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You may not realize it America, but our union and non-union states are at WAR.

Dengre had an AMAZING diary the other day illustrating some maps that show how there seems to be an interesting correlation between states that once owned slaves and states that don't allow unions.

In case you need a refresher:

Coincidence? I don't think so.

What people fail to realize when looking back on the Civil War is that ending slavery in the United States was not just a moral issue, it was also our country establishing its very first minimum wage.

And with Republican governors in the Midwest union states attempting to impose Right To Work For Less bills upon our people, they are perpetrating on us Northerners a WAR OF SOUTHERN AGGRESSION. This is a war on our very Midwestern way of life.

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It's been really awesome seeing people all over the country and world show their support to those courageously fighting for their rights as workers by spending their money at local Madison businesses delivering food and drink to the protesters in the capital.

But what about an effort to show not just solidarity with the protesting workers but all Wisconsin working families hurting in this economy whose pain will only get worse if Walker goes unchallenged.

How about in addition to Pizza for Protesters we send a message to Walker via Wisconsin's foodbanks that he needs to "CAN THE BILL"?

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Fri Feb 18, 2011 at 03:29 AM PST

'Morning Joe' LIES about Wisconsin

by modemocrat

Not that it's any surprise, but Joe Scarborough and the rest of his anti-union panel is so willfully ignorant on this subject this morning it's simply nauseating.

They are taking Walker's word on EVERYTHING and demonizing teachers at every turn as well as Democrats and the union movement as a whole as greedy and selfish.

Do any of these people watch MSNBC's primetime lineup at all?

Their network sends a correspondent TO MADISON and these idiot panelists can't be bothered to know any actual details there and discuss anything but their existing prejudices against government workers and belief that they are to blame for all funding problems?

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Meet Joe Ricketts.

He's the billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade and patriarch of the Ricketts clan that assumed ownership and operation of the Chicago Cubs a little more than a year ago.

In addition to investing in sports teams, Ricketts also enjoys investing in Republican political causes.

(I wonder if Sharron Angle sent Joe flowers like she did to Joy Behar when he dropped $600,000 into her campaign?)

And boy does Joe Ricketts hate EARMARKS!

At least when they're for other people.

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Apologies if there have already been diaries on this but in looking up some stuff for a possible article looking at Comcast's opposition to net neutrality and its coming clampdown on liberal voices at the network... liberal voices like Keith Olbermann who supported net neutrality on air... I noticed this.

***Not years ago under different regimes, in different election cycles, but IN MARCH 2009 CNBC HOST LARRY KUDLOW HEADLINED A FUNDRAISER FOR HOUSE REPUBLICANS!!!

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At least that's the major takeaway I got reading this latest dispatch on the Tribune Media Company's bankruptcy saga.

What the agreement makes clear is what's been assumed all along. The banks and hedge funds that own the debt used to finance Tribune Co.'s leveraged buyout will end up owning nearly all of the company: <underline>91.2 percent</underline>. They include J.P. Morgan and Angelo, Gordon & Co.

So banks... and hedge funds... will own 91 percent out of the flagship papers of the second and third largest cities in America along with the WGN cable network...

And papers in Baltimore and Hartford and Orlando and South Florida and Allentown, Pa. and Newport News, Va...

And TV stations in Dallas, Denver, LA, Philadelphia, D.C., New Orleans (2), Houston, Miami, St. Louis, Sacramento, Seattle, San Diego, Indianapolis, Hartford, York, Pa.; Tacoma, Wash.; Kokomo, Ind.; Bloomington, Ind.; Portland, Ore.; Salem, Ore.; Grand Rapids, Mich. and Waterbury, Conn.

Is anyone else a little disturbed by this? (Or A LOT!)

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The other day I noticed some random ad for Freedom Works (the conservative outfit started by the Koch family and run by former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey, if anyone doesn't know about it) appearing on Kos in the slot beneath the first diary.

Then just a few moments ago I saw an ad for the Pennsylvania Republican candidate for Senate. What's up with that?

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Seeing the diary below reminded me that today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

In honor of his 201st, with this site's indulgence, I am reposting this diary I wrote during the campaign that I think still applies for the most part to today.

While a lot of folks are talking about whether or not Barack Obama will have to be the next FDR in the midst of all this talk about economic conditions as bad as they've ever been since the Great Depression, I can't help but wonder whether Barack Obama is looking back to the economic legacy of Abraham Lincoln for inspiration as well --- especially so close to Lincoln's 200th birthday celebration.


I, for one, hope so. Not just because I think Lincoln was great, but because I think through using the example of Lincoln that Obama can gain support from Republican voters and economists for the drastic New Deal-style policies he will have to enact to save us from the brink of economic disaster or ruin without having his plans dismissed or derided too much for being socialism or communism or anything else, since the policies of Lincoln PREDATE the socialist movement!

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So the word on the street is that President-elect Barack Obama is going
to be appointing retiring Republican Rep. Ray LaHood to be his new Transportation Secretary.

Yes, you heard that right, a REPUBLICAN! ::faints

How could he do this and who is this LaHood guy?


Well, he's my Congressman.

As such, I feel it's my duty to try to help put the appointment in context for the folks at DKos below the fold...

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Just to be clear, despite this being college football bowl season, this is not a diary about the Southeastern Conference. Sorry y'all Gators and Crimson Tide and whatnot.

This is a diary about the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


In light of the current financial meltdown AND the Bernard Madoff scandal estimated to have cost investors worldwide potentially $50 billion, along with other calamities conspiring to create this huge crisis of confidence in the markets I really think the DKos community should devote a little more thought about who Obama may have in mind (and who he should have in mind) to be Wall Street's new top cop.

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Wed Dec 10, 2008 at 05:55 AM PST

Rod Blagojevich shames us all

by modemocrat

When I first heard that Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested, my first reaction was sheer delight.

Since at least 2004, I have generally detested Blagojevich and I was disappointed he was not defeated in the 2006 primary or general election despite my votes against him.

It's not just that he was/is corrupt that bothered me, but that he's always been so freaking incompetent. Pretty much just like W.

Yet as much as I first experienced a bit of schadenfreude and was relieved to be so much closer to being free of governance under this boob with a swift impeachment almost certainly forthcoming, the bitter laughter and comfort was shortlived.

Another awful feeling replaced it and this one is unfortunately likely to linger much longer.


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And so is Pat Buchanan apparently. And so am I. Per Chrystia Freeland, managing editor of the Financial Times.

I know friends don't let friends watch Morning Joe, but today I'm glad I tuned into the fireworks on this morning's show during discussion of the possible bailout of the Big Three.

It was in this discussion where Pat Buchanan spoke passionately about a return to economic patriotism where our American governmental leaders protected and supported American industry and Joe Scarborough forcefully declared his support for a bailout because bankruptcy would mean the end of GM and that was unacceptable.

And I agreed with them.


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