senior Senator Chuck Schumer (D) was insanely bogus today on teevee: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), speaking on ABC's "This Week," said ...
mightymouse 12/30/2012 20 17 - -
Wanna Share Your GOTV Stories?
Are you doing GOTV this time around? Knocking on doors? Making phone calls? Working at a campaign office? Why not share with us how it's going? How are the voters responding? Diaries about GOTV are ...
mightymouse 10/13/2012 7 3 - -
Ryan Stands with Rahm
Not a suprise : Paul Ryan crossed party lines and voiced support for one of President Obama’s biggest backers today, saying, “We stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel” in his fight with Chicago’s ...
mightymouse 09/11/2012 29 9 - 89
The Word Not Heard at the Democratic Convention
Something curious about yesterday's remarks of Michelle Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, Kai Penn, Julian Castro, Deval Patrick, Martin O'Malley, Lilly Ledebetter, Craig Robinson & Maya Soetoro-ng, Rahm ...
mightymouse 09/05/2012 36 13 - 298
First Sailboat Through Canada's M'Clure Strait Completes Northwest Passage
So it's a record low Arctic ice year. All the major records have fallen over the past week or two. Which will surely affect our weather here in the lower 48. This monumental change in the earth's ...
mightymouse 08/31/2012 50 114 2 759
Climate Won't Be Emphasized in Obama's 2012 Campaign
It doesn't come as a surprise, but this makes it official , I guess (The Hill, 8/23/12): A spokesman for President Obama’s reelection campaign suggested Thursday that climate change is unlikely ...
mightymouse 08/25/2012 49 16 - 110
Climate SOS: Deniers, Rejecters and Skeptics, Oh My!
What's up with these people? We've known for a long time that climate change is a really dangerous thing. We've waited and waited for the government to address it, and gotten instead a lot of ...
mightymouse 08/23/2012 52 48 2 174
Hello New Climate: Extreme Rain and Snow Happening More Often in the U.S.
Yeah, climate change is real. A new study of precipitation trends in the US shows that extreme rain and snow events have become significantly more common and larger since 1948. The trend is most ...
mightymouse 08/03/2012 48 64 2 471
Muller finds nothing new on climate, engages in more denial
So there is a lot of excitement about the announcement that the Berkeley Earth Temperature Study (BEST), headed up by Richard Muller, will be publishing a series of papers confirming once again ...
mightymouse 07/29/2012 14 21 - 197
Hello Climate Change - "It's Like Farming in Hell."
So - corn can't set kernels , grain prices are rising , and ranchers are forced to sell their herds early . All on account of drought & heat. Dig the face of climate change. This diary pulls from ...
mightymouse 07/16/2012 45 42 2 252
Climate-Changed Jet Stream Responsible for Recent Strange Weather?
Here's a great video from Peter Sinclair and Yale Climate Forum that offers a compelling explanation for why the weather's been so goofy recently. Meteorologists and climate scientists make the case ...
mightymouse 04/18/2012 124 311 10 1468
Global Disaster? Juan Cole on Iran Sanctions, Oil Prices, and a Little History
What happens as a result of US-led sanctions on Iran? That's the topic of a great essay by Juan Cole, of the middle-east focused blog Informed Comment , entitled Why Washington’s Iran Policy Could ...
mightymouse 04/13/2012 9 11 - 83
Gallup: 65% Favor Mandatory Controls on CO2 Emissions
Well, despite the perception of unconcern noted by luminaries such as Naomi Klein and our very own Meteor Blades , it seems Americans really do want to take on climate change. According to a ...
mightymouse 04/11/2012 8 14 - 87
Michael Mann: "Disappointed" by Obama's silence on climate change
Climate scientist Michael Mann, when asked about Obama's avoidance of any mention of climate change in his recent energy speeches, said: I thought there was some irony to Obama going to Oklahoma, ...
mightymouse 04/01/2012 38 20 - 157
The squeeze is on: Other countries buy oil the US can no longer afford
We've seen a lot of talk about rising oil prices around recently. Too much takes the slant of this article from ThinkProgress: Oil Prices Are Rising Despite Lowest Demand Since 1997 , which argues, ...
mightymouse 02/25/2012 38 54 4 335
Will Banks Thumb their Noses at Mortgage Fraud Settlement?
Will it really help people? And will it really stop banks from breaking the law? These are two key questions regarding the announced-but-not-finalized mortgage fraud settlement addressed in two ...
mightymouse 02/12/2012 34 30 - 131
No-Doc Settlement! Foreclosure Deal not Inked Yet. Now with Update!
A short diary on some astonishing news - American Banker reports that: More than a day after the announcement of a mammoth national mortgage servicing settlement, the actual terms of the deal still ...
mightymouse 02/10/2012 51 21 - 175
GOP loser overload - is this all there is?
People, as I write this diary, these are the top 14 stories on the dailykos front page: Mon Jan 02, 2012 at 04:00 PM PST Mitt Romney assails Barack Obama for failing to '
mightymouse 01/02/2012 13 4 - 70
How to stop catastrophic climate change? Four things.
Last week the International Energy Agency issued yet another depressing report ...
mightymouse 11/14/2011 39 23 1 141
Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben: XL Victory & the larger frame
People, What now? Climate angst is here again ... where I think of fleeing with the kids someplace .... Sure, there was ...
mightymouse 11/11/2011 11 8 2 74
Former Keystone pipeline lobbyist hired by Obama campaign
People, this has got to stop. LA Times reported yesterday that ...
mightymouse 10/26/2011 25 14 1 85
Did Climate Change-loving Algae Sicken Denier Inhofe? (updated)
(This diary is a retread of a great post by Stephen Lacey at ...
mightymouse 07/01/2011 165 205 2 978
"Stuck on Stupid in DC": Van Jones to Power Shift (now with video)
Dear Kossacks - This speech by Van Jones at the Power Shift ...
mightymouse 04/17/2011 14 18 - 140
Reward Courage on Climate
One undeniably positive thing we can do here is support Democrats who do the right thing. Think Progress's Wonk ...
mightymouse 09/21/2010 10 8 1 45
The saddest thing about Klein/FISA
I'm writing this to call attention to a bit of depressing but bang-on analysis from Glenn Greenwald's latest on the ...
mightymouse 11/28/2007 17 16 - 8
Impeachment - does it portend nuclear electoral failure?
Hi - the recent talk about impeachment has gotten to me again. Two ideas in particular I want to address, which are common in arguments opposing impeachment. I call them "misperceptions" because I ...
mightymouse 07/05/2007 30 18 2 35
Stopping the slide to fascism - engagement vs. sectarianism
mightymouse 06/27/2006 4 3 1 3
Surprise! - Obama triangulates a la DLC on Iraq
mightymouse 12/04/2005 25 7 1 4
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