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Soldiers die for bad Americans every day.
Do you really think you are worth the life of an American soldier? Damn straight you are. You can be a felon, a pervert, a fraud, a jerk, an ingrate or an ass; regardless, there is an American ...
mwchicago04 06/05/2014 13 4 - -
Putin says he would give only one glass of water to Ryan.
Just in out of Moscow, v Putin said he would withhold water from Ryan. Breaking: Chavez suggests he would give one glass less than is necessary. R Castro just indicated he might give Ryan a ...
mwchicago04 10/11/2012 15 10 - -
0% taxation on capital gains. Job creators stop working!
With zero percent taxation on capital gains, interest, and dividends (proposed in the Ryan plan), does it make sense for job creators to continue working? Imagine a McDonald's franchise owner ...
mwchicago04 08/12/2012 2 - - 34
$500 to Obama - Will You Do $20? (Now $2270 total)
Ok, I made a number of donations during 2008. However, I haven't made the same financial commitment to the re-election of OUR President until just a few minutes ago. I guess the whole Citizens ...
mwchicago04 06/07/2012 42 18 - 153
Sidewalks and Stoops
Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, Charleston and St. Louis all have sidewalks. Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh all have stoops. This is Democrat country. We believe in ...
mwchicago04 06/09/2011 4 3 - 34
Breaking: Trump Offers Libyan Foreign Minister Refuge in Barbados
Today, American billionaire Donald Trump offered temporary refuge to Libyan ex-foreign minister Moussa Koussa at Trump International Golf course in the Barbados. Within hours, a US State Department ...
mwchicago04 03/31/2011 16 4 - 121
I forgot to vote today...aargh!
I am so pissed at myself right now. I forgot to vote. How? I don't know. It just escaped me. I fully intended to vote for [insert Democratic candidate] for Senate and now I have [insert ...
mwchicago04 11/01/2010 4 5 - 70
Republicans Panic
Nixon panicked and had his minions break into the Watergate Hotel. Reagan panicked and spent hundreds of billions against a near bankrupt Soviet Union. Reagan panicked again after a few Cuban ...
mwchicago04 09/08/2010 22 20 1 42
Obama Is Forcing Me To Buy Stamps
It is unconstitutional! I want to send a first class piece of mail and the only option I have is a Forever Stamp from the US Postal Service. It is another government takeover of what used to be a ...
mwchicago04 03/27/2010 14 16 2 24
HR2998714: Five Month Defense of Marriage Act
In a quick and decisive move to counter both John Ensign's and Mark Sanford's public's admission of infidelity, House GOP Leader John Boehner has introduced legislation dubbed 5(DOMA). On the House ...
mwchicago04 06/24/2009 3 2 - 5
Some In Life Must Be Mysterious - Noonan 2009
Ok. This is not a diary. Ok. I am adding very little to nothing. However, I HATE Peggy Noonan and her ingenue ways to a most unsettling issue. The issue of torture. May she forever bear the ...
mwchicago04 04/19/2009 5 2 - -
Obama and Michelle Spend Night in Foreclosed London Flat
Wow. Just wow. Can you believe this? The man never takes a day off. From the Guardian UK In a departure from protocol, U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, spent the ...
mwchicago04 03/31/2009 91 87 - 39
Hey Dummy!  How Much Did You Give Wall Street Last Year?
Before you get all in a lather, the title is addressed to me. How much did I give Wall Street last year in "management" fees. How much have I given them over the last 10 years. I know what they ...
mwchicago04 02/28/2009 14 1 1 8
All things football, resolutions, and hangovers
Besides my newfound commitment to fight Obama's socialist agenda with every fiber of my being, today is a day dedicated to those twin pillars of American virtue: college football and hangovers. ...
mwchicago04 01/01/2009 56 1 - 3
Paying for College During a Recession in 7 Easy Steps
Nice upbeat title...check. Puzzled look on readers face...check. Contemplating new title - How I paid for college with only $500 a year out of pocket...uncheck. Keep original title...check. Ok.
mwchicago04 12/02/2008 39 15 12 242
Chinese/Asian Markets Panic Over Iowa Sweet Loam Shortage
For those who follow Jerome a Paris and bondad posts closely, you know that prices for agricultural, mineral, and fossil fuel commodities have skyrocketed in the last two years. However, the dire ...
mwchicago04 10/03/2008 32 15 1 -
Kudos to the Repubs - Cuddly Lil' Socialists
As difficult as this may be for all of us, a round of congratulations are in order for the Loyal Opposition. If my understanding of the situation is correct, the Republicans have fully embraced a ...
mwchicago04 09/28/2008 1 - - -
Joe Biden Must Talk About SEX
Starting today, Joe Biden must talk about SEX - Security, the Economy, and Existential threats to the United States. This is the winning strategy to take down Palin and highlight her inexperience.
mwchicago04 08/29/2008 7 1 - -
We Are Family - Time to Dig Deep!
