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"I'd drink a quart of Roundup! Then again, no I won't. I'm not stupid!"
Drinkin' the KoolAid? How about some Roundup. Dr. Patrick Moore, speaking for chemical giant Monsanto, was interviewed on French TV channel Canal+ for a program about the safety of glyphosate-...
newmexicobear 03/30/2015 96 98 1 -
NM's Martinez: Pot's just a political move to get young voters to the polls
Oh, Susanna, don't your cry for me. You've done it again. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez says she opposes efforts in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to reduce marijuana possession penalties. Why? ...
newmexicobear 08/20/2014 16 17 - -
Oh! Susana (Martinez)!
If this has been diaried elsewhere I'll pull the plug but I haven't seen it anywhere here so I guess this falls on me. Here in New Mexico we are governed by the lovely and talented Susana Martinez ...
newmexicobear 04/16/2014 25 31 1 -
One more Pete Seeger Story
I LOVE this story. It is SO Pete Seeger! THE POWER OF SONG In the 1970s, Pete Seeger was invited to sing in Barcelona, Spain. Francisco Franco's fascist government, the last of the ...
newmexicobear 01/31/2014 16 33 - -
Early voting in ABQ looks good-9:45pm update
The jury is still out but so are the results in the "historic" late term abortion ban in Albuquerque are looking good so far. The day-of-voting count hasn't been posted but the early and absentee ...
newmexicobear 11/19/2013 78 36 - -
The ACA (Affordable Cat Act) is now law!
Finally, Mr. B might actually be affordable! He's really excited about it!
newmexicobear 10/01/2013 23 41 - -
A Message in the Sky: Vote!
X marks the spot, directly over my poling place, the City Offices of Tijeras, New Mexico. I do believe this sign in the sky is a good omen!
newmexicobear 11/05/2012 2 1 - -
The Goldwater Ad. No, not "Daisy"
I'm old enough (?) to remember seeing this ad on the TeeVee in '64 but I'd totally forgotten about it. It was highlighted on TPM this morning
newmexicobear 09/20/2012 8 14 - 116
Happy Vasectomy Day!
This has been a year of debate on women’s health and Planned Parenthood, both of which I wholeheartedly support and advocate. But there is also the issue of Planned Parenthood and men’s health , ...
newmexicobear 06/17/2012 88 46 1 324
RIP Doc Watson
Let it rain, let it pour Let it rain a whole lot more Cause I've got them Deep River Blues America has lost yet another master musician. Doc Watson has ...
newmexicobear 05/29/2012 6 24 - 119
"The Pill" by...Who? Loretta Lynn???
Back in 1972 Loretta Lynn ("The Coal Miner's Daughter") wrote and recorded a song called " The Pill " that I think reflected the view of birth control of much of rural America 40 years ago (yes, 40 ...
newmexicobear 03/01/2012 35 80 1 438
Voting Early in Rural New Mexico (with pix!)
Early voting started in New Mexico yesterday. On the backside of the mountains east of Albuquerque is a rural area that includes Tijeras, Cedar Crest, Sandia Park and other unincorporated areas. On ...
newmexicobear 10/19/2008 14 36 - 18
11 year-old Campaigns for Obama in NM
Last Sunday, here in the East Mountain area of New Mexico (the semi-rural back side of the Sandia Mountains east of ABQ) the Obama campaign opened (one of) it's newest field offices. There was a ...
newmexicobear 09/17/2008 27 45 2 52
Dirty F'ing Hippies!
GOP Senate candidate Steve Pearce of New Mexico seems to have discovered the ability for time travel, as he has apparently gone back in time to the 60s - or in his case, perhaps never left - and ...
newmexicobear 08/07/2008 17 8 - 13
Ben and Jerry's Announces New Flavor (don'tch wish?)
In honor of tomorrow's total sweep of the PA primary by Barack Obama, Ben and Jerry's has announced a new flavor to help carry him into the White House.
newmexicobear 04/21/2008 34 18 2 33
Gasp! I'd support a draft
Yes, it's true. I'd support a draft. I think it's only fair. This country gives (most of) us the greatest standard of living, fairly clean air, almost drinkable water, National Parks, one or two ...
newmexicobear 11/21/2006 40 19 1 12
Diary Thoughts: Then I'll Shut Up
newmexicobear 11/11/2005 7 1 - -
Ewwww...I Went to High School with Rove! (w/Picture!)
newmexicobear 10/30/2005 108 43 2 30
Urgent Business Proposal (Confidential)
newmexicobear 10/19/2005 6 10 - 1
Hotel Kosifornia
newmexicobear 09/24/2005 8 7 - -
Target Practice?
newmexicobear 09/16/2005 12 1 - -
Wouldn't It Be Nice (with lyrics!)
newmexicobear 09/13/2005 6 6 1 -
My LTE: Personalize it and use if you wish
newmexicobear 09/03/2005 4 2 - -
More songs for the new revolution
newmexicobear 08/09/2005 13 3 - -
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