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Tempest over Bergdahl deal mostly irrelevant
The return of our captive soldier has created lots of noise -- but most of it is posturing with little rationale and useless ...
myles spicer 06/05/2014 16 3 - -
Obama chooses to talk tough and carry a small stick
It is a tough sell, heavily criticized by the jingoists on the right and hawks on the left, but it is the right course for our nation at this time and place.
myles spicer 03/22/2014 38 13 - -
Breaking news! Obama not a candidate for anything.
You would not know it by the personal attacks on the president. The reasons are ugly, and worth exploring.
myles spicer 02/28/2014 13 5 - - I pity the young.
At 81 I would not trade places with the youth of today. Mostly, I just liked when I grew up better than today's world. Read on to see why....
myles spicer 02/24/2014 16 11 - -
The myth of America's liberal media...again!
It just won't go away -- as conservatives continue to complain that our country's mainstream media treats them and their message unfairly. Only one thing isn't true!
myles spicer 01/26/2014 12 8 - -
GOP votes on unemployment insurance is a metaphor for deeper economic positions
When the right votes against extending unemployment benefits, it tears away the curtain on how they really feel abut the poorest and most needy in our ...
myles spicer 01/10/2014 2 5 - -
Snowden tarnished his good deed with deplorable actions
He could have been a hero...instead he turned himself into nothing more than a thief on the run.
myles spicer 12/22/2013 180 8 - -
Hey, I'm a kid again!
As we age, a funny thing happens on our journey -- we regress to our youth, and that's not all bad.
myles spicer 12/11/2013 28 54 - -
Mitigating considerations for the ACA website failure
Sit back, relax, the Obamacare website will soon be running well -- the delay is commonly expected, the new normal for introducing complex technology.
myles spicer 12/03/2013 12 1 - -
Obama polls essentially irrelevant
Americans love polls. They get plenty of them. But when it comes to rating a president, they are essentially meaningless and actually irrelevant.
myles spicer 11/26/2013 77 9 1 -
ACA website only a metaphor for larger problems
While we discuss the effects of the Obamacare website on our healthcare system, the controversy would better serve us if it brings up larger societal issues.
myles spicer 11/19/2013 13 2 - -
Stop already! Enough with the petitions.
They are relentless. They are prolific. They are often inane. They are mostly useless. They scream “urgency”. And now they are becoming exhausting.
myles spicer 11/16/2013 64 26 - -
The NRA is right...that is why they are wrong
If this appears to be an odd conclusion, and an oxymoron, if you will... let me ...
myles spicer 11/06/2013 10 2 - -
The American Revolution II
Virtually all the pieces are in place for a second American Revolution. Most revolve around the great disparity in wealth and income in our nation. Could it happen? Will it happen? Read on...
myles spicer 10/30/2013 28 5 1 -
Five myths about our United States government
There are many more, but these five never seem to go away. Let's try once more.
myles spicer 10/22/2013 19 28 4 -
Some casual comments on growing old
At 80 years old, I look back and wonder what the hell happened?
myles spicer 10/17/2013 205 432 7 -
The dumbest legislative proposal in history
Dumb actions often have unseen consequences, like this one...
myles spicer 10/11/2013 5 4 - -
The disintegration of news casting
TV news today is incompetent, unprofessional, filled with flaws and failures... and badly in need of repair.
myles spicer 09/30/2013 7 3 - -
Disdain of Obama goes over the top
The reasons are subtle, troubling and insidious; and they are not related to his politics.
myles spicer 09/21/2013 17 17 - -
In defense of vacillation
This may prove to be one of the most unpopular diaries on these pages... it is counter to most opinion (left and right)... but worthy of consideration.
myles spicer 09/16/2013 36 5 - -
Welcome to the worst airport in the world
And the winner (loser) is...well, read on.
myles spicer 09/14/2013 64 25 - -
Big Pharma offers sex...with some surprises
Take a shot of Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, and you will probably get a lot more than you expected -- not all of it pleasant.
myles spicer 09/11/2013 14 5 - -
Let's talk breasts
Sure, you can show plenty of breast in ads, clothing, the internet and so on. But there is a forbidden territory in this display, and it is baffling to me. Kindly explain.
myles spicer 09/04/2013 86 48 - -
Diary: "15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal media" is irrelevant.