Not really worthy of a diary, however, permit me to say "it's time to dig deep people." We are one! We are a family. The issues have been laid bare. We know the difference... we know the choice.
mwchicago04 08/27/2008 19 4 - 4
Drill Here, Sell Here!
With all of the political posturing about drilling for oil on the the Continental shelf or in ANWR, I have yet to see any politician provide a guarantee that any/all oil extracted from the ...
mwchicago04 07/18/2008 6 1 - -
Republicans Rethinking Romney...
Page Six: A well-placed friend of mine in the Illinois Republican inner-circle told me on the not-so-hush-hush that the Illinois delegation is quite unhappy with McCain's performance in the general ...
mwchicago04 06/24/2008 80 9 - 38
My Obama Pledge: 1000/100/10
As the presumptive nominee (no jinx please), Barack Obama has inspired me to break out of my lurking malaise and commit to the following: 1000/100/10 I will donate $1000.00 over the next five ...
mwchicago04 06/03/2008 22 21 - -
Why is "Big Russ" still living in a trailer?
Listening to Tim Russert, Lil' Timmeh, tater-head, et al, I still get the distinct impression that his 'old man' the venerable Big Russ is still living in a trailer. With his homespun ways and ...
mwchicago04 05/20/2008 17 1 - 1
Obama Depicted as Curious George T-Shirt
Hat tip to an anonymous Atriot over at Eschaton. Here is the the story: And a link to the story:
mwchicago04 05/13/2008 60 17 1 33
McCain Family Ties to Mortgage Industry
Although this is a work in progress, recent McCain family news suggests that the McCain family has pretty strong ties to the troubled mortgage industry. First, Andrew McCain -
mwchicago04 04/28/2008 5 2 - -
Chinese/Asian Markets Panic Over Iowa Sweet Loam Shortage
For those who follow Jerome a Paris and bondad posts closely, you know that prices for agricultural, mineral, and fossil fuel commodities have skyrocketed in the last two years. Just yesterday, ...
mwchicago04 03/31/2008 57 26 4 10
Obama Supporters Chiding Obama Supporters Must Stop
Ok, I have had it. No, this isn't a GBCWY'ALL diary; but if I see one more Obama supporter taking another Obama supporter to task... well I just don't know what I would do. Sure, I expect Bilary ...
mwchicago04 02/09/2008 41 5 - -
Official Clinton Gloat Thread (OCGT)
Yes, we all know that the delegates may or may not be seated. However, after last week's Official Obama Gloat Thread (OOGT) see below, I think it is only appropriate to have another thread ...
mwchicago04 01/29/2008 115 9 - 5
Official Obama Gloat Thread
With the results called in record time. I offer this Official Obama Gloat Thread for any and all Obama supporters. Please use this as your official gloat thread. As a strong supporter of the ...
mwchicago04 01/26/2008 134 18 - 15
Hey Bloomberg, buy my f*&kin vote!
It's about unity, maybe? So's let's talk about my checkbook, baby. You don't want no borin' partisan stink... Hmmm, well let me think. Yo, suzie's got an answer. How about a flat-screen ...
mwchicago04 12/30/2007 5 2 - -
Breaking: Bush Enacts Price Controls
In a sharp turn from free-market principles, the Republican Bush Administration has enacted price controls on the home lending industry. Citing the success of numerous Soviet-era economic policies, ...
mwchicago04 12/06/2007 60 6 - 10
If it is Craig v Hillary would you get behind him?
After watching 60 Minutes with Matt Lauer for the entire first half hour, I had a few feelings that I need to share with you. Imagine for a second if Larry Craig decided to run for President; ...
mwchicago04 10/19/2007 85 11 - 2
Fredo8: The Lazy Years
From the crypt, Mario Puzo continues to tap out compelling, taut tales of the clan Corleone. Puzo's latest entry into the drawn-out tale puts the young Fredo, 8 years old, in the middle of a ...
mwchicago04 09/05/2007 2 1 - -
Kos, I want my F**kin Union!
Now that I am a member of a legitimate "media entity", I believe it is high time that we "employees" of said "media entity" deserve union representation. With great newsgathering organizations such ...
mwchicago04 09/04/2007 28 7 - -
Giuliani: Mr. 9/11, how about Mr. Coffee
Although we true-believers know that Rudy Giuliani spent time in the rubble of the World Trade Center, "as often, if not more" than the first responders, some times pesky little facts get in our way.
mwchicago04 08/17/2007 3 3 - 8
Draft Lester Petrie (Mayor of Honolulu) for President
Is there any one man better qualified than Lester Petrie for the office of President? I think not. In our country's greatest moment of need, he stood alone, at the ready, steeling a nation in ...
mwchicago04 06/08/2007 4 1 - -
The New American Militarism
Came across this essay/review of The New American Militarism. The author, my wife, wishes to remain anonymous. I think it is kind of interesting for those of us who wonder why we are where we are ...
