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Putting the cart before the horse on MOOCs
Saying that the MOOC debate rages on is rather like saying, "Mosquitoes bother me," yet I encounter that quotidian statement in pretty much every article I read regarding the issue. It probably doesn'
ninothemindboggler 06/29/2014 17 6 - -
Really? It is 2014, isn't it?
Dumbfounded, I don't know where to start with this other than this ill-considered comment by someone from my class regarding a fairly old essay, "Social Change ...
ninothemindboggler 04/05/2014 3 13 - -
Daily Caller publishes unsubstantiated Obama GPA story: hilarity (and racism) ensues
Gotta' watch them yokels once ya' let em' loose in the big city... Mere weeks after The Daily Caller (a site run by reanimated gopher corpse Tucker Carlson) achieved a journalistic coup by dredging ...
ninothemindboggler 11/03/2012 41 6 - -
6 reasons why Internet lists must DIE
Look, I’m really a live-and-let-live kind of guy. Ants in my kitchen? They’re cleaning up the place. Jehovah’s Witnesses got me out of the shower? I’ll stand and listen to them until every ...
ninothemindboggler 11/02/2012 12 5 - -
Sheriff Joe Arpaio shoots AZ GOP in the foot: a Maricopa County trifecta possible
Pretty much no Latino voter wants to see Sheriff Joe re-elected and that's the point of this post: As goes Sheriff Joe, so goes the rest of the GOP in Maricopa County. While national polls have ...
ninothemindboggler 10/24/2012 83 284 3 -
Matt Taibbi pummels the media on destroying democracy
Thank God, someone finally said it (and said it well), calling bullshit on how the media sexes up elections, at the expense of substance, to keep all of us locked in the stupidity that has become ...
ninothemindboggler 10/09/2012 186 464 12 3181
Paul Ryan's 60 percent logic
Again, we have Mother Jones to thank for yet another telling video that allows Paul Ryan to express his utter disdain for working Americans: As Brett Brownell and Nick Baumann quoted in the ...
ninothemindboggler 10/06/2012 7 4 1 40
47 percent? What about the 51 percent?
About 20 minutes into the debate, I turned to my wife and said, "Obama really needs to step it up if he's going to win this thing." (the debate). As we all know, that didn't happen. And while much ...
ninothemindboggler 10/04/2012 10 21 - 315
The sky is blue: Faux News and WSJ ‘staggeringly misleading’ on climate science
A study released on Monday by the Union of Concerned Scientists (PDF) shows that, from February through July of this year, Faux News misled a full 93 percent on climate change issues while 81 ...
ninothemindboggler 09/28/2012 4 7 - 66
Store manager humiliates woman using food stamps (Updated)
It's been well over a week since videos of Mitt making his disgusting "47 percent" remark were released (to essentially put the last nail in the coffin of his presidential bid) and a few days after ...
ninothemindboggler 09/26/2012 330 393 5 3638
Child of Mine: Doing right in a world gone wrong
This is my first time awaiting a child's return from a night out on the town, her out to see Flobots in a Scottsdale bar (there might be a few of you who get that). It helps that she's out with two ...
ninothemindboggler 09/24/2012 1 2 - 61
Adventures in unemployment: F-ing with a predatory lender
It's been about a month since I moved to Phoenix from Pagosa Springs (don't ask why I'd leave Paradise for a veritable shit hole) and I've been forced to reconsider the freelance writing gig. So (Doh!
ninothemindboggler 09/07/2012 24 12 - 153
Clint bails, Mitt FAILs
It wasn't just the rambling car wreck that was Clint Eastwood. I mean, what were they thinking beyond, "Yeah, the cranky old man said he supported Mitt," forgetting that, "He supports marriage ...
ninothemindboggler 08/31/2012 52 60 1 1354
Ezra Klein ruined my RNC fun today
Like most good Americans, I've been struck with "Republican Convention Fever!" (for which the only cure is to drink an ice-cold pitcher of Mint Juleps and then to run down the highway dressed as ...
