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Koch bros and my Facebook page
I cannot see anyway of making this into a long Diary, I was actually looking for a recent Diary where I could slip it in but at present the Kochs are not making news. However what has happened is ...
nezzclay 01/13/2014 5 2 - -
Romneys huge auto bailout fantasy
OK I don't write that many Diaries, and I FUCKED up badly by jumping the gun on my last one about Trump, I was more than a little embarrassed. I honestly believed it was something Trump would stoop ...
nezzclay 11/05/2012 4 - - -
Trump claims he has Obama divorce papers
This will be very short as I've just seen the article
nezzclay 10/23/2012 114 9 - -
Facebook cancels Wikileaks account
Maybe it's me, but I really thought that this would have been bigger news than this. Facebook may have good reason to cancel their account, I have no idea, only the timing is very convenient after ...
nezzclay 04/21/2010 16 15 - 22
FOX NEWS the biggest con on US media ever (updated)
This is my first Diary and I'm aware that much has been said about this Republican PR machine in the past. In this diary I will attempt to give you my take as Australian that knew little about Fox ...
nezzclay 10/28/2008 59 20 3 141
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