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WI-SEN: Feingold Wins Second Debate.  Polls Tightening.
Senator Feingold and Republican challenger Ron Johnson squared off in their second debate Monday October 11th in Wausau, WI. Senator Feingold was very specific in his answers while Ron Johnson had ...
nathan andover 10/12/2010 245 450 2 216
WI- SEN: Top 10 Reasons To Vote Against Ron Johnson
Top reasons to vote against Ron Johnson: 1. His economic theories. Trickle down economics hasn't worked. The rich have gotten richer while most people have seen lower wages, poorer working ...
nathan andover 10/05/2010 23 10 - 121
Ron Johnson: Free Market Champion Or Family Welfare Queen?
Ron Johnson, the Republican Senate candidate in Wisconsin challenging Russ Feingold, offers himself as a successful businessman who knows how to create jobs. However, a majority of Ron Johnson's ...
nathan andover 08/22/2010 15 8 1 152
AMERICAN Deal For Libyan Oil
The Bush Administration took Libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism in order to get access to Libyan oil and to score a propaganda victory. The deal was that Libyan leader ...
nathan andover 08/31/2009 3 5 1 4
Visit Conservative Blogs To Support Obama
I have been visiting conservative blogs in the swings states in order to support and defend Senator Obama. Right now, I am focusing on Ohio, Florida, and Missouri. Please join me in this effort.
nathan andover 10/27/2008 29 6 - 2
Peace Campaign
We have the ability to live in peace. We can enjoy long-term security and prosperity for ourselves, our children, and future generations by ...
nathan andover 11/20/2007 3 2 - 2
The War On Terrorism Is Terrorism
Cross posted at Terrorism - Violence for the purpose of political gain. Are the actions of our own government in the War on Iraq and the War in Somalia acts ...
nathan andover 09/26/2007 7 9 1 1
Bush Wants War With Iran
Cross posted at All you have to do is listen to the President to realize he is preparing the American public for a war with Iran. In his speech to ...
nathan andover 08/28/2007 30 6 2 2
War in Iran Preparation
Cross posted at It looks like the Bush Administration is preparing for a War in Iran. There's an article in numerous publications today about how the Bush ...
nathan andover 08/15/2007 22 8 - 1
Starting War With A "Trigger Event"
Cross posted at Many of our past wars have been based on false information. Usually, there is a desire to go to war and then our leaders find some sort of "trigger ...
nathan andover 08/13/2007 18 9 3 2
I Don't Think Market Value Can Be The Only Value In Our Society
Cross posted at I think all of our values should be considered in our decisions - both personal and as a society - and I think the rule of one value over our ...
nathan andover 08/10/2007 10 2 - 2
The Sunni Civil War
Cross posted at I think we should start calling the War on Terror what it really is - The Sunni Civil War. In order to maintain access to oil in the Middle East, ...
nathan andover 08/08/2007 7 1 - 3
Globalization According To What Value?
Cross posted at We are in the age of globalization. Economic globalization is leading to a global market. Scientific globalization allows the sharing of ...
nathan andover 07/24/2007 8 - - 3
Why Is Canada Being Hidden From Us?
Cross posted at Have you ever watched a television channel from Canada? Have you ever seen an Austrailian or Indian television channel? How can we make good ...
nathan andover 04/21/2007 56 35 - 28
"We The People" Support Ethnic Cleansing and Terrorism
Cross posted at I love the United States, but I can't sit by and keep my mouth shut while the Bush Administration drags our name through the mud.
nathan andover 04/07/2007 2 - - 2
Are Republicans Anarchists?