mwchicago04 05/13/2007 7 12 2 27
Breaking: Cardinal From St. Louis Drunk At the Time
My apologies for the short diary, but this is just breaking. Also, this is the first time I have ever used breaking With the firestorm of national media coverage surrounding the recent events in St.
mwchicago04 05/04/2007 28 - - -
NY Times Donor Search: A New Political Transparency
Here, here to the New York Times. It is no longer smoke-filled back rooms. It is the wonder of the internet(s) unleashed. If you visit the following link,
mwchicago04 04/16/2007 11 3 - 3
Curdling! Giuliani doesn't know the price of milk
Once again, a major party candidate for President does not know the price of milk in his hometown or in any town for that matter. It happened once before with his imperialist majesty GHW Bush, now, ...
mwchicago04 04/10/2007 34 2 - 10
Google Offers Free Broadband Access - Huge
Wow! This is going to shake up the telecom industry big time. Google is offering a free in-home, wireless broadband service. The timing of this announcement is perfect and I am certain that ...
mwchicago04 04/01/2007 143 137 3 14
Fund the training - not the occupation
It is imperative of all of us to continue funding the training of Iraqi armed and police forces. We can not let our own brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces believe for a second ...
mwchicago04 03/19/2007 3 - - -
Weirdnessfactor - A site dedicated to Rudy
As many of you might have picked up, I really despise Rudy Giuliani. The other day, I came across this link on Huff Post. Well,
mwchicago04 02/15/2007 8 3 - 2
How Obama's Candidacy Can Help All of America's Children
Although I am sure this has been posted before or, at least, many of you have seen this short documentary. I believe that today is an historic day for changing the self-image of all Americans. ...
mwchicago04 02/10/2007 14 5 1 -
Jim Lehrer Is In Love: A Star is Born
With a quick cut away from Senator Jim Webb, it was immediately apparent that Jim Lehrer was starstruck. His doe eyes appeared somewhat misty. His expression was one of true admiration. As the ...
mwchicago04 01/23/2007 90 58 2 24
Happy Thanksgiving! Now You're Fired
"Through the first three quarters of 2006, we have generated more earnings than in any full year in our company's history, and in order to continue to move forward, we now need to take the difficult ...
mwchicago04 11/22/2006 30 20 - 7
War On Christmas: The Contest
mwchicago04 11/17/2006 44 11 1 7
Matt Lauer Ponders His Private Thoughts
mwchicago04 10/31/2006 4 5 - -
Hello. John Hancock here.
mwchicago04 10/11/2006 12 4 - 1
Mark Foley Is Not A Podophile
mwchicago04 10/03/2006 28 10 - 9
Where's My Blue Dress?
mwchicago04 10/01/2006 5 4 - 7
Man, I am getting such a hard-on over this torture sh*t
mwchicago04 09/22/2006 32 9 - 21
Jim Webb: Tell George to Burn His Flags
mwchicago04 09/14/2006 5 - - -
Breaking: Daily Kos Becomes Daily Lamont (Sanford)
mwchicago04 08/02/2006 33 9 1 7
An Abomination: Cynthia McKinney Ad
mwchicago04 07/20/2006 118 14 - 3
Why I Won't Be Worrying About Israel/Lebanon/Palestine Fighting
mwchicago04 07/17/2006 37 5 - 12
John Kerry, I am not so afraid
mwchicago04 05/11/2006 12 10 1 5
Today I Became A Republican!
mwchicago04 05/05/2006 30 9 1 11
Little Green Men In My Stomach Watching Me!
mwchicago04 04/12/2006 16 1 - -
[Update 4!!!] I am running this place!
mwchicago04 02/20/2006 23 3 - -
Cheney Shoots Man; Orders Hamburger No Pickles
mwchicago04 02/12/2006 10 1 1 1
Hearing Never for the First Time
mwchicago04 02/01/2006 1 5 - -
Rent Boy, Cabin Boy and Google Boy
mwchicago04 01/25/2006 9 10 - -
Is Alito Amoral?
mwchicago04 01/12/2006 19 5 1 8
Cranky Old White Guys to the Rescue
mwchicago04 11/21/2005 21 8 1 1
One Tuesday with Dick Gephardt
mwchicago04 11/15/2005 1 1 - -
Do We Want Another Watergate? Fitz Wants to Know
mwchicago04 10/28/2005 60 14 2 -
Kansas Conservative vs. Massachusetts Liberal
mwchicago04 10/06/2005 34 1 - -
Today is Thank a Republican Day!!!
mwchicago04 10/02/2005 4 - - -
Edgar Won't Run for Illinois Governor
mwchicago04 10/01/2005 5 - - -
A Desperate Defense of Senator Obama
mwchicago04 09/30/2005 40 10 - -
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