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TPer Temper Tantrums
Hey TPers. obviously your mom didn't ignore you when you threw yourself down on the floor and had a royal hissy fit because you did not get your way. These were the moms and dads who ran in there ...
mntleo2 02/26/2015 4 2 - -
Homeless in Seattle
My name is Cat Sullivan and I am a long time advocate and activist for low income people. I am a lifelong Seattle resident although at this time I live outside of Seattle because being low income ...
mntleo2 02/16/2015 4 22 - -
Poverty And The Digital Divide
Horace Bothroyd III recently wrote an article about his frustrations on trying to be in the mainstream as far as any electronic access. His difficulties are a common theme for many of us who live as "
mntleo2 11/12/2013 25 28 2 -
Ramadan Love From A Christian
In the weeks after 911, I was attending college and saw that my Muslim sisters were noticeably absent from school. So I began to wear a head scarf in solidarity with them. But I learned quickly ...
mntleo2 07/12/2013 22 33 1 -
It Is A Sin Against God To Be Rich
I was asked to expand a comment I made into a diary here:, so here goes. I am no ...
mntleo2 12/30/2012 37 20 1 -
Romney is the Welfare Queen, Not Low Income Moms
God I am mad about this welfare "debate". Here is my answer while spitting nails to R-Money AND Progressives: Hatred of the poor is rampant and long lasting. Over 15 years ago when Welfare Reform ...
mntleo2 08/08/2012 8 10 1 74
She Died Alone
I am a long time activist for low income people. I hear tragic stories every day and when I bring them to my legislators or stakeholders, I usually get a big yawn. I will most likely get the same ...
mntleo2 03/29/2012 31 161 4 749
Never Too Rich ~ Or Too Poor
Many of us who have been decades-long activists and advocates for low income people and who are savvy to the conditions of poverty, lament a great deal about the media's concentration on the middle ...
mntleo2 02/10/2012 3 5 1 41
Message to Pastor Leftrev
I wrote the following as a comment to Leftrev's diary about his church member Andrea . I decided to ...
mntleo2 09/12/2011 5 3 - 55
My US Ways and Means Testimony
August 4, 2011 Testimony For Work and Other Welfare Goals I could not help but notice that on the front page of the US Ways and Means website is a BIG announcement proudly ...
mntleo2 08/08/2011 21 32 1 278
The Poor DO Pay Taxes Dammit!
Over and over I am hearing the meme that, "the poor do not pay taxes". WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Please People try to focus here. I am a low income person, and I can tell you I pay more taxes than ...
mntleo2 07/08/2011 25 26 2 152
ArcaMax Are Walker Tools
I don't remember how I got subscribed to ArcaMax, probably some dummass pol I took or something. They send out those junk emails and cartoons. I usually just deleted them anyway because most of ...
mntleo2 02/25/2011 3 - - 15
Taxation and Hatred of the Poor ~ Response To Democrat Ramshield
On Sunday Democrat Ramshields, an expat liing in Europe, wondered why American has such a terrible safety net Some Americans say in defense of ...
mntleo2 09/14/2010 6 5 - 79
Thanks to CPS, Robin Committed Suicide Last Week
Perhaps there is a smugness when we read about another child abuse case at the hands of a parent. We believe that the case worker is "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't". However we are not ...
mntleo2 07/13/2010 14 17 1 320
Michal Moore is Right ~ Gatekeepers For The Poor in DC
I was in DC at the end of last month with a group of women called "Women for Economic Justice (WEJ). We were testifying on the abysmal failure of Welfare Reform called Temporary Assistance to Needy ...
mntleo2 03/17/2010 30 17 - 122
Congress, Women's Work and Welfare Reform
This coming Thursday I am testifying before the U.S. House in Washington DC for TANF re-authorization. This is the re-visiting of what is supposed to be done for (mostly) low income families in ...
mntleo2 02/22/2010 8 13 - 217
Being Poor Is Not An Equal Right To Speech
I am just wondering how it is rich corporations have this "freedom of speech" that the SCOTUS is talking about, now there is no equal access for low income "persons" to get the same free speech ...
mntleo2 01/25/2010 58 9 - 22
Healthcare and Why Do The Poor Pay More Taxes Than The Rich?
