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Group Last Diary
Angry Gays
For LGBT Kossacks and allies who don't take nicely to second-class citizenship. We are the radical homosexual activists that Pat Robertson warned you about.
Critical Realists Working Group
Group for discussing epistemological liberalism and illiberal threats to American liberalism and its core values of equal protection, free speech and secularism. To promote epistemological liberalism on Daily Kos, within the Left and in American politics generally.
Maryland Kos
A community for Maryland Kossacks to discuss progressive politics, policy and issues in MD.
Milk Men And Women
The intersection of Gay and Politics for LGBT Kossacks and their Allies, Supporters and Others.
Park Avenue
From Acadia to Haleakala, from Gates of the Arctic to the Everglades and everything in between, the National Parks are America's greatest treasures. This is a group for discussion of news, politics, general commentary, science, photography, travel planning and more related to the National Parks, state parks and other major parks in the United States.
Progressive Policy Zone
PPZ: For constraint-free discussion of American domestic and foreign policy and world affairs from an unabashedly left/progressive perspective.
Spiritual Organization of Unapologetic Liberals at Daily Kos
This is a group for liberals and progressives of faith--no matter how defined. Members of all faiths (including "none of the above") are welcome to participate.

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