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What's Really Going On In Afghanistan; From a Pakistani Perspective
by Vaneeza , a Pakistani woman living and studying in Pakistan. �
monitor 12/07/2009 39 29 - 128
And Jesus Blessed This Nation At Our Founding... Literally?
There are just so many things wrong with this painting (
monitor 10/07/2009 51 10 2 235
Wingnut Speculates that Dead Census Worker Was Child Molester
There really ...
monitor 09/28/2009 15 12 - 52
Conservatives Say Jesus Would Have Approved Waterboarding
monitor 05/24/2009 89 21 - 21
Rep. Virginia Foxx Dishonors Memory of Matthew Shepard UPDATED
Pretty much the only question you need to ask yourself these days when listening to a Republican member ...
monitor 04/29/2009 38 63 1 48
Bush Officials Acted in Bad Faith By Ignoring Torture Warnings
One thing about the whole torture nightmare that I think everyone needs to bear in mind is the meaning of the phrase "bad faith". Let's use a typical regional manager job as an example to ...
monitor 04/26/2009 4 6 - -
Breaking: GOP Calls for Investigation of Previous Administration
Stalwart Clinton impeachment champion Peggy ...
monitor 04/24/2009 161 462 10 122
Texas Wants to Secede? DO IT, You've Got My Vote.
There are two things to deal with when addressing Texas Governor Rick Perry'...
monitor 04/15/2009 145 11 1 110
A Testament From Someone Who Lost Faith in the GOP
I recently received a message from a friend from law school in response to a series of posts I've been exchanging with some Facebook friends on the topic of how our political beliefs have changed ...
monitor 04/10/2009 15 28 1 18
The Chilling Rise of Right-Wing Hate in America
Crooks and Liars ...
monitor 04/05/2009 122 46 - 57
Conservadems Fight for the Rich, Help Pass Reckless Estate Tax Bill
Up until now the debate over whether the Senate Conservadems would actively try to undermine Barack Obama's agenda and act to pass financially irresponsible Republican-led ...
monitor 04/03/2009 28 12 1 40
Dems Cave, Set GOP Up for Filibuster on Energy
Color me cynical ...
monitor 04/02/2009 25 14 - 28
BREAKING: UPS Pulls Advertising Off The O'Reilly Factor
You may have heard by now that the Bill O'Reilly comedy hour has been getting hammered pretty hard lately for stalking and accosting a ...
monitor 03/27/2009 484 834 4 76
The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Today's GOP
I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on the systemic level of intellectual bankruptcy ...
monitor 03/26/2009 11 3 1 3
Sean Hannity's Website Advocating Treason (UPDATED)
Check out this new poll up on rabid right-wing nutjob Sean Hannity's website :
monitor 02/26/2009 180 73 2 364
Obama Is Playing Three-Dimensional Chess (UPDATEDx2)
Now that I've had the opportunity to watch Obama's moves over the last ...
monitor 02/09/2009 30 26 - 13
Please Don't Let Ken Starr Divorce These People
This video is absolutely heart-breaking. I am having a hard time holding back the tears at work.
monitor 02/06/2009 17 18 - 14
Action: Support Conyers Truth Commission
As to the Bush administration's illegal excesses over the last eight years, there are a few salient options: (1) let bygones be bygones; (2) sic prosecutors after the lawbreakers; or (3) form up a ...
monitor 01/15/2009 6 1 - -
Republicans Fiddle While U.S. Burns
Every ...
monitor 01/12/2009 11 3 - -
What About the Saintly Roland Burris?
Well, it looks like everyone in the political establishment and the media is playing along with Illinois Governor Rod ...
monitor 12/31/2008 30 - - 14
McCain's Divided Government Argument is Stupid
McCain's latest desperate, last-ditch gambit, to stoke fears about the evils of a united Obama-...
monitor 10/27/2008 26 5 - 3
Sarah Palin Broke Alaska Law, McCain Camp Lies about Report
As expected, the McCain campaign is out there today claiming that the recently released report of the ...
monitor 10/11/2008 16 3 - 11
McCain/Palin Unleash Well of Republican Hatred
Who knew that when you go around accusing Obama of being a foreigner, outsider, unpatriotic and basically a terrorist sympathizer Manchurian candidate it would unleash the frothing hatred that ...
monitor 10/07/2008 70 18 1 1
Systemic Voter Roll Purges Underway in 19 States - UPDATED
According to a new CBS News investigation, illegal and systemic voter roll purges are currently underway in 19 states:
monitor 10/02/2008 28 49 1 20
NRO's Kathleen Parker Has Epiphany, Calls for Nonpartisan Calm
A steady stream of conservative writers and journalists have soured on Sarah Palin and have called for her replacement. One of the first to lead the charge is Kathleen Parker, a writer for the ultra-
monitor 10/01/2008 10 6 - -
Pity Palin? Cry Me a Freaking River
I admit that I have occasionally lapsed into a bit of pity at watching Sarah Palin f*ck up so ...