ninothemindboggler 08/29/2012 11 27 - 333
SECURITY ALERT: Disable Java or risk being Pwned
It's a race against the clock as wily hackers hunt for machines made vulnerable by the latest Java patch, a vulnerability that could, if exploited, allow a hacker to do everything a user can do on ...
ninothemindboggler 08/28/2012 28 16 4 555
Nightcap time 8/27/12
I started this nightly post thing as an "open thread" kind of thing, something that I do at my blog , hoping to engage Kossacks in a free-flowing discussion over drinks (I provide a cocktail recipe, ...
ninothemindboggler 08/27/2012 1 - - 13
Nightcap time 8/26/12
Hello, Kos-and-effects... As you might have read in my last post (on my blog , too busy looking for places to live to post much here: mea culpa. As such, it's a V&T day. Ingredients: 3 oz. vodka ...
ninothemindboggler 08/26/2012 1 - - 9
The titans of my childhood: July 20, 1969
I'm blown away by the pictures sent back from the Curiosity Mars mission: The clarity is just amazing, given that the images have traveled something like 225 million kilometers (my best guess there, ...
ninothemindboggler 08/25/2012 3 2 - 28
Bill Maher DESTROYS the GOP and their platform
I haven't seen a diary that has put this out there (sorry, I have kids and don't have time to lurk and lurk and lurk) but Bill Maher kills : New Rule: If your entire party tries to get rid of you,
ninothemindboggler 08/25/2012 135 391 18 2977
Mitt's horrible, awful week, for Pete's sake
Eight years from now, I wonder if this week will be remembered as the one where Mitt conceded the election, specifically with his selection of Randbot Paul Ryan (those lasers where human eyes ...
ninothemindboggler 08/17/2012 9 6 - 134
Poor but not poor enough for Medicaid
What the AP reported yesterday was not news to all of us who have attempted to survive on wages far below the federal poverty line : Sandra Pico is poor, but not poor enough. She makes about $15,...
ninothemindboggler 08/15/2012 25 73 1 398
Bolling and just another day in Fox sanctioned racism
I wonder if this white-hooded trash will ever see an unemployment line... my guess is Fox will keep him live because his racist drivel is "provocative" and helps sell soap. Another day in Fox ...
ninothemindboggler 02/16/2012 7 2 - 57
16 tons
Some people say a man is made outta mud/A poor man’s made outta muscle and blood/Muscle and blood and skin and bones/A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong. Mitt Romney, the ...
ninothemindboggler 02/06/2012 3 2 - 65
Anti-U.N. paranoia in Colorado: Maes, Tancredo and Buck aren't alone
Funny how a story can rise up, months later, to have zombie lies come back to trap a candidate. This past weekend, Democrat Brian O'Donnell debated ...
ninothemindboggler 09/14/2010 4 10 - 51
Family values? Whose family? Whose values?
ninothemindboggler 05/08/2006 10 11 1 5
Anderson Cooper: Fear monger
ninothemindboggler 04/13/2006 13 6 - -
All the news that's fit to... what?!?
ninothemindboggler 09/08/2005 1 - - -
A little anecdotal relief from White House spin
ninothemindboggler 09/07/2005 9 3 - -
Want to be sexy? Be liberal!
ninothemindboggler 09/06/2005 4 1 - -
US Troops Targeting Families, Children in Iraq
ninothemindboggler 03/18/2005 7 2 - -
Class Warfare For Christmas
ninothemindboggler 12/20/2004 1 - - -
Google Bomb Bill O'Reilly
ninothemindboggler 12/16/2004 16 2 - 11
Here There Be Boogeymen
ninothemindboggler 12/08/2004 2 - - -
An Indecent Proposal
ninothemindboggler 12/06/2004 1 1 - -
First Thing We Do is Kill All the...
ninothemindboggler 12/05/2004 6 1 - -
Red State Racism: Alabama as a Case Study
ninothemindboggler 12/05/2004 12 4 - -
Red State Racism: The Example in South Carolina
ninothemindboggler 12/04/2004 6 5 - -
Calling For a Change: The Democratic Party, Inside and Outside
ninothemindboggler 11/13/2004 2 2 - -
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
ninothemindboggler 11/12/2004 3 - - -
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