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How Censorship Works on DKOS
An allegory for online censorship, or, how I learned to stop worrying about the truth so I could enjoy a hay ride: Reader X has never liked Poster X and is offended by Poster X's diaries, which ...
nemoplanetia 11/28/2013 65 26 - -
Breaking - Mitt's Zingers Leaked
Mitt's proficiency with off-the-cuff one-liners is apparently not enough for the GOP prep squad. As many have already reported, Mitt's been cloistered with top advisers to prepare some pre-fab ...
nemoplanetia 09/30/2012 46 40 - 945
Iowa Republicans come to senses, make right choice
Haha! It looks like the Republicans from Emmet County have made the only logical choice:
nemoplanetia 01/03/2012 6 16 - 248
Sanctimonious purist? You betcha!
If you're like me, you've suddenly found yourself in the ranks of the elite, the haughty, the obstinate, the intractable. All because you're unwilling to compromise.
nemoplanetia 12/08/2010 23 10 - 41
Hal Turner, White Supremicist, on FBI payroll
Radio host, blogger, white supremicist [ Hal Turner], who was arrested after he urged his followers to take up arms against a couple of state ...
nemoplanetia 11/29/2009 11 2 - 28
Don't think, just join the "Party of Yes"
We've been having great fun at the GOP's expense, making fun of their kneejerk responses to every democratic proposal. We've relegated them first to the wilderness, then to the fossil record. The "
nemoplanetia 05/15/2009 8 4 1 9
AP in the sack with Palin/McCain
So what was the AP's fair and balanced take on the Palin speech? Sarah Palin delivered.
nemoplanetia 09/04/2008 10 2 - -
Are you a latte-drinking Obama suporter?
Here's what IAM union President Tom Buffenbarger (and Clinton supporter) had to say about Obama supporters:
nemoplanetia 02/20/2008 100 7 - 6
Blue collars for Clinton? What on earth for?
I'm just amazed that any union, union member or blue collar worker would for one second consider the Clinton's as some kind of benefactor. What have the Clintons done for blue collar America?
nemoplanetia 02/12/2008 87 7 - 1
79% of Democrats Nationwide Glad Joe Got Beat
nemoplanetia 08/10/2006 18 8 - 2
Fantasy Straw Poll: Dean v Gore v Clark
nemoplanetia 09/22/2005 11 7 1 13
Waynesville NC baptist church expels democratic members
nemoplanetia 05/06/2005 2 3 - 1
The Report from Northeast Tennessee: "We're NOT all Sheep!"
nemoplanetia 10/22/2004 9 3 - -
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