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Grand Jury Management
I haven't seen anything about this yet, but I thought y'all would be interested. The Grand Jury considering the Darren Wilson case now has until January 7 to come to a conclusion. St. Louis Post ...
nilajean 09/16/2014 1 3 - -
Don't they learn?
Of course it's Southern Missouri. And probably rural, since it's a County School District. But still, they'd rather spend their taxpayer money on legal fees defending the indefensible than spend ...
nilajean 02/14/2013 13 3 - -
Joe Walsh: No such thing as abortion for life or health of the mother
Another ingorant Republican has weighed in on the abortion controversy. I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt here in calling him ignorant, but I have a hard time believing that anyone actually ...
nilajean 10/19/2012 14 16 - -
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