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Extremists are not Terrorists
An "extremist" is someone whose ideolology is well outside the norm, and who passionately advocates for it in spite of, and in opposition to, common or normal ideology. A "terrorist" is someone ...
native 02/24/2015 8 3 - -
The path to continuing warfare
This is the trajectory we are on, as a nation. This is not because of anything Vladimir Putin says or does, nor is it because of Daash (the so-called "ISIS") neither of which poses any direct threat ...
native 12/04/2014 36 17 - -
Global hegemony?
Our concept of the world is shrinking. We come closer and closer to actualizing what McCluhan called "the global village". An ever more sophisticated system of interlocked, electronic communication ...
native 09/23/2014 8 6 - -
US foreign policy is a mirror of US domestic policy. We are hostile to the world to the extent that we are hostile to our own citizens. But we are not the world, and the world is not us. We have a ...
native 09/13/2014 6 5 - -
Oh God.
Allah. You know who Allah is, right?
native 08/09/2014 37 5 - -
An out-moded focus for DKos
I do not wish to criticize DKos unduly, because I have enjoyed, and been informed by this wonderful website community, and the myriad of knowledgeable contributors it has attracted, for ten years now.
native 06/15/2014 44 11 - -
Newly arrived in UK
I'd been living in the US for a good 15 years, when I got a chance to move to the UK, where I am living now. I experienced an extreme change of perspective, even though both nations share the same ...
native 06/06/2014 10 5 - -
The crisis in Ukraine is serious. It has spiraled out of control. Unless something is done soon to alter its trajectory, catastrophic consequences for the entire world are probable. We can not ...
native 05/07/2014 24 5 - -
Enough already. My inbox is too full of progressive causes
I just got back from a ten-day vacation from all things internet, to find my inbox stuffed with about fifty appeals from one progressive organization or another. I deleted them all without reading a ...
native 08/29/2013 55 23 - -
The internet = no privacy
I detest the authority that NSA has claimed over all of us, but I think that surveillance technology must be viewed in a broader context. Marshall McCluhan famously opined that the medium is the ...
native 07/17/2013 44 1 - -
Please help protect La Bajada Mesa
William Clift. Copyright 2009 Dear Residents of New Mexico: Please take a look at this. Major Land ...
native 06/10/2013 8 17 1 -
I been thinking about drugs
...about how some drugs are OK, but others can land you in jail, if you even get close to them. And I been trying to reason out the whys and the wherefores, as to which drugs are OK or not, and why ...
native 03/27/2013 41 12 - -
Hey y'all, let's have a war with Iran!
Here's a list of our Democratic Senators who are voting for Bill # S.Res.65 that urges the USA to provide military and other support, if Israel should ever decide to attack Iran. On their own that is.
native 03/18/2013 77 19 1 -
So Sarah Palin is finally out at Fox News
and according to Huffpo, Roger Ailes has privately labeled her as "stupid". Well duh. Amazing how long it took fat Roger to figure that one out. Mr. Greasy Bacon achieves enlightenment about five ...
native 01/25/2013 12 4 - -
No Susan Rice for State
Looks like she has put herself out of the picture, and that Chuck Hagel is favored for Defense.
native 12/13/2012 8 1 - -
I have to say this
It's getting more and more disgusting, America's seemingly unconditional support for Israel's blatant, murderous aggression against Palestinians.
native 12/01/2012 10 6 - -
Disappeared draft
Doggone, I just wrote a nice long diary, and then it disappeared. Anybody else ever had this happen?
native 09/26/2012 20 4 - 87
Islamist Extremism-What Do We Do About It?
Wahabi, Salafi, who are these people and what do they want? To what do they aspire? It's all very well to say that the USA, by its past actions has bred and encouraged the antipathy of Islam as a ...
native 09/13/2012 61 5 - 118
Money: That's What I want
You think it's love that makes the world go round? Think again.
native 07/01/2012 8 4 - 62
Drone strikes strengthen A.Q.A.P.
