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No tax incentives? Check out this from the Land Rover web page
It is funny to me to hear people like Romney whine. First, he doesn't know a goddam thing about really small businesses....nothing. He has never been close to one. Think he knows what a family ...
napalminthemorning 10/24/2012 14 4 - -
CNN - blowhards talking about nothing but CNN polling
I was in the car so listened to the debate on the radio. Just on radio, Romney seemed like a flaming asshole. Condescending, out of touch (y'all go get me some women - isnt' that discrimination? - ...
napalminthemorning 10/16/2012 12 2 - -
Sensata Value Principles from their Website - have a laugh
The stuff from their website says it all, given the current state of affairs. An inglorious end to a company that started in the US in 1916 (You know, the year we had the "good navy" according to ...
napalminthemorning 10/13/2012 5 4 - -
Ryan - you need to read some Jefferson on freedom from religion, not freedom of religion
The scariest moment of the debate last night came when Paul Ryan made one of his few honest statements of the evening. Ryan said that he cannot separate his personal religion from his guidance on ...
napalminthemorning 10/12/2012 7 12 - -
Romney pulls size of Navy comment directly from ass
From Mitt Romney's speech at VMI (sorry, veterans like myself don't consider VMI some great bastion of military heritage, today it's where either legacies have to go or wayward kids get sent) today:
napalminthemorning 10/08/2012 52 43 - 297
The real #47 Obama needs to hang around Romney's neck at next debate
All the focus has been on Mitt Romney and his 47% comments as of late. The more important number 47 needs to be brought roaring back and hung around Mitt's neck both prior to and during the next ...
napalminthemorning 10/07/2012 4 12 - 93
The Obama ad I want to see
Screen opens, it's President Obama talking directly to the camera. "You may have seen the first debate between me and Mitt Romney. You have seen the reviews that said I looked confused. That's ...
napalminthemorning 10/04/2012 5 3 - 34
Alpha Natural Resources closing 8 VA/WVA/PA coal mines. Coincidence?
If you haven't seen this yet, you can bet you will see it again. Alpha Resources is making a strategic repositioning which will close coal mines in VA, WVA and PA. Basically, all the well phrased ...
napalminthemorning 09/19/2012 10 7 - 105
CNN simple chart shows Romney so out of touch it's beyond scary
Not too much to add. Thank you CNN, who posted this simple chart showing who pays what types of taxes. All Romney did was show you how he and his friends talk when they are together at "the club" ...
napalminthemorning 09/18/2012 4 10 1 430
Just so it stays on the radar, the Bush tax cuts cost America $4 trillion
Happened to have saved an analysis from 2004, and found it while cleaning out my PC of old files. One point we seem to forget to hammer is that the Bush tax cuts reduced income to the US by $4 ...
napalminthemorning 09/14/2012 10 9 1 51
Watched Fox News this AM. Morning crew even dumber than reported to be.
I decided to, for the first time ever, watch the Fox News morning show today, just to see what they had to say about last night. It is galling that these people actually get paid to do what they do ,
napalminthemorning 09/06/2012 46 28 - 435
Paul Ryan Marathon Time Calculator
Sorry if this has already been posted, it's pretty funny.
napalminthemorning 09/04/2012 9 7 - 140
Beautiful pictures of the real US at the DNC
David Brooks snarked in response to the comments that the RNC was basically a bunch of angry white people that the DNC would just be a bunch of angry black people. This is a link to the pictures of ...
napalminthemorning 09/03/2012 5 11 - 147
Wasn't Limbaugh Leaving if this passed?
The line to help him pack starts here. I also have enlisted a group of volunteers to either drive his stuff to Canada or Mexico or other points south, or even fly to where the stuff is to arrive and ...
napalminthemorning 03/22/2010 26 6 - 13
Sarah, show us your legal bills!
Sarah math just isn't adding up. A lot has come to light the past week that Palin is lying her ass off for her slobbering masses to consume about the amount the defense of her has cost Alaska. In ...
napalminthemorning 07/11/2009 13 2 - 27
Kay Hagan -Time to Step Up and LEAD!!!!
