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Resist the rush to legislate corporate welfare!
Let's see. Elitist Phil "Americans are whiners" Gramm helped write the deregulation legislation that helped get us into this catastrophic mess. McCain has mentioned Gramm as a strong possibility to ...
navboy 09/23/2008 - 1 - 2
Where the blank is Oversight in these bailouts? Suggestions:  
The Democrats have done it again. How clueless care they? Their reaction to being bullied into bailing out the catastrophic failures of Reaganomics after the pyramid scheme collapsed and most of the ...
navboy 09/20/2008 9 2 - 12
Historical Irony in the New Offshore Execution Plan
Apparently, military law was quietly changed to allow executions to be done offshore and by other means if the President so desires (rather than by lethal injection at Fort Leavenworth, which has ...
navboy 02/13/2008 5 10 - 1
Spineless Dems - These Two Headlines Say It All
Of course there are the obvious painful backdrops to last night's cave-in by the Dems on domestic spying, such as the White House officials currently in contempt of Congress for refusing to even ...
navboy 08/05/2007 5 5 - 1
Dems ignore Founding Fathers, cave to Bush and GOP
Based on where the Iraq funding bill seems to be heading, the Democrats in this session of Congress appear to be just as spineless as in the previous one, even with their increased numbers and power.
navboy 05/22/2007 8 5 1 2
Generals, Rumsfeld, GOP Leaders Lie Desperately About Iraq
navboy 08/03/2006 2 5 - 3
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