This according to an Op-Ed in the NY Times by the Yemeni activist Ibrahim Mothana. It's a convincing argument, well worth reading. I don't see how it could be anything but true. http://www.nytimes....
native 06/18/2012 19 10 - 69
The practical purpose of religion
The etymology of the word "religion" is in dispute, but the fact of the matter is that most people "have" a religion. Most people subscribe to a codified system of beliefs that serves as a base for ...
native 06/01/2012 64 3 1 137
Power is not just politics
I'm thinking in terms of raw power here, with a capital P, as a subject independent of politics. I'm thinking about what Power actually is , abstractly and practically. Machiavelli did this ...
native 05/13/2012 8 - - 31
The decline of Huffpo into total crap
You gotta check out this article on aol/Huffington to see how far this once-decent website has degenerated. The headline (replete with flashy photo) states "SPARE US: A Day Wasted on Another ...
native 04/12/2012 58 15 1 397
Abortion: The Mutable "Theology" of Christianism
How did evangelical Christianists come to embrace the idea that human life begins at conception? Whence did this dogma originate? According to Fred Clark at Slacktivist website, http://www.patheos....
native 03/19/2012 30 30 3 198
Painting as
I am 65 years old, or as the french would say, I have 65 years. I have been a professional painter (artist type) for 40 of those years, and during all that time I ha ve been passionate about ...
native 08/26/2011 56 28 - 271
Rambling Opinions
It seems obvious that the USA is in need of some major structural re-adjustments, none of which are being addressed by the (or should I say "our") Democratic Party as presently constituted. For ...
native 08/18/2011 3 1 - 23
A disaster waiting to happen
According to Dr. Bernard Shanks (bio: the six dams upstream from the Ft. Calhoun and Cooper nuclear plants are in some danger of collapse. They are all ...
native 06/23/2011 20 15 1 146
We or They? (a story from Afghanistan)
Shah Noori and Gareth Porter via Counterpunch report in detail what happened in the Afghan village of Tarok Kalache when the Americans moved in to take control of it from the Taliban. This is a ...
native 02/18/2011 2 1 - 13
Artists vs. Assholes
The stupid prevailed, as predicted, and won over half the US Congress. It's depressing alright, but what the hell. I can't say it's surprising. Ever since I can remember (I'm in my sixties) there's ...
native 11/04/2010 18 5 - 23
I went to Santa Fe today to vote
(Email to an ancient friend in England, who is getting ready to commit suicide.) My dear Jenny, I went to Santa Fe today to vote. It's an election for US Congress-critters and also for some State ...
native 11/02/2010 6 2 - 30
Alliance with libertarians
The libertarian wing of the GOP has long been anathema here at DKos. For good reason. I wish to suggest however, and to discuss a provisional or tactical alliance between two diametrically opposed ...
native 08/23/2010 116 3 - 39
Lawyers, Guns and Money
I know that many, if not most of my fellow-liberals are dead set against the IRA, and what is called the "gun lobby". But I am here to support the right of American citizens to own and bear weapons ...
native 04/25/2009 46 - - 3
AFTER Obama gets elected
I realize that we cannot yet assume that Obama WILL be elected, and that we must do all we possibly can to make sure he IS elected. But the odds are looking very good right now. Perhaps it is not ...
native 10/10/2008 4 - - 3
Secret services, or spy vs. spy
I'd like to initiate a discussion on DKos, about the role of clandestine government agencies in general. Being an avid reader of John LeCarre myself, and other espionage-type novelists as well, I ...
native 01/15/2008 19 3 - -
 Art and Politics
I'm an artist. A painter, to be specific. I know that DKos is primarily a political blog (especially so at this highly-charged political time) and I am about as partisan as you can get, when it ...
native 01/08/2008 29 7 - 3
I am a mystic -- a vision, a prophecy
Not only am I a mystic, I am also an artist -- I am an accomplished painter with proven practical abilities -- and in this diary I'm weighing in for any other Kossacks who (I'm sure there are some ...
native 01/03/2008 11 4 - 2
Letter to the Rev, on New Years Eve
This here's an email I recently sent to my longtime (35-yr) pal up in Vancouver, who happens to be an ordained (and then unfortunately de-frocked) minister of the United Church of Canada. The (ex) ...
native 12/31/2007 10 3 - -
Obama, The Next President?
I keep trying to figure out why I like Obama so much. I'm a regular reader of DKos, and well aware of the many arguments against Obama's candidacy. I can even agree with most of them. He's ...
native 02/13/2007 73 7 - 9
IF Bush attacks Iran...
There is a strong possibility that the Bush administration will use the US military to pre-emptively attack Iran and/or Syria. This, in spite of the will of most Americans, in spite of most ...
native 01/15/2007 44 6 1 3
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