monitor 09/30/2008 49 5 - 4
McCain, Deregulation and the Economy: The Bottom Line
I just watched all the Sunday morning talk shows and one overriding theme emerged. Nearly everyone, Democrat or Republican, that got up and talked about our current economic crisis largely blamed ...
monitor 09/21/2008 1 - - -
McCain Blames... Obama! ... for Financial Meltdown
Talk about the height of Orwellian doublespeak. John McCain came out today and blamed Obama for the ...
monitor 09/19/2008 21 6 1 21
Would You Hire This Person at YOUR Company?
Here's a thought exercise for the day. Let's say you're the HR manager for a company. In walks a job applicant -- let's call her "Sarah" -- for an interview for a top management position. In that ...
monitor 09/12/2008 9 2 - 29
What Will This Election Say About Us?
Many people over the last several months have asked me why I am so worked up over this election. Prior to November of last year, I had switched off any interest in politics and hadn't much cared ...
monitor 09/04/2008 7 1 - 6
New Excuse: Palin 'Vetted by People of Alaska'
As the furor over all of the new revelations about how little Sarah Palin was vetted by the McCain campaign builds, I just heard Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on MSNBC offer the ...
monitor 09/02/2008 13 3 - 10
Breaking: Palin Music Video: 'Winning is Everything'
With his pick of Sarah Palin, McCain has proven that he will put winning the presidency over the interests of our country. As our crack team of researchers discovered, Sarah Palin was a member of a ...
monitor 09/01/2008 3 - - -
Why Carly Fiorina is a Smarmy, Incompetent Lying Hack
I just watched key McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina twist and turn through a tortured, disingenuous appearance on Meet the Press . I have to say ...
monitor 07/13/2008 127 25 - 37
Iraq Calls for Timetable: McCain Calls Al-Maliki a Liar
As many of us already know, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called for a timetable for ...
monitor 07/09/2008 19 6 - 1
A Substantive Review of Jesse Helms' Evil
Growing up as a gay teenager in the 1990's Jesse Helms typified the kind of racist, homophobic evil that is still being vomited up on upon our great country every day. The kind of evil that ...
monitor 07/04/2008 81 10 - 30
More 'Psychological Benefits' from McCain on Energy Policy
On the heels of McCain's admission yesterday that his support of President Bush's proposal to open up ...
monitor 06/25/2008 8 - - 9
Reagan Was an Appeaser Too
Funny how the world changes but the feckless Republican leadership stays the same... When Reagan went to Moscow in the 80s to discuss arms reductions with Mikhail Gorbachev (which ultimately paved ...
monitor 06/24/2008 3 - - 1
Obama Pledges to Close Enron Loophole; McCain Opposed
Obama pledged Sunday to close the so-called Enron Loophole . As a bit of background, the Enron Loophole is a ...
monitor 06/23/2008 18 29 1 37
McCain Panders, Obama Stands Firm on Offshore Drilling
I am proud of Obama for standing up against McCain's latest ineffectual pander . Just like ...
monitor 06/20/2008 8 7 1 5
McCain Has a Strange Way of Wooing Clinton Supporters
John McCain has a really strange approach to wooing Clinton supporters. In his recent "townhall" organized to do just that, he pretty much highlighted all of the reasons why his positions are ...
monitor 06/16/2008 15 5 2 13
McCain of 1990s: Withdraw Immediately from Haiti, Somalia
I was not too long ago when McCain was strongly advocating for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from America's interventions in Somalia and Haiti. Compared to his rhetoric about Democrats ...
monitor 06/09/2008 8 7 1 -
Sen. Feinstein Pushing False Clinton "Popular Vote" Meme
Senator Dianne Feinstein, one of Sen. Clinton's closest supporters, kept pushing the false "Clinton won the popular vote" ...
monitor 06/08/2008 54 15 1 20
Why Clinton is the Wrong Choice for VP
A reader to my blog recently e-mailed me: I think we all need to lighten up on Clinton. There's a high chance at this point that she'll be fitting the VP position, despite all that is ...
monitor 06/05/2008 10 - - -
Clinton Graciously Offers that She'd Serve As VP
Sorry to add acid to your stomach but Hillary said today in an unprovoked statement to New York lawmakers that she'd be willing to ...
monitor 06/03/2008 276 28 - 27
U.S. Imprisons Foreign Nationals in Floating Prisons
Wow, what a surprise. Another serious revelation about the Bush Administration's abuse of the rules of war and international law is nowhere to be found in the feckless ...
