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Causes of the Libyan Revolution and the Arab Spring
I'm half-Middle Eastern; my father is Iranian. I've been watching the uprisings in the Middle East fairly closely, and I'm optimistic about the rebel's prospects at ousting Gadhafi. And this ...
mochajava13 08/22/2011 13 13 2 92
Where is our democracy?
I have asked myself this question a lot over the past few years, and I have come to the sad conclusion that the United States is no longer a functional representative democracy. Sometimes I doubt ...
mochajava13 08/03/2011 5 1 - 34
Letter to President Obama about Egypt
The violence in Egypt has made me incredibly angry, mainly because this could have been prevented had Mubarak simply stepped down. And even worse, my own government is making the situation worse ...
mochajava13 02/02/2011 9 1 - 73
CIA interrogators conducted mock executions
A secret report from 2004 has been leaked, and the leaks are saying that CIA interrogators conducted mock execution on terror suspects. Here's the articles from the AP and Newsweek: http://news....
mochajava13 08/22/2009 25 8 - 11
Health Insurance Corporations-stop taxing me! Organize here!
I am fed up to here with the status of our health care. And what I am ticked off about the most is that my employer takes money from my salary (and calls it a "benefit"). I have no choice, and no ...
mochajava13 08/03/2009 15 6 - 4
Another Iranian Kossack's view on Iran
Technically, only half Iranian. My father is Iranian. My parents met in the US, and lived in Iran from 1972-1977. Most of the rest of my father's family left shortly after the Revolution. We ...
mochajava13 06/18/2009 58 45 1 48
International trials for Guantanamo inmates
In light of Obama’s and Cheney’s recent speeches, and in light of Congress refusing to fund the closing of Guantanamo, I feel compelled to write about this topic. I do not normally ...
mochajava13 05/21/2009 11 3 - 2
Khaled el-Masri
mochajava13 05/19/2006 11 13 2 135
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