When it comes to paying taxes, if any class are the patriots, it is the down trodden, the homeless, the lowest class, even welfare mothers who actually pay more taxes than the rich ever thought of ...
mntleo2 07/01/2009 25 15 - 56
From Today, I Won't Have To Lie ...
As a white woman who has worked for social justice all my adult life, I am in awe of this day. I have seen the progression of racism in my lifetime from separate drinking fountains for people of ...
mntleo2 01/20/2009 7 11 1 7
They Told Us We Had WMD's Too
I am just a low income observer of all that is going on with the Wall Street "meltdown". I listened yesterday to the pundit's chatter, read everything I know of on the Net, read some newspaper ...
mntleo2 09/22/2008 1 - - -
I Am 'Whitey' an older white woman who stood for civil rights and remembers the "whites only" signs and the segregation as well as the redlining that occurs to this day, I wonder why people are so upset at ...
mntleo2 06/19/2008 49 13 - 17
Impeachment Reply: Thank You Rep Inslee!
Caring deeply about the impeachment issues and along with hundreds of thousands of other Americans who wrote to their congress people, I wrote to Representative Inslee. Representative Inslee wrote ...
mntleo2 01/30/2008 9 16 - -
Mr Feldman: What John Dean Said ON FDL
I had the privilege to participate in the book talk with John Dean on Firedoglake yesterday and he gave me an ...
mntleo2 10/15/2007 9 8 - 11
N.O.W's Hillary Clinton Endorsement
I have sent this letter to the National Organization for Women in hopes they and Ms Clinton will listen, but I am not holding my breath ... Dear N.O.W.: I am writing about your recent endorsement ...
mntleo2 09/04/2007 106 17 - 19
Hey Bill-O, why aren't you calling Freepers cannibals?
...this "controversy" makes me mad and I am going to tell the world why. Some well known members over at Free Republic actually did hasten the death of someone dear to me and who was dear to many ...
mntleo2 08/17/2007 12 22 - 6
Dems Should Lose 2008, Here's Why
I have been thinking about this for awhile. I am just a little person and no political analyst, but it is just beginning to make sense because we are walking into a mess to clean up that should not ...
mntleo2 08/10/2007 60 2 - 17
Jury Of Our Peers And Class War
I know, I know, we are dealing the Iraq vote today and all. But it just seems like our Monday morning crowd might also like to digest more hubris by the media and the rich people who own it. A ...
mntleo2 03/26/2007 5 3 - 31
An Evening With Jim McDermott
I was privileged to be a guest of my friend Jean Colman of Welfare rights Organizing Coalition who was being honored by Representative Jim McDermott at his Potato Festival. ( give ...
mntleo2 03/19/2007 11 3 - 2
On Vaginas, Yahoo, Hotmail, And MSN
Here is the story: High School girls being punished for using the word "vagina" are not the only ones being hassled for using such a subversive word.
mntleo2 03/10/2007 30 9 - -
The State Is An Abusive Parent And What Can Be Done About it?
mntleo2 09/23/2006 9 11 - -
I Am Guest Columnist In Today's Seattle PI!!!
mntleo2 08/29/2006 8 22 - 9
One Day In The Life Of A Single Low-Income Mom
mntleo2 08/22/2006 63 33 - 20
Governor Richardson ...
mntleo2 07/29/2006 10 31 - 5
Ooo, I Wish I Could "Moon" SCOTUS!
mntleo2 06/29/2006 4 2 - -
Open Letter To Paula Zahn
mntleo2 04/11/2006 12 3 - -
Update: The Despicable Heritage Foundation
mntleo2 03/11/2006 5 3 1 -
Re-Vote On House Budget Possible!!!
mntleo2 02/12/2006 1 3 1 -
Open Letter To Representative Murtha
mntleo2 11/21/2005 - 3 - -
Keystone UCC Supports CA Episcopal Church In Speaking Out!
mntleo2 11/13/2005 3 7 - -
NO: How Can You Leave When They Won't Let You Out?
mntleo2 09/07/2005 1 1 1 -
Funeral For A Friend
mntleo2 07/17/2005 4 5 - 7
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