monitor 06/02/2008 6 8 - -
Obama's Muzzle List
I got to thinking this morning about what is going to happen to all of the Clinton surrogates after Obama cinches the nomination next week? Will they simply do a 180 and go on all the talk shows to ...
monitor 06/01/2008 47 4 - -
Clinton Demonstrators Pledge to Vote for McCain
This is exactly the wrong sentiment to be spreading for the national news media to grab onto. Regardless of your support for either of the Democratic candidates, it is unhelpful for the ...
monitor 05/31/2008 82 7 - 22
Cluster Bomb Ban Opposed By McCain/Clinton Passed by 100 Countries
What have we been left with over the past 8 years of George W. Bush with regard to international treaties? Over and over again, the U.S. stands alone in opposing treaties that have overwhelming ...
monitor 05/30/2008 66 32 3 27
Obama Was Right on Iraq in 2002 - McCain, Clinton Were Not
In the wake of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new book describing in detail the ...
monitor 05/29/2008 8 6 - -
Petition to Stop Full Seating of MI and FL Off to DNC!
[ Cross-posted on my blog ] Thanks to everyone that made the petition I started to stop ...
monitor 05/23/2008 15 12 1 2
The Nightmare Ticket is Dead
Oh God, please let this be true. If so, this is some of the best news I've heard in weeks. According to sources close to both campaigns, Hillary Clinton explicitly asked to be Obama's VP and Obama ...
monitor 05/22/2008 23 17 2 -
How to Best Say in November "I Told You So"
I like to think of myself as at least a moderately mature person. However, when I read stories and concern trolls online talking about how Clinton supporters are going to take their toys and ...
monitor 05/21/2008 79 2 - 4
Accidental Poetry for the Politically Minded
I was chatting online today with a handsome scrabulous user and accidentally typed in a bit of a poem without even thinking about it (see it below). As I reflected upon it, I realized that I'm ...
monitor 05/13/2008 14 3 - -
UPDATEDx2: Ludicrous Clinton/McCain "Gas Tax Holiday" Panned
The last couple of days have seen political "silly season" rise to new heights, with John McCain proposing, and then Hillary Clinton endorsing the most brazen, ineffectual and fundamentally pander-
monitor 04/30/2008 35 22 - 19
Hillary: "If you had my life, you'd be tough too."
How ludicrous is this race going to get? At a campaign stop in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton dropped this steaming load on ...
monitor 04/29/2008 152 22 3 23
Hillary Clinton is Like John McEnroe
Leave it to my tennis-loving mom and stepdad to come up with an nice tennis construct in which to frame the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. ... See below the fold to see the ...
monitor 04/24/2008 31 10 - 8
Expected Malaise in the Proper Margins
Well, it looks as if I was at least somewhat close. Hillary won Pennsylvania by 8-9%. Even though this was expected, I felt -- similar to what I felt around Texas and Ohio -- that somehow there ...
monitor 04/23/2008 1 2 - 1
PA. Democrat Ballot w/o Obama's Name (w/ Image)
I don't know what to make of this but this seems really scary to me. Please look at the following image of an "Official Democratic Ballot" issued by the "
monitor 04/22/2008 84 23 2 24
Keep Up The Pressure - Comment on New ABC News Article
ABC News has a new self-serving article up, with a comments thread on the debate at The article claims that "Blogosphere Buzzes With Both ...
monitor 04/18/2008 22 30 1 20
ABC Debate - I Am So Ashamed
I am profoundly ashamed today. I thought I would be angry or some other outwardly directed emotion but, at the root of it all, I'm ashamed. I am ashamed at what the Democratic Party has become.
monitor 04/17/2008 11 14 2 -
Hillary Stokes the Florida Flames
It is becoming really difficult for me to hear or read any words coming out of Hillary Clinton's mouth these days. For better or worse, she has embraced the Clintonian caricature and perfected the ...
monitor 04/15/2008 34 6 - 2
Bill Expands and Deepens Hillary's Tuzla Lie
What kind of political fantasyland are the Clintons living in this year? You'd think that after Hillary's unashamedly repeated Tuzla lie had blown over in the press, they'd let sleeping dogs lie.
monitor 04/11/2008 36 24 2 16
Obama Frankly Discusses LGBT Issues with The Advocate
As some of you may remember, a local Pennsylvania LGBT newspaper earlier this week wrote on an interview it had with Senator Clinton and, at the same time wrote a ...
monitor 04/10/2008 51 65 1 22
Taylor Marsh: Hack or Fraud?
