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Judge Roberts v. The Conservative Court
The Court's decision today to let stand the Congressional passage of the Affordable Care Act is historic. While it was welcomed with wild enthusiasm by some, others were shocked, dejected, depressed,
nNomad 06/28/2012 9 2 - 106
Debt Ceiling Problem - Solved!
The GOP have held America hostage on every issue that has come before the Congress since President Obama was sworn in to office on January 21, 2009. The debt ceiling issue is no exception. Shall we ...
nNomad 07/08/2011 4 8 1 76
Lindsay Lohan Syndrome
In my ...
nNomad 07/03/2011 4 3 - 95
FOX/GOP/Corporatist Echo Chamber       on Tax Cuts
The narrative on tax cuts goes something like this: "You don't want to raise taxes on the job creators during a recession." This is a powerful argument. Unfortunately, it ...
nNomad 03/21/2011 17 5 - 69
The People Stop Special-Interest Walker's Attack on the Middle Class
The only crisis in Wisconsin is of the governor's own making. The only shortfall in the state's budget is the result ...
nNomad 02/18/2011 7 14 1 101
All a-Twitter Over Keith's Departure
Keith Olbermann's departure from MSNBC caused quite a stir on the twitter feeds Friday night. The enthusiasm with which the progressive community discussed, debated and disparaged the Comcast ...
nNomad 01/23/2011 24 19 - 103
It's Time To Rebuild The Free Press
The president has a messaging problem. The Democrats have a messaging problem. The progressive community has a messaging problem. However, the problem is not the message or its delivery. The problem ...
nNomad 12/13/2010 24 24 5 524
The Time Has Come For True Net Neutrality
The Internet and the World Wide Web has become too important of a democratic vehicle for private business interests to hold it hostage. It is time for a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting ...
nNomad 11/30/2010 5 4 1 64
[Wash Sen] Out of Control and Unaccountable - in Washington
How else can you describe a movement whose leaders use codewords like "2nd amendment remedies" and resort ...
nNomad 10/20/2010 6 10 - 92
GOTV 2010 - How it will impact The American Dream
In talking about the American Dream, this diary will explore what it means for some Americans who have been the target of anti-American attacks from the citizens of FarOut Right Beckistan. Yes, I am ...
nNomad 10/06/2010 3 6 1 57
GOTV 2010 - Or watch your Social Security privatized, Heath Care Defunded and Medicare repealed
The intent of this series is to mobilize progressive voters to hold the line against the perception that mainstream media is trying to sell us - that a Republican stampede is inevitable. In spite of ...
nNomad 10/05/2010 5 14 - 66
GOTV: Extremists, the TeaParty and the Republican Party - Countdown to Election: T-32 Days
Yesterday, in the first GOTV diary in this series, the focus was on how high the stakes are in this race and three of the most critical races in this election cycle. The relative importance of those ...
nNomad 10/04/2010 6 4 - 63
GOTV 2010
The stakes have never been higher. Until the past 8 years, I always considered myself an independent, but as the right has moved farther and farther away from the middle, I find ...
nNomad 10/03/2010 10 15 1 74
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