To help my wife and several other small businesses who are the subject of the ridiculous interpretation of the new lead testing laws enacted last year, I wrote my two NC Senators. In short, the law ...
napalminthemorning 06/28/2009 6 6 - 50
Will the dick step forward please?
As Treasury Secretary Geithner laid out his plans for tighter regulation of hedge funds and, in particular, exotic derivatives like credit default swaps, I noted to watch carefully to see who ...
napalminthemorning 03/27/2009 12 3 - 1
Change the rules for banks now, right f*$&%ing NOW!
We still have the two pieces of legislation on the books that allowed crazy deregulation of banks, and allowed the non-regulation of credit default swaps. When banks and financials put those two ...
napalminthemorning 03/16/2009 2 3 - 39
Lead in toys law interpretation will cause 1 million lost US jobs
I am not easily amazed any more by ridiculousness coming out of the halls of our government. I mean, we have all seen some stupid things done, and something has to really raise the bar on stupidity ...
napalminthemorning 01/07/2009 26 18 1 29
The middle class gets all the trickle, none of the down
This is a simple diary, but just a couple of reminders of the difference between a Republican administration and a Democratic administration in terms of measureable economic performance. I got most ...
napalminthemorning 10/29/2008 8 3 - 3
Rich Lowry Crucifies McCain
Well, the death throes are officially here. Rich Lowry blisters McCain in this recent piece. This is the same guy that may go blind as a result of his crush on Sarah Palin. Palin 2012 has officially ...
napalminthemorning 10/28/2008 29 14 - 10
FBI said Rudolph was a terrorist, but not Sarah Palin
The FBI had no problem classifying Eric Rudolph as a terrorist. I simply pasted some of his bio from Wikipedia, but reading over it SCREAMS OUT as to why Sarah Palin wouldn't call him a terrorist. ...
napalminthemorning 10/24/2008 2 10 - 5
Greenspan says regulate banking now - a bit late huh?
THIS IS HUGE but it is the kind of detailed financial news that usually doesn't hit the mainstream. Alan Greenspan, who sat for years telling Congressmen who were too scared of looking stupid by ...
napalminthemorning 10/23/2008 22 18 2 17
Healthcare cost testimonials, what's yours?
It would be interesting to accumulate a lot of data as to healthcare costs to shove up John McCain's butt.
napalminthemorning 10/22/2008 36 14 - 14
McCain/McCarthy, Palin/Cohn - past is prologue
In the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden answered Sarah Palin's remark about looking back at the last 8 years by saying past is prologue. It is interesting, McCain loves to say look at my record, ...
napalminthemorning 10/12/2008 1 5 - 16
Did McCain consult Rep John Lewis, 1 of 3 people he would get advice from
I can't let go of the biggest lie I have heard this entire election cycle. When John McCain sat in front of a preacher and stated on national television that one of the three people whose advice he ...
napalminthemorning 10/09/2008 1 2 1 2
It is too funny what the Fox News website reports on right now
I have watched a different network, as hard as that was to do especially tonight, on the two Presidential and the VP debate. Tonight was Fox News. Now, fair is fair, MSNBC is clearly biased to the ...
napalminthemorning 10/07/2008 33 14 - 81
Scientific definition of barracuda is very telling
I decided, just for my own amusement, to look up the definition of a barracuda. The parallels were hilarious, though not in the way the McCain camp thinks. If you read, enjoy, find your own parallels.
napalminthemorning 10/06/2008 8 7 - -
McCain's blunders have massive dollars attached
In addition to the fact that John McCain has a history of crooked dealings he drapes in the flag and his POW status, let's take a quick recap of the dollars involved in his crooked past. Point being,
napalminthemorning 10/05/2008 2 5 - 1
What I pay for my own health insurance - sit down!
