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I want to whine about wine, and whine some more
Firstly I just want to get this off my chest. It bugs me so I'm starting right off with it. And I'll be the first to admit that I may very well be reading restaurant language wrong. I don't know.
nellgwen 10/24/2014 42 7 - -
Eat, Drink, and Rattle Around in Your Bones
It's like this, my mom and I have talked through the years about what we would do if we had a restaurant. We talked about what kind of restaurant it would be, what we would serve, that kind of ...
nellgwen 09/20/2014 7 7 - -
Well, What Do You Know, I've Got a Friend
A tuxedo cat. I call him that, Tuxedo Cat because I don't know his name yet. I want to call him Sylvester, but I don't think that's quite right. I'm fairly certain it's a he though. A lively, ...
nellgwen 05/24/2014 24 47 1 -
From ravaged living rooms and backyards
It started it's life from a comment in one of the animal diaries the other day and it just grew. There was no stopping it. It may be a cautionary tale, it may not. But I've wasted too much time ...
nellgwen 05/09/2014 5 10 1 -
Quirky and fun, entertaining and informative movies you may have missed.
This past year has been not been a very good one for me. My computer crashed and burned, so I was without a computer for several months. Also I had two operations in the span of a few months. One ...
nellgwen 05/03/2014 12 13 4 -
Never underestimate what can happen on a Snow Day
The other day I was at my mom's house and AMC was running the Wizard of Oz. It must have been a Wizard of Oz anniversary because ...
nellgwen 04/27/2013 1 6 - -
It's the best Food Holiday
So it's Thanksgiving again. And lets say you are wanting for some different recipes to spark up the usual holiday fare. Lets say you are having a basic simple Thanksgiving with just the four or ...
nellgwen 11/17/2012 12 16 3 -
Take Two: At the Movies
The inspiration for this diary came from another diary called, On The Edge of Our Seats: Cinema's Most Suspenseful Moments. Submitted on Saturday September 22, 2012 by Keith930. I had ...
nellgwen 10/05/2012 14 3 - 91
The Undecideds
I have made a decision. The Undecideds is just a polite way of saying: Who am I voting for? Go soak a sock, that's who I'm voting for. You'll find out when I feel like telling you, if I feel like ...
nellgwen 08/08/2012 4 4 - 80
Sweet Dreams
You know when you are in a state of uncertainty about something in your life. Maybe some sort of physical pain is involved, or just maybe a sense you have that something's just not right with ...
nellgwen 07/14/2012 6 - - 86
That Meal I Made
The other day I felt like having some friends over for dinner. I had some food that might otherwise have ended up being bought solely for the purpose of decorating the inside my refrigerator, so, ...
nellgwen 04/21/2012 18 26 1 192
To Led Zeppelin: An Applause
As you may remember the album Physical Graffiti was released on February 24, 1975. It's February 24th. again. And to mark this anniversary I've written a little story. This is a ...
nellgwen 02/24/2012 23 11 2 258
Gadzooks Does it Ever Get Hot in Arizona
My first diary. I was saving this story for a special occasion like Halloween but now I'm not. Yes it's a bit long but it's easy reading and hopefully entertaining. So get your coffee or ...
nellgwen 06/25/2011 30 24 - 393
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