The highly popular diary disemminated by Moulitsas is not only old hat, but also distracting from creating real solutions to a mis-informed electorate.
myles spicer 08/10/2013 59 6 - -
Three violent issues. One potential solution
The Mexican drug wars...nightly murders on our streets...and overcrowded prisons could all be mitigated if we did this...
myles spicer 07/29/2013 28 28 2 -
Reprising the Zimmerman trial
Rarely has a trial had so many moving much attention...and so many ramifications.
myles spicer 07/14/2013 2 1 1 -
The unique ramifications of the Zimmerman incident
There were about 13,000 murders in the U.S. last year (about 36 a day); what make the Zimmerman/Martin one so unique it takes over virtually all the news content for days on end?
myles spicer 07/13/2013 10 2 - -
SCOTUS voter decision will bite the majority in the end
Sometimes majorities become the minority. What then?
myles spicer 06/26/2013 9 7 - -
Misplaced priorities damage America's progress
Nations, like people, make choices. Sometimes they are not the right ones or the ones that are beneficial. So it is with our country as you will see...
myles spicer 06/16/2013 5 6 - -
The real issue in the AP investigation
We desperately need to bring our press freedoms into the 21st Century. The AP issue could have been a catalyst for such a discussion, instead of a witch hunt to tarnish the president. Yet, the need ...
myles spicer 06/05/2013 5 2 - -
Winners and losers in the great Obama "scandal"
Those who have gained, and those who have lost in this debacle might surprise you.
myles spicer 05/17/2013 1 2 - -
Why Benghazi?
With little political capital to work with, conservative's slim hope for finding an issue with traction seems to rest on the slender thread of......
myles spicer 05/10/2013 27 11 - -
Maybe something good from the gun control bill defeat?
Sometimes you can make turn lemons into lemonade. Perhaps that can be done with the defeat of the gun control bill in the Senate. But, only if we learn some important lessons from that debacle.
myles spicer 04/26/2013 9 6 - -
Resolving the argument of journalism vs. justice is not always simple
Can journalists always refuse to reveal their sources of leaked information... or are their exceptions when "freedom of the press" can be supersceded by other considerations? The answer is not ...
myles spicer 04/14/2013 15 2 - -
Welcome new (fertilized egg) citizens
A freshly fertilized egg has now joined the human race -- at least according to the extreme Pro-Lifers.
myles spicer 04/02/2013 65 43 - -
Retaining assault weapons has no rational basis
The justifications to keep these weapons available are fictional and flawed. And the supporters for maintaining them should be called out.
myles spicer 03/31/2013 80 15 - -
The real patient in America's health care is the system itself
We rejected too many good and needed ideas in the haelthcare debate. We got Obamacare. We settled for too little.
myles spicer 03/17/2013 10 1 - -
Is the presidential election over?
It is? Then why are all the pols and parties still campaigning? Give us a break!
myles spicer 03/13/2013 5 - - -
The forgotten tax
If we want to reduce the deficit, without taking a cleaver to needed domestic programs, this may prove the better path...
myles spicer 03/08/2013 7 1 - -
Escaping sequester? Don't count on it!
As we head towards another fiscal debacle, common sense and rational people would find a way to save us. Neither are present, so don't count on it.
myles spicer 02/19/2013 10 3 - -
Is S&P to blame for the financial debacle? Probably!
