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Sat Nov 09, 2013 at 10:30 PM PST

Short Update on the Mr. Goo

by mrsgoo

He got a nice sponge bath tonight and is crashed out with Rocky The Cat standing guard.

This morning, we got a call from a guy in the RV Park at 8:30 - well, apparently somebody hit the dredger pipe this morning, and the Coast Guard and Sacramento County Sheriff Marine patrol are down at the launch ramp. sigh. I was just about to step into the shower and get ready to open at 9am. He! decided that he needed to get down there. Like he could do something that the Fire Dept, Ambulance, Coast Guard and Sheriff could not. sigh. So I strapped on his cam boot, red wing and let him go while I jumped in the shower. He jumped onto the golf cart and did his thang. grrrrrr.

Thankfully, the camper (and six pac captain) was not hurt. One of the guys in the boat, hit his head and over his objections, was taken to Sutter Delta to be checked out. (fucking men) Turned out he had a slight concussion, was released and was headed home this afternoon.

I jumped into my truck and drove down the levee. NO! NO! Floating signs saying that dredging is going on. One guy in a john boat with a water skier orange flag and a light for 2 miles!!! of pipe. Unreal. We had done this bullshit with Ross Island for years now. Last year, we had a bass boat jump the pipe, the motor flipped into the boat and almost chewed a kids arm off. Today, the guy who got taken to the hospital - is the GRANDFATHER of that kid!!! That family needs to take up fucking golf. How fucking bizarre is that!!

So it was an endless procession of Vortex dredging co. personnel kissing the guys ass who's 120 Merc lower unit is now sunk to the bottom of the San Joaquin River. Ain't gonna work. He needs to sue their ass off. I am so sick of this carnage. A Notice To Mariners needs to be made. Local marinas need to be notified. They are gonna be fucked on this one. The last deal - the boat driver tried to evade the dredger boats trying to get him to slow down. Today - this is a guy that fishes these water regularly, does not drive too fast and has a six pac license. He was standing up - watching the water and hit the clearly NOT marked floating dredger pipe. So WTF does this have to do with the Mr. Oh not much other than California Striped Bass Association Modesto Chapter was having a fish fest at our campground. sigh.  

So DH decides that he MUST get in the golf cart and drive down to the launch ramp. And then he decides that he MUST get in the Chevy 4x4 Eddo's Ranch truck and drive it to the dry storage. And then he decides that when the Physical Therapist arrives at 4:00 to throw me under the bus and tell her that he had to get on the golf cart at 8:30 this morning because I WASN'T READY TO DEAL WITH THE LAUNCH RAMP!

Honestly, I have never been moar butt hurt in my life. And I told him so when she left. I'ma wiping your ass. Giving you flipping mineral oil enemas and dealing with every aspect of this fucked up situation of a broken back - and you tell this chick that the only reason you got on that golf cart is because I "wasn't available to take care of it" OHHHH FUCK!

So I just got back from steaming down to the marina to deal with the usual suspects who have decided to have a loud fucking dance party! I could hear the beginnings of it a couple of hours ago. It is now 9:45pm. At 9:30pm, I could hear it clearly through my closed windows (thank gawd he's asleep) and threw on my shoes and bolted down the marina and accosted them head on. WTF!!?? Haven't I been through enough - do we really need to fucking DO THIS??? I could not help but start crying. Of course, they is all remourseful now and promise to be quiet. Noise carries over water like you would not believe.

So here we are. The husband is BANNED from driving the golf cart or the Eddo's Ranch Truck (just like I figured). The PT drew a new picture on a notepad that said - this is where you are at and if YOU fuck it up - you will pay the price forever. The DH apologized for his extremely shitty comment. We'll see how long that lasts. ha! On the cool side, follow me below the orange squiggle.

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Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 06:41 PM PST

Update on the Mr. Goo - Home Tomorrow!

by mrsgoo

This day has been a flaming hoop, flying circus monkey cluster.

While the guy is installing the hospital bed in the dining room at 4:45pm, The Mr. calls and says, they want you to pick me up at 5:15pm. I have no bedding. The guy isn't even done assembling the bed. You tell them that the ship has sailed and I am not bringing you home in the dead of night. It's unsafe.

He transmitted that to them and as he said - I'll let them fight among themselves. I feel bad, I know he wants to come home. He called back about 30 minutes later. A deal has been reached. And he said, you're right - we'd be fucking around here until midnight before we left. So I feel better that he is realizing that it is just not good sense to try to leave tonight. Too many things left undone on their end!

