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Elderly Woman Puts ISIS Thugs in Their Place
This will be a very brief diary, but you have to see this, it's hilarious! The video originally appeared in the Mirror in the UK, and today it was in the Daily Mail. The article is here . ...
mosesfreeman 02/13/2015 41 126 2 -
As ISIS Threatens, Firecrackers to Lebanon
As you may well know, the Lebanese Army is facing a threat in the Beka'a valley, as both ISIS and Nusra are looking to gain a foothold there. The Lebanese Army is fairly weak, in relative terms, for ...
mosesfreeman 09/08/2014 22 12 - -
Donkey Kills ISIS Operative Near Tikrit
Security sources from Salah Din province in Iraq say that a donkey caused the death of at least one ISIS fighter north of Tikrit. Apparently a pick-up truck carrying one or more ISIS members was ...
mosesfreeman 08/16/2014 20 16 1 -
"Send her to Gaza"
"€˜Send her to Gaza"€™: Belgian doctor denies help to Jewish 90yo woman with fractured rib. A doctor in Belgium has refused medical help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman with a fractured rib, ...
mosesfreeman 08/01/2014 63 13 - -
Leave the Jews of Donetsk alone!
Five days ago, flyers were left in a Donetsk synagogue that demanded that all Jews register with the "Donetsk Republic Commissar for Nationality Affairs" and pay a $50 fine. The flyers further ...
mosesfreeman 04/21/2014 29 7 - -
Iran is Hot, and is Going to Get Hotter!
There was an article in the WaPo today about the Bush administration pressuring European oil company executives not to invest in Iran right now. Apparently for the past two weeks they have been ...
mosesfreeman 02/01/2007 78 8 1 4
Shock and Awe
At Bush’s stupidity! Well, he’s finally done it. He’s hung Saddam Hussein on the eve of one of the holiest days in Islam: “ Eid al Atha ”... the day of ...
mosesfreeman 12/30/2006 27 7 2 49
The Doha Debates
mosesfreeman 02/26/2006 13 4 1 -
Big Bill Haywood and the Dominionists
mosesfreeman 02/11/2006 13 11 1 -
Direct Action: Over 500 Ways to Fight Back!
mosesfreeman 11/09/2005 6 12 11 -
20 Amazing Facts
mosesfreeman 11/06/2005 12 10 3 -
Islamic Extremists vs. Criminals
mosesfreeman 02/20/2005 10 3 - 50
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