The Department of Justice has filed a $5 Billion lawsuit against S&P claiming fraud in their flawed ratings of sub-prime mortgage-backed securities. Meanwhile many have rushed to their defense. Who'...
myles spicer 02/15/2013 21 5 - -
Some collateral thoughts on the Benghazi tragedy
Beyond the sad deaths of four American, Benghazi has other lessons we should take from this tragic event. It is a metaphor for what is wrong with our Congressional politicians.
myles spicer 01/26/2013 29 15 1 -
It's time to repeal the Second Amendment
Some elements of our fine Constitution outlive their relevance and service to our country. The Second Amendment ("the right to bear arms), is one of them.
myles spicer 12/28/2012 232 19 1 -
The forgotten tax
As we careen over the fiscal cliff, there is plenty of talk about the income tax and capital gains. But there is little interest in the estate tax -- the one that would benefit America if indeed we ...
myles spicer 12/21/2012 6 - - -
Putting the state on the plate has signficant benefits
Recent government actions to provide nutritional information, or even take strong action like super-sized soda bans, has created strong blowback. But...maybe some government involvement is not only ...
myles spicer 12/05/2012 3 1 - -
What we should REALLY learn from this election
The pundits have thoroughly vetted the ramifications of the recent election -- except they have ignored the most imporant lesson of all: a critical look at the election process itself.
myles spicer 11/14/2012 3 2 - -
The invisible Americans
No candidate wants to discuss them...neither major party even woos them...and most Americans would just as soon forget them. Who are they? The 46 million Americans living in poverty. The forgotten. ...
myles spicer 10/20/2012 4 7 2 -
Voter ID laws and Amendments run contrary to American tradition
These new restrictions are not only transparently bad, they run contrary to centuries of American tradition for more voter ...
myles spicer 09/21/2012 1 3 - 15
A government growing out of control simply not factual
It is like a mantra for Conservatives -- the government growing, intruding, and threatening our very liberty and traditional "American Way of Life". Sounds dire, if it were true. is not.
myles spicer 09/06/2012 33 31 5 360
Why a liberal supports Todd Akin's comments
Finally, someone has pulled back the curtain on the true feelings of anti abortion advocates, and added clarity to the issue of womens' rights.
myles spicer 08/24/2012 33 49 - 740
Fear of Muslims going over the top
Stand down...get rational...and let's put our concerns about Islam into perspective.
myles spicer 08/20/2012 57 28 - 524
Why today's seniors should object to the dissolution of Medicare
It's not THEIR ox being gored, so why do they fight to keep this valued program?
myles spicer 08/14/2012 23 8 - 68
Six reasons why Obama will win
While I predict Obama will "win" re-election, a more apt title would be "why Romney will lose".
myles spicer 08/03/2012 18 3 - 131
Drilling deeper into the Bachmann charges
Radical Muslims in our government? That is only the surface of Michele Bachmann's REAL ...
myles spicer 07/23/2012 3 6 - 88
House on fire? Call George W. Bush.
Well...I might exaggerate. But not by much!
myles spicer 07/06/2012 10 54 - 647
How and why a political junkie lost his mojo
Politics in America today is exhausting, crummy, and well...just not worth the effort anymore. At least not for me. How about you?
myles spicer 06/22/2012 94 111 2 863
NFL Lawsuit? A plague on both their houses.
Millionaire players battling billionaire owners. Who cares?
myles spicer 06/11/2012 43 4 - 175
Elections in today's America are ailing
Our electoral process is now so inundated with negative elements, it makes intelligent decision-making virtually impossible, and is a strong disincentive to even participate.
myles spicer 05/24/2012 2 - - 10
This war is nuts! What am I missing?
The time has long passed for any reason, logic, rationale, or purpose to continue to slog along in Afghanistan. So...what am I missing here?
myles spicer 05/16/2012 18 3 - 63
Media runs amok with campaign nonesense
With a national campaign looming...the silly season begins.
myles spicer 04/23/2012 6 3 - 58
The most unpopular commentary you will likely ever read!
