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Eastasia announces an attack on Texas
From the Eurasia news website Voyna Mir (Война мир): A spokesperson for the Eastasian superstate today announced an unprecedented multi-pronged attack on the Oceanic sub-state of Texas. ...
mspicata 05/06/2015 7 3 - -
Just so you know, I'm not discriminating.
I took that picture of the wedding party and their families. Then your brother George told me that the tall, skinny guy on the right is your husband's gay cousin. So I photoshopped him out, since ...
mspicata 04/01/2015 5 7 - -
"Being an atheist does not mean being anti-Christ."
That quote is from a column in my local paper, the Valley News , written by Steve Nelson. Nelson is head of the Calhoun School in Manhattan. Steve writes most Sundays on progressive issues, and ...
mspicata 12/23/2014 21 11 - -
An honorable Republican: Jim Jeffords has died I'll allow the article to speak for itself. Jeffords was a class act, as even a resident of New Hampshire (me)
mspicata 08/18/2014 15 23 - -
Eric the Red is starting to understand the GOP
At the end of this post , Erick Erickson of Redstate makes an interesting comment: Ultimately though, and this is the key everybody is missing, we have arrived at this point because the leadership ...
mspicata 10/22/2013 124 231 - -
Conservatives are full-on baroque.
Way back in 2007, I suggested using Henri Focillon's formulation to understand political movements. Here's my original explanation of Focillon: In his seminal book The Life of Forms in Art , ...
mspicata 10/10/2013 4 7 - -
Putz of the day: Tim Huelskamp (R-Putz)
The last two weeks have gone a long way to separating the true putzes from the poseurs. As each day passes, the level of competition rises. The winners in these contests, however, always bring a ...
mspicata 10/09/2013 3 9 - -
At this point, this farce is about something else.
Well, two things, actually: Control of the House in the next session, and the 2014 GOP primaries. I'm reminded of parenting teenagers (and I had four at the same time -- I speak from experience here)
mspicata 10/07/2013 6 3 - -
The Onion nails it. Boehner v. Boehner
Help Me By John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives Help me. Please, God, help me. I’ve lost control and I need help. The Onion juxtaposes Boehner's actual Op-Ed with a supposed ...
mspicata 10/03/2013 7 10 - -
This is where money will hurt the GOP.
Short of a constitutional amendment, the best way to counter Citizens United is internecine warfare between the moneybags of the GOP. And it's about to happen. Concerned, the Chamber of Commerce is ...
mspicata 10/02/2013 4 4 - -
Why is no one saying the obvious?
The Democrats are doing only one thing wrong in this ridiculous crisis, and that's not coalescing around a message with force. It's sitting there; but they're focusing on what John Boehner is doing ,
mspicata 10/01/2013 22 17 - -
The GOP visits Pandora again, and out pops Ted Cruz.
What if you were responsible for raising money for your party's candidates, and instead you were raising money to defeat them? Meet Ted "Treason" Cruz . Cruz’s profile has elevated in recent ...
mspicata 09/24/2013 2 2 - -
Maybe the GOP is right where it expects to be.
It's a frame we accept without question: The GOP is in trouble, and many of their leaders don't recognize it. I'm writing this to argue that, perhaps, only part of that is true. It's entirely ...
mspicata 09/13/2013 62 62 - -
Updated: Harry Golden (who?) and the future of the GOP
Some people who are well-known and widely respected in their time nevertheless slip out of the public consciousness as the days march on. For Harry Golden, that's a particular shame, because it's ...
mspicata 08/22/2013 17 44 - -
The great GOP inventory reduction sale is on NOW!!!!!
Yes, this is your opportunity of a lifetime!!!! The Grand Old Party has decided to pare down its inventory of voter tools, and you -- yes, YOU!!!! -- can be the lucky beneficiary of our never-to-be-...
mspicata 08/20/2013 31 46 - -
Did you know that Obama is worse than Nixon?
It's true! Here's the evidence: Explaining his decision to unilaterally rewrite the Affordable Care Act (ACA), (Obama) said: “I didn’t simply choose to” ignore the statutory requirement for ...
mspicata 08/15/2013 22 8 - -
The GOP is about to take itself hostage
In their never-ending loathing of all things Obama, the GOP is apparently preparing to ratchet up the crazy, if this article by National Review's Robert Costa is any indication: Sources tell me the ...
mspicata 08/14/2013 18 11 - -
How to handle a cease-and-desist letter
Not that we didn't get the joke... but since Mr. Freivald had not previously encountered a humorous lawyer, he actually thought your letter may have been a serious effort by the Township to promote ...
mspicata 06/19/2013 12 14 1 -
Here's your study, Senator Grassley
Senator Charles Grassley (R (of course)- IA) thinks we need a study post-Sandy Hook: I do agree though that it's time to study these mass shootings. I think we ought to pursue the ideas that call ...
mspicata 12/18/2012 2 4 - -
"Personhood:" Hey, GOP, how about the Equal Rights Amendment?