I will be there at 8am tomorrow. I am making do with what I have to put bedding on the bed (it does not come with sheets and they are Twin extra long) The Mr. thinks that he is gonna be able to go shopping for bedding on the way home. HAAAHAAHAA! right. I have been hammering away on the fact that the one hour ride home is gonna be sheer hell for him and they had better plan on extra pain medication.

Thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers and comments. I have lots to tell but no time tonight.

I have decided to name the brace Mitch. It is quite turtle shell like. So I guess it is fitting that he will be coming home on Election Day.




What is Rocky The Cat's reaction to the Mr. Goo coming home?

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First off, It was the L2 vertabre that was damaged. Not C2. I SWEAR the emergency room Dr. said C2. Chris said C2 day before yesterday. Pro-Tip, you cannot trust a guy with a broken back and on morphine for accurate medical information.

On Monday, the surgery was scheduled for Tuesday at 2pm. The hospital called yesterday morning at 7:15 and said they would have him in the OR at 7:45. This made me very happy. The surgery was to be 4-5 hours. I got to the hospital at 11:50. Checked into the Surgery Wait area, the volunteer proceeded to inform me that his surgery was at 2pm. sigh. So she called and the surgery was still going on and her sheet showed six hours. So I sat down. And I paced. And visited the gift shop. And sat down. And paced.
I swear the clock has never moved so slowly. There is a goddamn reason the salt water fish tank is by the surgery desk. The fish are friendly. They make you smile even when you want to cry.

At 12:50, she told me that the recovery room had been informed that he would be coming in, about 10 minutes. So now I am parked in front of her desk. Reading a copy of
Fortune magazine. I tortured myself with an editorial about how fracking will improve all our lives immensely.

At 1:35 I was freaking out because I figured she would tell me when he was ACTUALLY moved to Recovery. I could not take it anymore and asked. Oh yes, he's in recovery. Have your heard from the surgeon? NO!!!! By now I am almost nauseous with fear something has gone wrong. Five minutes later, the cell phone rings.

So I guess the new protocol for surgery is that the Dr. gives you an update by cell phone. I am very happy that it went well. He lost a unit of blood but they are not going to transfuse. He should be in recovery for another hour or so. He can wiggle his toes.

At this point I thanked the surgeon and I turned into a mental zombie. I knew I needed to call everybody. Also had this feeling that I should probably eat something. I'll say this about that - this is a helluva diet plan. Have not wanted food for 2 days now.

So I walked out to the parking garage, drove my car up to the roof so I could get cell coverage. 1st call - his mom, she was crying when she answered the phone. So now I am crying too. Next my parents. OH FUCK, for some reason Net10 does not allow you to call Canada. So I call our friend in Modesto and ask him to call my parents.
Down through the list of contacts in Chris' cell. I was almost coherent when I reached the bottom. WTF?! I should be happy right? And here I am just sobbing through each phone call. Pro-Tip - don't bother with makeup. And if at all possible, have somebody with you to make those phone calls for you.  

I walked back into the hospital, gotta get food, I felt like I was going to pass out. So I get to the cafeteria. I am NOT hungry but know I need something before I go to Chris' room. oh! fruit salad so I grab a cup. And inexplicably, the french fries. So there I am at the checkout with a cup of fruit salad and 4 count 'em 4 french fries on the plate.1 large one and three small ones. I felt like an idiot. That cashier gal must think I'm nuts. I wanted to start crying again. I paid my monies and sat down and realized that I was shaking.

Then up to the 4th floor. The Orthopedics department. Yesterday, they told me room 4403. The surgery desk gal said 4405. The guy in 4403 didn't look anything like my husband. 4405 was empty. So I confirmed with the floor nurse. Yep, 4405.
I was starting to feel normal again. Must have been the food.

Wow! Nice room! A flat screen teevee and a bathroom with a built in shower that I would die for. It's got 2 chairs and a sofa with storage underneath. Really nice closets. Beautiful wood laminate flooring. I bet this sucker is 5K a day. I am too afraid to find the insurance papers but I believe our co-insurance is 40%. Does not really matter at this point.

At 2:55 the cell phone rings. It's the recovery room nurse. Well, we will try to get him there before 3:30 but that is shift change so it might be a bit later. sigh. Ok, I find the teevee remote. Tired of staring at walls and there isn't even a nasty Fortune magazine here to read.

