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Israeli elections: Despite all the sound and fury, the results by 'block' show astounding stability
It's 7 AM in Israel, 6 AM where I'm at, and I tried to compile a Google Sheet to compare the results of the Israeli elections today with those of 2013 . It's based on: (a) The Israeli Election ...
nimh 03/17/2015 38 25 - -
Not so quiet before the storm: Local elections in Budapest, Hungary
For the third time in a year, on October 12, Hungary is having elections, this time for mayors and municipal councils. They're predictably depressing. If you want to know more about them anyway, go ...
nimh 09/27/2014 19 25 1 -
Five simple line charts re: Stephen Wolf's epic first Appalachian diary
Stephen Wolf published an awe-inspiring, comprehensive diary here last month about what an Appalachian state would look like, demographically and politically speaking. Substantively, I have nothing ...
nimh 12/06/2013 5 13 2 -
Income, education and the Democratic vote: solving the paradox
If you are like me, you have always wondered about a puzzling aspect of the Presidential exit polls, and that's the seeming contradiction between the exit poll data by income and by education. ...
nimh 11/05/2012 6 6 - -
The Greeks are voting on their future tomorrow ... again. What have the polls looked like?
On May 6, Greece went to the polls for parliamentary elections which yielded a result so unwieldy that the leaders of the main political parties soon discovered that no government with a functional ...
nimh 06/16/2012 21 22 1 208
Elections in Denmark and Berlin
I posted some information about elections that took place in Denmark, last Thursday, and are taking place in the city state of Berlin, Germany, tomorrow, in the comments section of the open thread, ...
nimh 09/17/2011 13 11 - 176
Comparative performance of WI recall candidates
The DK Elections post earlier today by Steve about the Wisconsin recall ...
nimh 08/10/2011 7 5 - 154
Political digression: we didn't have yard signs...
There was some talk in the comments section of the DK Elections liveblog thread about the special elections in CA-36 on the role of yard signs. There'd been many for Huey, which had made some ...
nimh 07/13/2011 10 5 - 90
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