With the adoption of a "personhood" amendment plank to their platform, the Republican Party has implicitly accepted the following logic: Fetuses should have rights enshrined in the Constitution. ...
mspicata 08/22/2012 13 12 - 86
Paul, Mitt, no, really, tell me more.
There's a different point in this Politico article than we've been talking about. It's about specifics, or lack thereof: “The nature of running a presidential campaign is that you’re ...
mspicata 08/17/2012 3 3 - 66
Romney needs a Sistah Souljah (why that won't work)
Nate Cohn at TNR fires up the Wayback Machine , and conjures up Bill Clinton's 1992 Sistah Souljah moment. He thinks that Romney needs to pivot to the center, and he can't understand why Mittens ...
mspicata 08/08/2012 6 1 - 52
The ad writes itself
A pouting young child in a photographer's studio, crosslegged and arms folded, sitting on a chair. Background music: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" played on child's xylophone. Voiceover: (...
mspicata 08/03/2012 2 2 - 45
Fine, Ann. Let's talk about YOU.
If you speak on behalf of a candidate, you invite scrutiny. If, further, your finances are intertwined with those of the candidate, you practically invite scrutiny. So, Ann Romney: Explain the ...
mspicata 07/19/2012 11 25 - 294
Stericycle will be Mitt's next scandal
The story of Stericycle has been diaried a few times since David Corn reported on it a few days ago. I bring it up again to remind you that it hasn't received significant media attention yet, and ...
mspicata 07/13/2012 18 7 - 159
Mitt Romney's "one-eyed" trusts
Let's cut to the chase here. Mitt's trusts are not blind -- not in the way they are set up, not in the way they are managed, and certainly not as defined by Federal Government standards. Let's cue ...
mspicata 07/10/2012 2 5 - 41
Wall Street Journal lies (so what else is new?)
Sometimes it's a piece of cake to catch the WSJ editorial page in dissembling. Yesterday, they invented an Obama lie: ...
mspicata 09/17/2009 13 2 - 2
Looks like we don't have Diebold to kick around anymore
Somebody has decided the hassles (or lies, or bad publicity -- take your pick) aren't ...
mspicata 09/04/2009 16 10 - 33 allows a comedian to tell the healthcare truth
Who'd a thunk it? From The Lighter Side: What Do Republicans Really Want?
mspicata 08/20/2009 9 19 - 33
Jay Sekulow: Schmuck or Putz?
For first prize in the category of "Anti-Abortion Flack Flailing against Things without Facts," I present you Jay Sekulow, Chief Nimrod at Pat Robertson's American ...
mspicata 08/10/2009 33 4 - 37
Actuaries and health reform
This will be pretty much a drive-by diary, and what I personally have to offer ain't much; but the link is extremely rewarding, if you really want to understand the financial impact of health care ...
mspicata 07/30/2009 5 4 2 1
Golden State Blowout Sale!!!!
We lost our lease! We have a truckload of IOUs to redeem! You know what that means for you? Yes! Our absolutely best sale ever!
mspicata 07/03/2009 19 8 1 151
Access to me -- Draft version
Hi. I'm a blogger. What I write is seen by literally dozens of people. Because all of my myriad followers use pseudonyms, I can not assess their ability to influence debate in Washington (let ...
mspicata 07/02/2009 12 10 - 3
I apologize
I apologize for running you over with my car. It was only twice. You got up afterward, so you were probably OK. I didn't tell my insurance company because I paid you cash for your inconvenience.
mspicata 06/30/2009 42 22 - 35
Leaked: the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee quiz
I have obtained from a secret source a document sent to all prospective GOP Presidential nominees for 2012. Its purpose is to determine the fitness of the politicians to seek the highest office in ...
mspicata 06/25/2009 8 22 2 64
The RNC runs a "Daisy" ad based on a lie
I know, what a surprise. Still, even by RNC standards, this one is stupid. Some dim bulb thought juxtaposing shots from LBJ's Daisy ad with Robert Gibbs talking about closing Guantanamo was a good ...
mspicata 05/22/2009 3 1 - 18
Of COURSE we can handle the Gitmo detainees here.