I just can't help myself from spreading the word about this masterful article I just read. �...
monitor 04/09/2008 134 41 3 37
Gallup Shows More Democrats Switch to Obama
Some interesting data in today's new Gallup poll . � As it turns out, about one in ...
monitor 04/08/2008 29 20 - 17
Clinton Invokes Suffragette Icon, Botches Suffragette History
Not to make too much hay of this but I think there are two notable points to the below story from ABC News :
monitor 04/07/2008 47 21 - 34
Clinton Lying About Opposing Iraq War Before Obama
ABCNews reports today that during a speech in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N....
monitor 04/06/2008 5 - - 4
Clinton Camp Denies Clinton Denied Telling Richardson: Obama Unelectable
Does that headline make your head hurt? Unfortunately for all sane people out there, it's true. This has just gotten surreal. Bill and Hillary Clinton (and their surrogates) aren't doing ...
monitor 04/04/2008 64 10 1 12
Wolfson: If Obama Fails to Win PA, He's Failed
It is starting to be exceptionally painful for me to come across anything coming out the Clinton camp's mouth lately. But, as a good netizen, I am honor-bound to force my self to write on some of ...
monitor 04/03/2008 134 15 1 7
Fact Check: Clinton Behind Even With MI and FL
A particularly troubling and inaccurate meme spread around the Tubes (especially on among Hillary Clinton supporters is that somehow if Hillary Clinton were to get the Michigan and ...
monitor 04/02/2008 9 12 1 3
Clinton Camp Lying About Obama Donations from Lenders
[Cross-posted at my blog, Why We Need Obama .] In response to Senator Obama's speech yesterday on the ...
monitor 03/28/2008 52 28 3 8
Hello, Internet. We are Clin-ton. We have been watching you.
Holy cow, I really can't help myself from posting this video. A friend sent it to me and I just embarrassed myself by laughing out loud for minutes at work. The video is of a futuristic Clinton ...
monitor 03/27/2008 10 6 2 -
Religious Leaders Pen Open Letter to Hillary Clinton on Wright
We all have our opinions on the Wright controversy but I personally believe that it is inappropriate for Senator Clinton to tell Barack Obama where he should or should not worship. � ...
monitor 03/26/2008 35 45 4 13
*Taylor Marsh* Calls Out Clinton on Bosnia: She "Blows It"
Wow, I never thought I'd hear a peep from Taylor Marsh about this but you have to be feeling the heat in the Clinton camp today when ...
monitor 03/25/2008 29 12 2 24
Hannity vs Hannity - Defends Falwell, Condemns Wright
I just found this over on Andrew Sullivan's blog : An interesting contrast between Sean Hannity'
monitor 03/24/2008 36 16 - 2
WaPo: Hillary Blatantly Lied About Trip to Bosnia
This is huge. Going way beyond Sinbad, the Washington Post today eviscerated Hillary Clinton's highly dubious claims that she flew into a battle zone in Bosnia "under sniper fire". As ...
monitor 03/21/2008 14 16 - -
Ed Rendell Admits Either Candidate Will Win PA in November
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, in an appearance on Morning Joe (video below), admitted that (contrary to the specious claims coming out of the Clinton campaign that somehow Obama can't win the ...
monitor 03/14/2008 13 10 2 1
Plea to Rachet Down the Infighting
Now that Ferraro has resigned from the Clinton campaign over her ill-advised comments, I would like to make a plea for the folks on this site and the folks in the Party to ratchet down the rhetoric, ...
monitor 03/13/2008 26 2 - -
Ferraro Should Resign, Just Like Rush Limbaugh Did
From Andrew Sullivan : When Rush Limbaugh publicly implied that a football ...
monitor 03/12/2008 5 8 1 -
The Clintons and their Questionable Commitment to the LGBT Community
I thought it would be useful to discuss Bill and Hillary Clinton and whether they support the LGBT community. The below is from ...
monitor 03/11/2008 25 10 1 -
Does "Experience" Make a Great President?
There is a must-read review of past American Presidents' "experience" as it relates to their perceived quality of governing at . How good Are experienced ...
monitor 03/10/2008 22 3 - -
Hillary Clinton LIES About her Foreign Policy Experience
From Andrew Sullivan : The Chicago Tribune does us all a service by examining what exactly is Senator Clinton's experience. Read the whole thing, but the Macedonia and Northern Ireland ...
monitor 03/08/2008 5 5 1 -
Clinton Continues to Make the Case for President John McCain
Well, it looks like Hillary Clinton shows no signs of letting up in her quest to make the case that John ...
monitor 03/07/2008 49 8 2 -
Hillary's NAFTAgate Hypocrisy
Very interesting. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton's campaign phoned up the Canadians to urge them to take her comments at last week's debate "with a grain of salt".
monitor 03/06/2008 6 4 1 8
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