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La$t day appeal - Our Food Pantry online campaign ends at Midnight (EST). Update: We hit our goal!
8:41 PM --- Thanks to you, we've hit our goal of $1000 (post-match)! I am the assistant director of my church's food pantry . No, we are not a megachurch unless your definition of megachurch is a ...
mph2005 02/28/2014 12 6 - -
Bloomberg News: Romney used church loophole to defer 15 years of taxes
I am keeping this short because I know absolutely nothing about blind trusts and capital gains taxes. I hope someone picks up this diary and makes it more rec-list friendly:
mph2005 10/29/2012 162 280 3 -
Serious question on Voter ID: Provisional ballot option?
I am going to keep this diary rather short because I am not a legal expert, but I do have a question about the Pennsylvania voter ID law that I haven't heard raised --- is such a voter entitled to a ...
mph2005 08/16/2012 10 3 - 64
When your anti-gay HS bully is the DEM nominee (my story)
I really doubt this will get on the rec list, but I wish it would. To those who know me, this diary is the most public I have ever gone about my sexuality. I live in a State where I cannot only be ...
mph2005 05/11/2012 67 137 - 1173
Where We Miss the Boat on Contraception
I have observed and read many entries about the contraception discussion, but unfortunately, there is one aspect of our opposition that has been left unheralded... religious freedom. The one ...
mph2005 02/20/2012 25 8 1 163
Anti-gay rhetoric on MSNBC and my email
I will make this a very brief diary, but I hope that other DKos readers will join me in contacting "Hardball" and Chris Matthews. It is time for the liberal community to tell MSNBC to stop allowing ...
mph2005 11/29/2010 26 23 - 62
And bowed my head at Sen. Byrd's Coffin (pics)
In 1946, a 28 year-old grocery clerk, who had a talent for the fiddle, started a campaign for the West Virginia House of Delegates. A member of a Democratic Party that was altogether different from ...
mph2005 07/02/2010 53 91 1 60
One-stop shop: OH Primary Results
For those of you who may have missed it, here are the 2010 general election match-ups as a result of yesterday's Ohio primary. If there are any mistakes, feel free to let me know. Incumbent parties ...
mph2005 05/05/2010 24 3 - 39
(Upd2x) MS school set-up "fake" prom?
Reports are circulating across the internet that the Itawamba School District officials in Mississippi, who denied lesbian student Constance McMillen the right to attend prom in a tuxedo and with a ...
mph2005 04/05/2010 102 63 2 194
Pgh. Lutheran church to host "Tea Party" rally
Scroll to bottom for contact/comment information As I was doing my daily round of blog readings and press reports, I came across this from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
mph2005 02/25/2010 34 9 - 43
DeMint: Idea of a gay president "immoral", "destructive"
Via the Examiner : During ...
mph2005 12/15/2009 35 9 1 32
"Teach them early that being gay is wrong" -- HR 2262 now
Ripley, WV --- Mother: Gay Son Suffered Brutal Harassment at Camp : A mother from Jackson County, W.Va., says her teenage ...
mph2005 07/22/2009 56 21 - 33
Action - Hate in The Mountain State (HR 2262 NOW)
Hate in The Mountain State? Perish the thought! Since many of you didn't read my diary from ...
mph2005 07/21/2009 15 22 - 105
"Make them hate being gay" --- Why we need HR 2262
Ripley, WV --- Mother: Gay Son Suffered Brutal Harassment at Camp : A mother from Jackson County, W.Va., says her teenage ...
mph2005 07/20/2009 20 25 2 80
Miss Cali: Being Gay is a Choice
When I first saw Miss California's answer, I knew that her ignorance went well beyond a personal opposition to same-sex marriage. It seems now that my suspicions have been confirmed. In ...
mph2005 04/27/2009 151 24 - 20
Alert: Homophobic robocalls attack WV today
I regret that I don't have enough information to make this diary entry as long as some would prefer, but I wanted to get the information out as quickly as I could. It seems that starting today, ...