I realize no politician of any stripe will say it, but the risk to the populace for moving all Gitmo detainees to the United States is vanishingly small, and with a very small amount of ingenuity, ...
mspicata 05/20/2009 83 15 - 21
The GOP says GBCW
This isn't a typical goodbye rant , as we've already asked the Federal Elections Commission to erase our records in their entirety - ...
mspicata 05/05/2009 1 5 - 2
Other things Condi Rice hopes we understand
Condi Rice hopes we understand -- that missions only stay accomplished when Congress doesn't question the President. that Afghanistan is too wild and lawless to be worth any attention for very ...
mspicata 05/04/2009 6 6 - 15
The first 100 days of Commander Codpiece
Here's your chance to turn a critical eye on all those breathless stories in the next few days about Obama's first hundred days. First, so you can follow along, here's ...
mspicata 04/24/2009 13 10 - 12
The rock climber and the beagle -- Watergate and torture
So here's the riddle: A rock climber and his beagle are at their favorite climbing site. The cliff is a mile long, sixty feet high at the center, and tapers off to level at each side. The ...
mspicata 04/23/2009 21 9 - 24
Virtù in the White House -- and CIA torture
If you're familiar with Niccol� Machiavelli's work The Prince , you know something of virt�. You also know why a leader had better possess plenty of it, and you are aware that it'...
mspicata 04/21/2009 29 19 - 231
Wall Street tries whistling a new tune.
Say what you want about the Wall Street Journal; it's still the paper of record for the tarnished titans of industry, and a must read outside of its editorial page. A few days ago, the WSJ ...
mspicata 03/31/2009 27 14 1 22
Is this why AIG is getting the kid gloves treatment?
I think this might explain a few things: American International Group, ...
mspicata 03/11/2009 83 37 1 22
Bernie Sanders wants Ben Bernanke to name names. Updated.
About friggin' time, too : "My question to you is, will you tell the American people to ...
mspicata 03/03/2009 284 641 9 41
Americans United for Change nails GOP & Limbaugh
AFSCME and Americans United for Change nail it with this new cable TV ad:
mspicata 02/27/2009 38 44 1 22
GOP Gov's: Your hometown rags say take the money
The (Charleston, SC) Post and Courier generally likes Republican Governor Mark Sanford. Mr. Sanford, during six years in Congress and six years as governor, has been an ...
mspicata 02/24/2009 19 24 - 18
Ten long days.  Where's my #%$@ unicorn?
You know, Mr. President, I've been solidly behind you for as long as I can remember. I defended you to all comers. I worked to defeat that old guy and the eye candy he hired all last summer and ...
mspicata 01/30/2009 79 33 - 18
A kick in John Boehner's pants:  Your opinion needed
Here's Boehner : Their plan also provides government-funded ...
mspicata 01/27/2009 20 4 - 3
The change I asked for: the full import of Obama's first Exec Order
Of the panoply of things I could have written to about, I chose exactly one: to revoke Executive ...
mspicata 01/22/2009 6 13 1 3
Senior bank officials cannot steal TARP money.
One comment I've seen in a variety of forms here is that the same senior banking executives who presided over the current mess will simply take TARP money in the form of bonuses and golden parachutes.
mspicata 01/19/2009 9 6 1 1
The TARP money is not "missing."
The idea gaining currency in a lot of places (including here) is that we have no idea where the TARP money is going. Actually, for the most part, we do. As for whether or not it will produce the ...
mspicata 01/16/2009 59 17 - 113
FCC head Kevin Martin leaves 1/20 for think tank
Another one bites the dust: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is leaving the agency Tuesday to do what comes naturally for FCC chairmen: He is heading to the ...
mspicata 01/15/2009 35 10 - 39
Howard Dean says goodbye
I assume many of you have this email in your inbox right now. For those who don't, here's the beginning of Howard Dean's goodbye message: Four years ago, I became chairman with a ...
mspicata 01/14/2009 21 20 - 14
Plumbers shouldn't unclog toilets.
From a speech by Samuel Wurzelbacher at the annual meeting of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters: "I'll be honest with you. I don't think plumbers should be anywhere near a ...
mspicata 01/12/2009 21 10 - 2
The Roosevelt Cabinet, 1933
Much of the fuss over Obama's Cabinet nominations is centered around positions the nominees have taken, or perceived skeletons in their past. Some want to look past those points; others see them as ...
mspicata 12/18/2008 50 38 1 272
Screw the shoes.  Send Bush to Philadelphia.