It's tax day in America. Time to consider these facts.
myles spicer 04/16/2012 9 12 1 179
Why we are falling behind in global healthcare
The arguments used to obstruct universal health care in America make no sense to the rest of the world with effective health care ...
myles spicer 04/05/2012 5 3 - 41
Republican tax proposals have no basis of fact
While this proposed legislation occured in my state of Minnesota, it is happening in all states with GOP dominated legislatures -- and the Republicans should be called on it!
myles spicer 03/26/2012 8 3 - 48
Massacre of Afghan civilians is a metaphor for all wrong in this war
The deaths are horrific in themselves, but they have far greater meaning for us...if we are willing to learn from them.
myles spicer 03/19/2012 8 2 - 29
Let's talk war!
Those who goad us into military action are replete with irony, inconsistency and lack of ...
myles spicer 03/11/2012 18 9 - 75
Abortion opponents are a metaphor for what is wrong in American politics
Antiabortionists' actions go beyond the issue -- they infect rational dialog on many other issues as well.
myles spicer 03/07/2012 4 14 - 103
Gas price debate avoids the issue that should be discussed
While we debate the price of gas next week, the real debate should be the price of energy next generation.
myles spicer 02/29/2012 24 6 - 63
The year of Conservative discontent
Conservatives are unhappy, discontented, disorganized, and fleeing to the right. But the reasons and not really clear, and strangely (and this coming from a liberal), it is not good for ...
myles spicer 02/20/2012 3 1 - 32
"Attack on religion" issue is a solution in search of a problem
Attack on religious freedom is not only a "solution in search of a problem" is also the GOP in search of an issue.
myles spicer 02/17/2012 5 2 - 35
Saul Alinsky is now in the presidential race
You did not know this? I heard it straight from Newt Gingrich, so it HAS to be true.
myles spicer 01/31/2012 12 7 - 92
It's time for a Ronald Reagan reality check
Like a bad meal, the deifying of Ronald Reagan is regurgitated at every 4 years election cycle. Unfortunately, that is NOW.
myles spicer 01/11/2012 2 4 1 61
The dark side of conservatives' appetite for war
As prominent conservative's goad us to more military action...their personal involvement and participation in previous actions is rare to non-existent.
myles spicer 12/19/2011 9 5 - 51
Let's expand Gingrich's child labor plan
If you like a good novel by Charles'll love Newt Gingrich's plans for child labor!
myles spicer 12/13/2011 7 3 - 35
Protracted presidential campaigns damage our electoral process
Like very, VERY long election campaigns? Then America is the place for you.
myles spicer 11/29/2011 14 7 - 53
Here's hoping the Super Committee fails
While most folks are concerned that the Super Committee on reducing the deficit will come to some agreement...there are many good reasons that a failure would be good for the country.
myles spicer 11/17/2011 36 34 - 288
Republican's score on job creation!
Stonewalling the President's program, and offering none of their own, gives them a zero score on job creation legislation. And America is the loser.
myles spicer 10/21/2011 19 21 2 214
The Myles Spicer Taxpayer Pledge
If Grover Norquist can have his pledge...why not me?
myles spicer 10/19/2011 1 - - 15
The real tragedy of the Solyndra affair
As Republicans harp about the possible loss of taxpayer money on the Solyndra loan, the loss of future government support of clean energy poses an even greater loss.
myles spicer 10/10/2011 9 2 1 54
Class Warfare? Damn Right!
It is a fact. It is here now. It it a result of excess concentration of wealth in our society. It is nothing new on the American scene. It has to be ameliorated.
myles spicer 09/26/2011 9 - - 32
Fear of Muslims is over the top
9/11 is a date feared by American Muslims...and it should not be. The 10th Anniverary was one of special concern.
myles spicer 09/20/2011 10 5 - 33
Bloated government? Fact or fiction.