mph2005 03/19/2009 11 20 - 44
UPDATE: The West Virginia Senate has adopted SB 238 with 23 affirmative votes. In it's second year effort, ironically bipartisan action to outlaw sexual orientation or age discrimination in ...
mph2005 03/13/2009 3 3 - 5
Inauguration Quartet FAKED Performance
According to the AP ( Famed quartet played inauguration to taped music ), the performers of John William'
mph2005 01/22/2009 367 5 1 38
Warren: Gays are like ALCOHOLICS
In an interview scheduled to air tonight on Dateline NBC, Rick Warren says the following: No [I would not change my position] ... and the reason why is we all have biological ...
mph2005 12/19/2008 80 14 - 18
WV w/ video - The Most Despicable Campaign Ad EVER in State's History
It was the first time I had seen this ad and the first I was aware of such ad. Beth Walker, Republican candidate for the Supreme Court of Appeals, says the following in her campaign ...
mph2005 09/26/2008 49 7 - 4
Kiss my ass, DKos
It has occurred to me this morning that this site does nothing to help those who have real problems and require real solutions. If you people are going to live in the delusional fantasylands like ...
mph2005 09/08/2008 392 4 1 38
Sarah Palin - 40% Executive?
I was listening to local radio reaction to Sarah Palin's speech, and a caller made a point that sent me on a mental tangent -- Sarah Palin's executive experience. After reading earlier this morning ...
mph2005 09/04/2008 9 3 1 2
Next Anti-McCain Ad: From Rick Warren?!?!? (on Adultery)
Did anyone happen to catch this morning's GMA interview (video) with Saddleback Church founder Rick Warren? At the end of the ...
mph2005 08/15/2008 72 26 - 16
Comcast cancels MSNBC, keeps FOX News
Effective Tuesday, July 15, Comcast customers in the Pittsburgh area awoke to find that MSNBC was no longer available on non-digital cable. I came home eager to get my daily dose of Hardball and ...
mph2005 07/15/2008 634 933 12 253
From a Mountaineer: Email Sen. Byrd your Thanks
What do I mean? Late last week, I made an empassioned plea to Senator Byrd's Martinsburg Office. I spoke with a very nice lady named Cookie. She very patiently listened to my emotional petition to ...
mph2005 05/19/2008 11 6 1 6
WV - Charleston Gazette Endorses Obama
Contrary to what many polls indicate, Senator Obama does indeed have allies and supporters in West Virginia. Today, the Charleston ...
mph2005 04/08/2008 20 38 1 180
DKos Poll: Would you vote Clinton-Obama ticket?
I'm putting the poll up quickly and will update the diary as I write, but I have been thinking about this more and more recently. So vote, and I'll write. I read ...
mph2005 03/25/2008 97 3 2 4
What do we do about Mike Schmuckabee?
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has received much press attention and public commentary over the past four weeks. I must admit that there are traits about him to which even I find appealing, ...
mph2005 12/19/2007 68 8 - -
Alert: COMCAST joins with anti-gay
As I awoke this morning and began my daily regiment of emails, I was immensely disturbed to find that my ISP, COMCAST, has begun a new business relationship with the anti-gay, Fundamentalist-founded ...
mph2005 10/19/2007 13 6 - 85
WV-02: Capito (R) votes against Flood Insurance Reform
Cross-posted at West Virginia Blue Here is yet another example of Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito's "independent voice".
mph2005 09/27/2007 8 6 - 7
Senate adopts Hate Crimes Amendment!