And I write that as a long-time resident of an adjoining county. Bush should be forced to submit himself to the wrath of Philadelphia sports fans. Let me show you -- or remind you, as the case may ...
mspicata 12/17/2008 18 5 - 7
In plain language: credit default swaps
There's so much information available on some of these financial topics, and so much of it is laden with technical jargon, that I decided to write a basic FAQ on one of them, the credit default swap.
mspicata 11/25/2008 100 31 9 27
In other news, Box Turtle will head the NRSC
You know, Joe Lieberman's status wasn't the only thing being decided today: The Senate Republican ...
mspicata 11/18/2008 17 1 - 1
January 20, 2009: Release the Reagan records
Remember this ? The White House has drafted an executive order that would allow the current ...
mspicata 11/10/2008 22 27 - 30
Alternate reality: from the first hundred days of a McPalin administration
Just want to document the bullet we dodged: January 21, 2009: Sarah Palin begins spending an estimated $25.4 million redecorating Dick Cheney's bunker. January 27:
mspicata 11/06/2008 22 4 - -
A Kossack is elected President of the United States!
Lest we forget... ...[T]he Democrats need to present and fight for a clearly stated set of core ...
mspicata 11/05/2008 94 75 - 26
"The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin Are a Lock to Win"
Heh. Front-paged at Redstate. Let's tear them apart, shall we?
mspicata 10/28/2008 74 26 - 34
What underdog?
In his final week as a Presidential candidate, John McCain claims to be relishing his role as an ...
mspicata 10/27/2008 3 1 - 1
Wouldn't It Be Loverly.
John Edwards can get a haircut a day for a year on Sarah Palin's RNC clothing budget. McCain says she needed ...
mspicata 10/23/2008 21 3 - -
Roland Martin calls out Sarah Palin
CNN's Martin serves it up ...
mspicata 10/15/2008 48 24 1 22
The DNC's new ad takes the gloves off
mspicata 10/10/2008 30 32 1 18
Obamas warm to crowd, McCains leave early
Baby-kissing. Shaking hands along a rope line. Looking directly at the camera. Smiling. There are a lot of small things that add up to a picture of a candidate. Few are awfully ...
mspicata 10/08/2008 63 26 1 30
Please, do as Simon says
Thank you, Roger Simon. I never thought I would type that sentence. Roger has done me a big favor today, though, by assembling ...
mspicata 10/07/2008 4 2 - -
The McCain campaign plans its "game changers"
Really... With Barack Obama continuing to consolidate his lead in the polls,
mspicata 10/06/2008 15 1 1 -
McCain calls for a Waaaambulance.
I imagine it's available on video, but that would require linking to Fox News; so, instead, here's ...
mspicata 10/02/2008 57 25 - 18
This is the only debate advice Biden should heed.
And no, it doesn't come from me (though as a sales professional, it warms my heart to see my opinion on the matter validated). No, it comes ...
mspicata 09/30/2008 45 26 2 32
Schumer proposes a slice instead of a whole loaf
In an obvious solution to the latest Bush "crisis," Chuck Schumer is suggesting that we set up a ...
mspicata 09/23/2008 26 15 1 -
McCain says he'd fire the SEC's Cox. One problem: he can't.
The old Gaffer is at it again. Senator McCain says, if he were President, he'd fire SEC Chariman ...
mspicata 09/18/2008 65 62 2 25
Who's that guy on the stage?
Apparently, there is some old guy running for President:
mspicata 09/15/2008 35 27 - 97
It takes 23831 Alaskans and $100 to start a Palin recall
Abuse of power and improper use of State funds: In case anyone in Alaska wants to get the ball rolling on Her Royal Highness, here are ...
mspicata 09/11/2008 37 10 1 8
The succinct Andrew Sullivan
Sully's been inflamed for quite some time now about John McCain, and the "lipstick" impbroglio has enraged him. ...
mspicata 09/10/2008 25 19 - -
How music performance rights work
With all the fuss over the McCain camp's use of songwriters' material, I think it would be a good idea to summarize how performance rights work. I have seen a number of misperceptions in threads (...
mspicata 09/08/2008 18 5 1 68
The ground game, Obama v. McCain: no contest
The ground game has many components: volunteers, interns, paid staff and, of course, offices. I wondered how the campaigns compare in one simple metric -- the number of official field operations in ...
mspicata 09/05/2008 13 3 - -
A brief history of American community organizers
Even before I define it, let's start with the first community organizer in our history: Benjamin Franklin Franklin... ...
mspicata 09/04/2008 6 8 - 1
Part rant, part strategy
Although they did not accomplish all they intended with Palin, the McCain campaign was able to advance a meme they intend to hammer on for a while, and we're helping them with it. That frame is ...
mspicata 09/03/2008 8 1 - -
The Associated Press, November 19, 1863
Abraham Lincoln, who purports to be the Union's Commander-in-Chief, promised today to provide details about the war effort. But instead of dwelling on specifics, he laced ...
mspicata 08/29/2008 19 13 - -
In the meantime, in Nevada...