They wheeled him in at 3:15. He was able to talk. The spasms got so bad last night that they actually put him under. He stated that while he was still in a lot of pain, it is nothing compared to before the surgery. The nurse asked him last night to describe the spasms - his description, the worst case of the dry heaves you have ever had
while you have a knife in your back. Good Lord. I am horrified at the amount of pain he has had to endure.

The nurse decided that he is crooked on the bed and needs to be straightened out. The gal that brought him in from recovery said  that he needs to be in this position. The new nurse said that the dr's orders said the bed can be from 0-20%. I'm like - the other gal said it needed to stay in this position. The new nurse unlocks the bed and raises
it to about 13%. Chris is writhing in pain, I'm screaming and crying - hasn't he hurt enough already! So now I'm crying again and the nurse is trying to comfort me. sigh. And I feel bad because I know Chris is feeling bad because I'm crying. sigh.

This is where the part that I can't be there all the time is just killing me. I closed the business Tuesday. Wednesday is the normal day we are closed. I am so backed up on banking/bookwork that I could not afford the time to drive over there.

Someday, we are going to laugh about this. Ever the control freak, Chris says - it's Tuesday - did you get the trash cans out. Yes dear. (I'm the person that reminds him it is Tuesday!) Did you feed my chickens? Chris plays a computer farm game.
Not the FB one, some other thing that is ridicuously complicated. No. I didn't feed the chickens yesterday. You need to feed the chickens. Ok, when I get home, I will try to figure out how to feed the chickens. He has been on this game for 2+ years and has this really huge farm.

Don't think I need to educate the folks on this blog that I have way moar concerns than hubbies electronic chickens. I did try when I got home I messed with it for about 20 minutes and found the HIBERNATE! button. So it's on hibernate for 4 days. Hopefully, by then he will be in the brace able to sit up and I'll bring my laptop in and he can feed chickens, harvest crops, make bread and wine to his hearts content!

Thank you all for the love and hugs and prayers and positive thoughts. I didn't mean to write something this long but I feel better for getting it out. It was a long, scary day. I'm probably not going to be around a whole lot for the next 3 months. But I will when
I can. It's cheaper than therapy. Thanks KOS!

p.s. When I got home Tuesday night, multiple folks informed me that Rocky The Cat is acting all jiggy. He came in the house about 7:00 and I gave him a can of food.
He is once again laying on the blanket that Chris was under when the paramedics arrived. That blanket will stay on that floor in front of the fish tank until Chris comes home. I walked out there and told him what was going on. He looked up and paid attention to every word I said. Then he laid his head down. He misses his buddy badly. Why can't there be service Cats?

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Just got home from the hospital. The hubbie is there with a broken back. That lovely wind storm that blew through the CA Delta tonight landed a branch on a customers RV. Chris was cleaning it off, lost his footing and fell to the ground.

I guess if it is any consolation, the Dr. informed him that "if" you break your back, you have done it in the best way possible.

Forgive me as I will not be responding to comments tonight. I need to try and get some sleep (ha!), open the business tomorrow and deal with this nightmare.

Thanking you all in advance for your kind thoughts and prayers.




This sucks

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Tue Oct 08, 2013 at 09:57 PM PDT

A new ACA scam on business owners

by mrsgoo

So this guy calls today. Asks for the hubbie by name. I'ma just gonna post my email to him.
Hi John,

I’m Dawn. Chris’ wife.

I am the one that stocks the store, cleans the toilets, pays the bills.
Let me remind you that the emphasis is PAYS THE BILLS! So while you called
today, and asked for the “man” of the business, you should of asked for

I have been following the health care legislation since it was introduced.
Watched CSPAN deep in the night while the debates were happening.

Do I get this right that you want me to pay you money so that you can help me
navigate the ACA?  

Like, I am so stupid that I cannot do this myself? Really? And I should pay
you money so that you can tell me what is readily available off

Lemme tell you this about that! A Silver plan from Blue Shield on the individual
market w/o a subsidy will be 1074 per month. We pay 1299/mo to Anthem
for a SHIT plan. We are already ahead of the game. The SHOP rates will be available

So the bottom line is that I do not need to pay a scammer like you to
help me. You are just a scammer. So Fuck Off!


Dawn Gulick


So now we have scammers scamming!