This has just happened, but by a vote of 60-39, the US Senate has just invoked cloture on the Kennedy-Smith Amendment adding sexual orientation to the federal hate crimes statute. The Amendment was ...
mph2005 09/27/2007 37 11 - 2
Dem candidates --- Come to West Virginia! (w/poll)
In 1992, then-Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas and his running mate, Tennessee Democratic Senator Al Gore, campaigned in West Virginia. Clinton had a nationally televised interview with a ...
mph2005 09/13/2007 15 10 - 6
West Virginia: "Open for Business" (unless you're gay)
Dear Kossacks and fellow West Virginians, I need your help. And I ask you to take 15 minutes of your time and do so. To put it simply, it is time for the West Virginia Legislature to adopt ...
mph2005 09/08/2007 15 15 - 13
Call to Action: Flood WV Anti-Gay Editor with Emails
Dear fellow Kossacks and friends, EMAIL MIKE MYER NOW! Recently, the managing editor of my hometown newspaper, ...
mph2005 09/04/2007 9 6 - 9
HATCH will be the new AG (w/ poll)
I am writing this brief diary entry in order to spark discussion. The wisest political choice for the President Bush would be to nominate Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to replace Gonzales. It would ...
mph2005 08/27/2007 49 2 - 2
A New Family Value: Ban Ex-Gay Therapy
In the United States, we have allowed the phrase "free exercise of religion" to become limitless. There are those who claim they have a constitutionally-protected religious right to homeschool their ...
mph2005 08/17/2007 31 24 1 10
Repost: IMPEACH GONZALES (w/poll)
REPOSTED: I have not written a single diary entry on DailyKos since October 21, 2006 . I only recall visiting the website less ...
mph2005 07/30/2007 9 2 1 3
My 1st blog since Oct. - IMPEACH GONZALES
I have not written a single diary entry on DailyKos since October 21, 2006 . I only recall visiting the website less than five times ...
mph2005 07/20/2007 - 1 - -
WV - All Online Sample Ballots have Republicans Listed First!
mph2005 10/21/2006 8 5 - 8
Why should I vote Democrat??? (small update)
mph2005 09/27/2006 60 1 - 8
OH-18: Poll encouraging, but accurate? 46-35
mph2005 07/14/2006 6 1 - -
OH-18: See, I Told You So (w/ poll)
mph2005 07/07/2006 17 6 - -
42 Cowardly House Democrats (w/ poll)
mph2005 06/16/2006 131 20 1 9
WV: This Liberal WILL NOT VOTE for ANY Candidate
mph2005 06/07/2006 43 6 1 14
OH Primary Select Results (11:05AM); House-02, 06, 18; Gov.
mph2005 05/02/2006 49 20 1 8
Breaking-Human Events: Chertoff Has 'FEW DAYS LEFT'
mph2005 03/03/2006 24 3 1 -
Don't Buy the Lie of Permanent Tax Cuts
mph2005 02/08/2006 3 1 2 -
Just Returned from Phelps Counter-Protest (w/ pictures and updates)
mph2005 02/04/2006 95 153 2 52
Phelps Group to Protest WV Soldier's Funeral [updated]
mph2005 02/02/2006 33 9 1 31
WV Dems propose Marriage Protection Amendment - PLEASE HELP ME
mph2005 02/02/2006 179 171 5 50
Breaking: Justice Dept. memo says NSA wiretapping 'legal'
mph2005 01/19/2006 133 57 - 15
OH-18: Ney Ad uses Pork for Defense
mph2005 12/06/2005 - - - -
On Paul Hackett's Campaign for US Senate
mph2005 10/14/2005 5 8 2 -
It's time to FILIBUSTER Miers
mph2005 10/12/2005 10 2 - -
Fascism in Indiana - Regulation of Pregnancy?
mph2005 10/04/2005 19 16 - -
Rep. Capito WILL NOT Challenge Senator Byrd
mph2005 10/03/2005 5 - - -
On the so-called Christian Right...
mph2005 09/29/2005 13 5 - -
"Gay" David Dreier to become Majority Leader?
mph2005 09/28/2005 6 2 - -
AP - Frist Stock Scandal???
mph2005 09/23/2005 11 3 - 6
'Ex-Gay' Ministry Ordered Closed
mph2005 09/20/2005 8 5 - -
Wheeling (WV) Intelligencer Editorial (9-20-2005)
mph2005 09/19/2005 7 2 - -
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