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This Is Why I Love Obama
Obama had a cardinal rule: “...You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president,” That’s politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head." Chief White House ...
miracle11 12/25/2014 289 478 6 -
WH Chef To Wed MSNBC Host; Obamas Will Attend
Yeah, this is fluff, but I have a special affinity for MSNBC host Alex Wagner. She's both adorable and beautiful, but more importantly she's smart with an electric personality and is a strong ...
miracle11 08/29/2014 45 123 2 -
Renee Elmers NEEDS Her Paycheck
The hypocrisy of the Stupid Party brigade just rolls on and on. Get a load of this: As some North Carolina congressional lawmakers defer pay during the shutdown, GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers is refusing ...
miracle11 10/03/2013 14 15 - -
Senator Cheney? Liz Cheney, That Is
Brace yourselves. Another Cheney is eying a seat in government. Liz Cheney, 46, phoned Republican incumbent, Michael Enzi who was first elected to the Senate in 1996, to let him know she's thinking ...
miracle11 07/07/2013 27 21 - -
Frank Rich Eviserates David Gregory
Frank Rich, New York Magazine writer-at-large, talked with contributor Eric Benson about David Gregory's ridiculous question to Glenn Grenwald on Sunday's Meet The Press: "Why shouldn't you, Mr. ...
miracle11 06/26/2013 138 414 3 -
There Is An Upside To All The Scandal-Mongering
A post today by Greg Sargent actually put a positive slant on all the breaking scandals. Obama's Grand Bargain might now be dead in the water. And I for one could not be happier. Liberals who are ...
miracle11 05/14/2013 8 6 - -
Mark Sanford: Teh Stupid Burns
This is just too hilarious not to share: CHARLESTON, S.C. — Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford must appear in court two days after running for a vacant congressional seat to answer a ...
miracle11 04/16/2013 91 108 2 -
Michelle Malkin Copies Michelle Obama...Unsucessfully
Michelle Malkin was so inspired by Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama's "Evolution of Mom Dancing," that she dons a black First Lady wig, complete with The Bangs, and dances her lithe, little body to ...
miracle11 02/25/2013 38 10 - -
Nuns On The Bus - Nuns against Paul Ryan
Al Sharpton from Politics Nation interviewed Sister Simone Campbell who is organizing a bus tour to draw attention to nuns’ work with the poor and to protest planned aid cuts. In a spirited ...
miracle11 06/13/2012 24 47 - 178
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