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1299.00 a month we pay for a worthless policy. My Dr. ordered some tests and I have ended up with a 277.00 bill from John Muir because they won't cover it. Nice. Then I opened an envelope from a debt collector today that says we owe 374.00. I called them - they say that my husband had lab work done. I look through the Explanation Of Benefits from Anthem. And find that John Muir didn't submit the claim for the lab work performed 5/30/12! until 5/3/13! I will  say this about that  the chick at John Muir apologized and will be sending to a supervisor and pulled from collections.. So just now, some jackass from Anthem called and was asking  basc questions - it ended with me unloading on the motherfucker. WHAT THE FUCK DO I PAY 1299 for? REALLY? Silence.

Edited title because it really was stupid in retrospect. That is what happens when you post "pissed off" and the damn thing makes the rec list! sigh.


Sat Sep 14, 2013 at 10:49 PM PDT

WTF? Things are not right

by mrsgoo

No Animal Nuz. WTF is up with that? I expect it at 8am Saturday. sigh. I expected those damn Kiwi's to kick Oracles ass today in the America's Cup. Instead they almost flipped the boat. WTF? Now it is Kiwi's 6 and Oracle 0. The Oracle crew has played their cards right and have made changes that are paying off. Who will win is up in the air. As I still despise Larry Ellison, I am still rooting for the Kiwi's!


Have you been following the America's Cup?

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So we got this little itty bitty 776 sq ft house we bought in 2001. Worked for PeopleSoft, made good money, needed a tax writeoff and got stock options. Bought the thing for 114K, gut rehab'd it and had the awesome good luck to get the first renter in there for almost eight years. Paid the rent early. If he had a problem, he would tell us and we would fix it. We sent him 50 buck Home Depot gift cards every Christmas. Then we decided to put a new roof and central heat/air on the house in 2010. Finished 9/2010. He called a few weeks later. This sucks = I put in an offer on a bank reo months ago, they just called me up and said they will take the offer. Hell, can't blame him. The sonofabitch sold for 360+ and he got the house for under 100.


Do Wall Street Banksters Fucking Suck?

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9%6 votes

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Tue Jul 30, 2013 at 07:06 PM PDT

Rush Limbaugh / Fox Interview Liveblog

by mrsgoo

It just started on Fox - 360 on directv. An one hour interview with Greta.

What you think???

Yeah, not a diary!


GRRRRR This just came up on the teevee. You have got to be kidding me!

Not much to this story and do not want to bump up on the fair use thing. So this will be short.  

The former police officer who pepper-sprayed students during an Occupy protest at UC Davis is appealing for worker’s compensation, claiming he suffered psychiatric injury from the 2011 incident.
The state Department of Industrial Relations’ website says John Pike has a settlement conference on Aug. 13 in Sacramento.
Psychiatric injury? Are you f'n kidding me? Oh, well maybe he is from the complete internet mocking he received which IMHO is well deserved.

I think we all know what we need to do here.


Should Sgt. PepperSpray get Workman's Compensation?

4%6 votes
3%5 votes
43%60 votes
48%68 votes
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Update: There was a diary already on this with video! Prop 8 Crowd Making A Last Ditch Stand to Stop Marriages Please show your love and enjoy more tears of impotent rage! Please do not rec this diary and rec the first one instead! Thanks for the rec list but Richard Lyon broke the story.

Oh their bitter, bitter tears of impotent rage!

Gay marriage opponents ask court to intervene

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Less than 24 hours after California started issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, lawyers for the sponsors of the state's gay marriage ban filed an emergency motion Saturday asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the weddings being performed in San Francisco.
Have a nice weekend BIGOTS!!!

So I'm standing there Saturday night - At the Longest Goddamn Signal Crossing in America. Having a smoke outside my hotel and I strike up a conversation with a guy about my age (29) LOL!! So - are you here for NN13? Nope, I'm a local and what is this Netroots Nation about? So I explain what it is.

The Longest Goddamn Signal Crossing in America might have changed....but I doubt it.

So he asks me - have you seen our Dog Turd Statue? And gestured across the street. I had to answer well, I have noticed a statue over there, but it never really crossed my mind that it looked like a dog turd. Mind you it was 11:30pm. So it was a bit dark and my overriding concern was to cross the street to The Tanq for an adult beverage.

So my fellow traveller at The Longest Goddamn Signal Crossing in America informs me that taxpayer dollars were used to build this particular statue - and it resembles a dog turd.

He expressed the opinion that taxpayer dollars could have been better spent. I had to commiserate, being that having once lived in Modesto, we spent many taxpayer dollars on a fountain that was not well received. The Longest Goddamn Signal Crossing in America changed and we said our goodbyes.

So follow me below the orange woozle offering....


Árt or Dog Turd?

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31%13 votes
21%9 votes
9%4 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results

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