Cross posted at I'm all for personal freedom and responsibility, but I'm not an anarchist. I support the need for legitimate governments on the local, national, ...
nathan andover 04/05/2007 29 3 - 2
Does Bush Support Peace?
cross posted at We have the ability to live in peace. Getting peace for ourselves by conquering everyone else is stupid and short-sighted. Getting peace for ...
nathan andover 03/26/2007 7 2 - 2
War in Iraq History and Strategy
Cross posted at We are entering our fifth year of the War in Iraq.� From the research I have done, this is what seems to be happening in Iraq and throughout ...
nathan andover 03/19/2007 1 - - 1
War in Iraq Debate
Cross posted at The Senate is debating the War in Iraq on CSPAN2. It is a difficult debate because the situation in Iraq is so confusing. The debate gets more ...
nathan andover 03/14/2007 2 1 - 2
Peter Pace: An Immoral & Homophobic General
Cross posted at General Peter Pace, the top US military officer, recently said, "I believe that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral and that we should not ...
nathan andover 03/13/2007 21 9 - -
Media Control
Cross posted at Peace is Active We all make decisions that influence our future. The decisions we make are based on the information we have. Where ...
nathan andover 02/12/2007 2 - - -
Some People Want The Country To Be Broke
Cross posted at Peace is Active Democracy is not the goal for religious and market fundamentlists. They don't want public debate and public decisions ...
nathan andover 01/25/2007 19 19 - 12
Our Freedom Fighters Now Fighting Us
Cross posted at Peace is Active In the 1980's, the United States used the Pakistani military and intelligence services to funnel money, weapons and ...
nathan andover 01/21/2007 15 2 - -
Proud To Be An American
Cross posted at Peace is Active I heard a story the other day that reminded me why I'm proud to be an American. A person I know volunteers at a ...
nathan andover 01/15/2007 41 8 1 5
Navy Seals vs. Rolling Stones
Cross posted at Peace is Active Here's a question for you: What four man team has the best chance to win the war on terror? A Navy Seals team or the ...
nathan andover 01/12/2007 24 12 1 9
PBS Frontline Stories About Iraq and Afghanistan
Cross posted at Peace is Active I've been addicted to watching episodes of Frontline on PBS. Making comments about war and peace is difficult and ...
nathan andover 01/10/2007 23 15 3 4
Funny Video - Bush Screws America
Here's a funny video of a couple doing some role playing. He is Bush and she is the country. Turn down your volume if you are at work. Also, maybe don't watch in front of the kids due to ...
nathan andover 01/09/2007 6 4 - -
A "Surge" For New Orleans
Cross posted at Peace is Active New Orleans could use a "surge" of 20,000 National Guard troops and a billion dollar jobs program. The problem is ...
nathan andover 01/08/2007 16 17 - 6
History of War Channel
Cross posted at Peace is Active If we want legitimate governments, we need to do something about the monopoly control of our media systems.
nathan andover 01/06/2007 26 10 - 2
Non-Violent Forms of Political Control
Cross posted at Peace is Active I just read Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited from Aldous Huxley. His basic idea was to show that ...
nathan andover 01/04/2007 5 4 1 11
How YOU Can Support Peace
Cross posted at Peace is Active People often ask what they can do to support peace. Well, there are a lot of things you can do.
nathan andover 01/03/2007 13 4 - -
Save The Internet
A video about net neutrality from the Save The Internet Coalition:
nathan andover 12/18/2006 4 - - 28
Peace in Iraq
Cross posted at Peace is Active Peace is possible in Iraq. The main question is how we get there.
nathan andover 12/12/2006 3 1 - -
Peace is on the Way
Cross posted at Peace is Active I really believe peace is on the way.
nathan andover 12/11/2006 4 3 - -
Strategy of Peace Not War
Cross posted at Peace is Active I heard a few generals on CSPAN saying the War in Iraq will be won through a political strategy and not through a ...
nathan andover 11/28/2006 6 1 - -
I'm For Globalization
Cross posted at Peace is Active The world continues to come together in so many different ways. Never before in our history have we had contact with ...
nathan andover 11/27/2006 22 2 - -
Peace Campaign
nathan andover 11/17/2006 4 1 - -
Market Value is the Best Value?
nathan andover 11/10/2006 15 1 - -
Looking For Peace
nathan andover 10/30/2006 2 - - -
Military Conquest is the Best Solution
nathan andover 10/26/2006 1 - - -
I Love Brian Williams
nathan andover 10/20/2006 29 13 - 6
Save The Internet
nathan andover 10/19/2006 8 7 - -
What Values?
nathan andover 10/17/2006 3 - - -
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