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Letter to Palestine
I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry for your dead children, your bloodied babies, their terrible wounds. As a father myself, I am filled with an ancient unnameable terror at your grief.
mostevilangel 07/30/2014 3 6 - -
Not one red cent
I see a lot of whining and teeth gnashing here about the "deal" that the White House/Senate Dems and the Repubs have come to. I don't see much discussion of what to do about it. And that's pretty ...
mostevilangel 12/31/2012 50 16 1 -
FWIW: My NC early-voting experience
Just got back from early voting in my little corner of NC. There's good news and bad news.
mostevilangel 10/22/2012 5 21 - -
This whole "Appease Republicans" thing is working out so perfectly isn't it?
Women's reproductive freedoms are under assault. Union busting is in full swing. Teachers are being vilified and demonized. The rich and powerful use their money to buy more wealth and power from ...
mostevilangel 03/10/2011 538 477 4 2407
I do not support Barack Obama: UPDATED
There is a meme developing (or raging full blown) in the comment threads of many diaries on this site, and in not one, not two, but three diaries currently on the rec list as of the time I wrote this.
mostevilangel 06/15/2010 214 31 - 79
I have begun to suspect my wife.  (Updated w/ thanks)
My wife is a wonderful woman. We have only been married 6 months or so, but we dated for 4 years before that. From our first date, we were best friends. We have been, since that first dinner and ...
mostevilangel 04/24/2010 314 731 6 289
Called my state rep - Heath Shuler in NC
I just got off the phone with my state rep's office. I live in NC's 11th Congressional District, and blue dog Heath Shuler is my congressman. I explained to the staffer that I was a constituent, ...
mostevilangel 03/15/2010 13 4 - 90
Hillary sure can't talk purdy
I haven't decided who I'll be voting for in the primary - to be honest, I don't much care - I think Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are all excellent. I'd be happy with any of them. And I suppose I ...
mostevilangel 01/08/2008 19 3 - -
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