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Texas Voter ID Open Thread for Election Observations
I'm a Texas Election Judge in the shrinking blue dot that is Austin, Travis County. Right on the border with very conservative Williamson County, our Precinct gets a lot of lost voters and many ...
mikeconwell 11/05/2014 9 6 - -
From spitting, to broken windows... now Five Dead in One Day of Anti Govt Violence in U.S.A.
I began the Right Wing Violence map shortly after the signing of the 2010 Health Care Reform act when ...
mikeconwell 05/24/2010 403 571 20 261
Mapping Right Wing Violence - Need your input
I'm beginning to document incidents of Right Wing violence beginning March 15th, 2010 during the HCR debate. Later, an accompanying map include incidents going back to the 2008 Democratic National ...
mikeconwell 03/24/2010 25 23 1 31
CafePress out Hoffmans Hoffman - Reversing Reversal on Psalm 109:8
Credit where credit is due. CafePress decides to pull vendor produced Psalm 109:8 products after all. Give them some time to ...
mikeconwell 11/20/2009 304 425 3 191
CafePress Reverses - Sides with veiled death threats [Updated 2x]
(Update - Title formerly: "Death to the President - And make $$" which was more accurate, but troubling to folks) This is a short diary, but just received a response ...
mikeconwell 11/19/2009 84 72 - 228
Dear Secret Service (and Congress)
Gun wielding protestors serve as a distraction and an additional drain ...
mikeconwell 08/18/2009 66 22 3 31
My Neighbor
There’s a subdivision in the back of our neighborhood where the lot sizes are bigger, the houses are more prestigious and the cars in the driveway are slightly more expensive. My friend lives ...
mikeconwell 02/01/2008 28 2 - 1
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