Until a couple of years ago, I had always worked for companies that provided health/dental benefits. In 2006, my last year of working for a company that did this, my contribution was $170 per pay ...
napalminthemorning 10/04/2008 30 31 1 15
Remembering Dan Quayle, now we have Sarah Quaylin
Sometimes you need to remember to laugh lest blood squirt out of your eyes at some of the maddening antics of McCain, and the fact that there are still that many people that would vote for him and ...
napalminthemorning 09/26/2008 16 11 - 223
McCain voting record on housing - the enemy is him
I posted this about a week ago. In light of what has happened since then, I think it is relevant to post it again. Past is prologue, here is what the aspiring, two-headed, morphed, sci-fi freak ...
napalminthemorning 09/13/2008 1 - - 9
Patreaus "I will never declare victory in Iraq" to BBC
In an interview with the BBC that airs tonight, General David Patreaus says the following: "This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade...
napalminthemorning 09/11/2008 13 15 - -
Just helping it over the fence officer
Having grown up deep in the country, I am familiar with the type of fellas that actually put lipstick on pigs. The first thing you have to do is get really drunk. Is the pig Palin? No. The pig is ...
napalminthemorning 09/10/2008 2 5 - -
Earmarks - 12 Billion of a 3 Trillion Budget
I am sick to death of hearing about freaking earmarks. Tired, tired, tired of it. McCain talks about earmarks constantly, like that is what drives the goddam budget. I've got two words for earmarks -
napalminthemorning 09/08/2008 24 11 - 2
McCain's record on labor - all business
Let's get back to John McCain. There is absolutely no reason for any member of a union to vote for John McCain, if you look at his record. There is absolutely no reason for a worker, union or not, ...
napalminthemorning 09/08/2008 1 1 - 5
McCain/Palin - Thanks but no thanks
An article by Sam Stein appearing in the Huffington has two,clear cut examples of Sarah Palin pumping up not only the bridge to nowhere, but the "good work" their congressional delegation has done ...
napalminthemorning 09/07/2008 - - - 1
McSame, She-Cheney and housing
It is important to bring McCain out of the clouds and examine what little he has offered in specifics on specific issues. For example, here are a few prime nuggets from his own mouth related to ...
napalminthemorning 09/06/2008 1 2 - -
I'll Say It, The SURGE is a FAILURE!
General Patreaus, who McCain called one of the greatest military leaders of all time, just recommended no more troop withdrawls from Iraq through 2008. The link to the story on ABC News is below ...
napalminthemorning 09/04/2008 27 15 2 30
Desperate, creepy, instant love of Palin
We have all, at one point or another, known someone who was either the recipient of, or the originator of, love at first sight. In rare cases, it works out, but in most cases, as the lover gets to ...
napalminthemorning 09/04/2008 18 3 - -
Steve Schmidt's Palin Points?
In an interview with Katie Couric, Steve Schmidt, the Rovite, said about Sarah Palin....She's fought the oil companies. She's building a huge natural gas pipeline. She's taken on the corrupt special ...
napalminthemorning 09/03/2008 8 3 - -
It's judgment stupid!
Who cares about digging up more dirt on Sarah Palin? The key to the issue has already proven itself out. McCain made a rash decision based on his instincts and the advice of the pack of lobbyists ...
napalminthemorning 09/02/2008 - - - -
The reflected light of McCain's judgement
First, I feel sorry for the Palin kid. For the mother to thrust her family into the world's biggest spotlight, then turn around and ask for privacy is either stupid or so egocentric as to be ...
napalminthemorning 09/01/2008 2 2 - 4
McCain says Palin is "partner and soul mate"
Yes, that is what he actually said. Here is the link to the story on This psychopath is totally on ...
napalminthemorning 08/31/2008 67 17 2 26
I'll say it, Palin is a liar
This bullshit line that she told Congress "thanks but not thanks" on the bridge to nowhere is an absolute lie. Thanks to a NY Times article, it is clear that, as long as the federal government was ...
napalminthemorning 08/30/2008 11 13 - -
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