You're all aware, I'm sure, of Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty , which will be holding essentially a counter-convention in St. Paul from the 31st to ...
mspicata 08/27/2008 13 5 - 32
Biden will attack the strength, Obama the weakness
Forget all you've been reading about Biden's foreign affairs experience, about Obama's need to fill in supposed gaps in his resume, about McCain dissing Obama for not choosing Clinton. The ...
mspicata 08/25/2008 19 10 - -
Sun-Tzu, Muhammed Ali, Barack Obama
Lost in all the excitement over McCain's houses (note, BTW, that the $13MM or so in real estate is likely only about 10% of the McCains' wealth) is this: A pattern is emerging in the Obama campaign'...
mspicata 08/22/2008 13 7 2 -
That's it. I've [ ].
With all concern troll portions excised: What is [ ] with the Obama Campaign? Don't they know that [ ] means they don't have [ ]? It's no time to [ ]! Just because it's August ...
mspicata 08/20/2008 50 5 - 3
VP Choice is official
And it's this guy: Yep: It's Washington State Rep Al O'Brien .
mspicata 08/19/2008 77 13 - 19
Opportunity knocks, Senator Obama
Here's your opening, courtesy of nearly half of those polled by Pew last week: [N]early four ...
mspicata 08/06/2008 6 2 - -
Energy: Here's the things John McCain doesn't care about
Congress passed -- and Bush signed -- the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 last December. It had energy ...
mspicata 08/05/2008 6 4 - 19
Energy independence: Senator McCain couldn't be bothered
In December of 2007, President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of ...
mspicata 08/04/2008 12 8 - 26
Here's a surprise: Glenn Beck admits he doesn't have a clue
About who to vote for : I believe this election has put a lot of people in a strange place. It's a ...
mspicata 07/31/2008 4 2 - -
McCain's blunder is so serious, it may be fatal
McCain has made a mess of his campaign. We know that; his own party knows that; even our BFFs in the media seem to be getting the point. But something bigger has happened, and it's not getting ...
mspicata 07/29/2008 71 41 1 47
Foreclosures soar; where Obama should respond
The bandage may not be big enough. Foreclosures tripled this quarter, year-over-...
mspicata 07/25/2008 36 6 - -
John McCain's tomato supply
An old man goes to the park to hear the speech, armed with a bushel of rotten tomatoes. When the speech begins, the old man lets fly -- over the head of the orator. His next few missles sail to ...
mspicata 07/24/2008 21 10 - 184
Stupid news story of the day: July 17,2008
This is part one of an intermittent series on bad journalism. Yes, I know it's fish in a barrel. My criterion is rigorous, though. Mediocrity will not qualify, nor will obviously slanted pieces ...
mspicata 07/17/2008 9 5 - -
The humane removal of clothing
So, terrorist: we meet again. Hey, it's just to talk, man. I just want to get inside your head and find out who gave you the idea to do all the bad things you've done. Let's start ...
mspicata 07/16/2008 10 13 - 16
Does Dick Cheney see John McCain in the Senate every Tuesday?
Remember this debate comment by Dick Cheney? You've missed a lot of key votes: on tax policy, on energy, on Medicare reform.
mspicata 07/15/2008 3 3 - -
An argument against Grover Norquist
Grover "Bathtub" Norquist has a forum on Politico today to decry Obama's tax plan as a tax increase on small businesses. I know, it'
mspicata 07/11/2008 26 6 - 1
The Unity meeting: passing of the generational torch
I came home from the meeting in Unity and immediately went to dinner and a play, then a day full of grandchildren. My priorities are in order, therefore, and I can now write a reflection on the day -
mspicata 06/28/2008 19 6 - -
Win the Catholic vote = Finish off McCain.
Though the numbers are already improving (47 O, 40 M), one group that is truly torn between Obama and McCain is Catholics. There is a single ...
mspicata 06/25/2008 74 10 3 -
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