We hear it all the time: government is too big, wasteful, bloated...etc. Problem is that it is not really true -- yet the American public seems to mindlessly nod in approval. Let's get some facts.
myles spicer 09/09/2011 11 2 - 42
Why Rick Perry could be our next president
Progressives may underestimate him...but there are subtle forces that could make this happen. Watch out!
myles spicer 08/30/2011 61 11 - 202
The ten best things about Modern Times
On July 5 in these pages I wrote about the Ten Worst Things About Modern Times.... here is the ...
myles spicer 08/26/2011 7 - - 59
Tea Party "mandate" is purely a myth
The Tea Party claim that they have a "mandate" from the American public for their extreme agenda is inaccurate, overblown, misrepresented, and in fact...a myth.
myles spicer 08/05/2011 14 5 1 75
Debt ceiling law dangerous and irrelevant
The angst created by this ridiculous law is unneccessary, needless, and it should be repealed.
myles spicer 07/25/2011 9 3 - 37
The far right in fact flouts the Constitution
Today TAXES are clearly the critical, confrontational, and driving issue in our debate on the debt ceiling. It is an issue that needs to be examined and discussed; and the far right needs to be ...
myles spicer 07/12/2011 4 5 - 47
The ten worst things about "Modern Times"
The "good old days" actually had a lot of redeeming qualities, and not everything about "modern times" is to be desired. Here are some...and no doubt you could add more.
myles spicer 07/05/2011 89 12 - 197
The real reasons Obama is so vilified
While his politics, policies, performance and race appear to create the excessive hostility to our first Black president -- there are other more subtle and gut-wrenching forces in play.
myles spicer 06/29/2011 70 22 - 293
Think we are over regulated? Facts prove otherwise.
Conservatives whine that regulations hurt business and erode individual liberty. Their complaints are a combination of exaggeration and cover for their quest for smaller ...
myles spicer 06/22/2011 5 2 1 41
Why the Dems should not have had a Weiner Roast
Was he stupid? Yes. Was he wierd? Yes. Should the party leadership have forced him to resign? NO!
myles spicer 06/17/2011 14 3 - 61
Reflections on Memorial Day past
In truth, the men and women fighting and serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are... the forgotten!
myles spicer 05/31/2011 4 6 - 43
Speculation about the 2012 Senate races is premature
Pundits predict the GOP will pick up Senate seats in 2012, maybe even enough to give them control. Not so fast...the Dems have some significant strengths.
myles spicer 05/16/2011 4 2 - 49
Why today's seniors object to the dissolution of Medicare
It's not "our" ox being then why was it TODAY'S seniors who fought the good fight to retain this valued program?
myles spicer 05/12/2011 7 14 - 65
Republicans now turn their message to "legacy"
It's a good idea, but the wrong conclusion.
myles spicer 05/02/2011 4 5 - 114
Bachmann mangles the facts on domestic oil production
Michele Bachmann's recent statements and op-ed piece regarding our failure to develop home grown reserves are nothing short of bizarre. Why are we not surprised?
myles spicer 04/27/2011 8 6 1 51
Why an Obama primary challenge would be good for the Democrats
The "past" Obama had disappointed. The "present" Obama is showing a bit of spine. But it is the "future" Obama we need to see if we are to return to the enthusiasm of 2008, and we need to see that ...
myles spicer 04/20/2011 222 7 - 278
Ryan's Medicare plan would be a disaster for seniors. Like me!
When the private sector attempts to compete with Medicare, there are so many negative factors that it makes that option not only undesirable...but untenable.
myles spicer 04/14/2011 9 10 - 71
Job creation by the wealthy...mostly a myth
Give the rich more money with tax breaks, and the result will be... they will get richer!
myles spicer 04/11/2011 12 9 - 74
When the inmates run the institution
Fox in the henhouse...Trojan Horse...inmates running the institution -- all apply to those who are now in power in the House of Representatives. And dangers abound!
myles spicer 04/07/2011 5 5 1 43
Liz and Lindsay. A tale of two stars.
The lives of these two invite comparison; and the result is a commentary on the times in which we live.
myles spicer 03/24/2011 6 3 - 81
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