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WA State - More Bad Demographic News for Republican Party
Add to the demographic debacle the Republican party is facing over the next ten years the urbanization debacle the Repugs are also facing. The Seattle Times reported today that U.S. Census Bureau ...
nirbama 03/28/2014 9 18 - -
Big Electric Trucks Coming Your Way in 2014!
Bob Lutz, former head of the team at General Motors that developed the Chevy Volt, is now pursuing electrification of trucks. In an interview just published in the Seattle Times , he explains why ...
nirbama 01/01/2014 31 43 - -
Socialist Sawant Now Ahead in Seattle City Council Race!
Kshama Sawant ran for election to Seattle's City Counsel as a SOCIALIST - and today's updated count of votes puts her ahead of a 16-year Democratic incumbent! This is a real shock to the system. ...
nirbama 11/13/2013 26 22 - -
ACA in WA: First Week Signup Success!
Washington state has a state-run health benefit exchange. The Seattle Times reported today that in the exchange's first week of operation, 9,452 people have signed up for insurance for themselves ...
nirbama 10/08/2013 8 12 - -
GUNFAIL: Washington Student Accidentally Kills Himself
This GUNFAIL is as heartbreaking as all others, but it is made worse by the stupidity of it. The Seattle Times reported today that Justin Small, 22, a student at Western Washington University died ...
nirbama 08/17/2013 25 26 - -
"Gun Experiment" Produces Amazing Memoir - and Exploding Minds in GunLand
The Daily Beast is running an amazing memoir by Heidi Yewman about her "gun experiment" -- after listening to the NRA's Wayne LaPierre say, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good ...
nirbama 07/22/2013 230 154 2 -
Arctic Ice Melt Bigger Than U.S.!
The World Meteorological Organization just released a report at the U.N. climate conference in Doha with the staggering fact that the areas of arctic sea ice that melted this year was bigger than ...
nirbama 11/28/2012 4 15 - -
BIG NEWS! Japan to end nuclear power use by 2030s
The L.A. Times (and Daily Beast) reported today that the Japanese government announced "a dramatic turn in its energy policy Friday," vowing to free Japan from all nuclear-power reliance by the ...
nirbama 09/15/2012 17 19 - 117
A Stroll Down Memory Lane. Here's What I Remember.
My wife has been increasingly shooting steam from her ears as she has listened to the Republican Presidential candidates and their surrogates (an appropriately ironic term in the midst of the ...
nirbama 02/23/2012 12 23 1 97
Breaking:  Jerry Brown DOUBLES his lead over Whitman in CA
The L.A. Times reports today that its L.A. Times/USC Poll shows Jerry Brown's lead in the California governor'...
nirbama 10/24/2010 359 425 5 93
Heat Waves: Stanford Study Says Many More Coming
Remember last winter when blizzards hit Washington D.C. and the East Coast? Climate change deniers had a field day asking, "What global warming?" Now, in the midst of a 100 year heat wave on the ...
nirbama 07/09/2010 36 16 - 79
Pot Goes Mobile in California
If you are a California resident, you can now have medical marijuana delivered directly to your door, by prescription-drug courier services, and more cheaply than by purchasing your medicine at a ...
nirbama 06/06/2010 32 22 - 92
L.A. Times Poll: California Smokes Pot, May Legalize It
The L.A. Times reported today that its own Pot Poll showed 37% of Californians had tried pot, and 11% had ...
nirbama 06/01/2010 53 23 1 62
GALLUP:  Obama Approval Now Over 50%
The Gallup Poll of Obama Job Approval went up another point again yesterday to 51% (versus 42% disapproval). Job Approval has been tracking upward for ...
nirbama 04/27/2010 55 36 - 27
Majority in CA Supports Legalizing Pot
Survey USA released a new poll on April 20, 2010, showing support for November initiative legalizing pot in California continues at 56%. Support by those 18-34 is a not surprising 74%. But there is ...
nirbama 04/26/2010 23 9 - 27
CA Legislature Told Pot IS Good Medicine
Researchers at the UC San Diego in a report to the California Legislature confirmed that marijuana consistently provides relief for neuropathic pain and for muscle spasms. The researchers followed ...
nirbama 02/18/2010 10 12 - 14
Sarah Palin's Presidential ambition won't be done in by politicians, polls, or pundits. Her candidacy will be done in by the comedians. Today's newspaper section on "Smart Mouths" quoting Letterman,
nirbama 02/12/2010 25 7 - 271
YOU Can Vote for Legalizing Pot in CA NOW!
So I'm listening to the 11 o'clock news and they're telling me how the State of California is having a HUUGE Garage Sale this week, including 15 cars to be sold on ebay signed personally by Gov. ...
nirbama 08/26/2009 6 7 - 10
New CA Poll: Repub Party Isolated = GOPASAURS
Shout it from the rooftops. The Sacramento Bee reports today that Field Poll contends GOP is isolated as California shifts left . ...
nirbama 08/05/2009 43 15 - 23
Citizens Rebel Against Spending on Pot Raids in CA
The Sacramento Bee today ran a short report online on "successful" raids on pot grows in two California counties over the past couple of days. LOS BANOS, Calif. -- Authorities say ...
nirbama 08/03/2009 16 24 - 19
Legalize Pot or We're All Gonna Die!
California's cut-backs in police and forest service personnel this year is leading to a big increase in illegal pot production on government lands. The SF Chronicle reports ...
nirbama 08/02/2009 77 15 - 20
Skateistan:  How a Country is Healed One Kid At a Time
The L.A. Times is running a story on its front page today whose humanity touches my heart -- ...
nirbama 07/23/2009 4 11 1 4
Oakland About To Pass Pot Tax Measure
The San Francisco Chronicle carried several stories this weekend on the mail-in voting which closes this Tuesday on a new ordinance in Oakland for a special tax on sales of marijuana at medical pot ...
nirbama 07/20/2009 13 8 - 37
POT VIRTUALLY LEGAL NOW in CA, Says Huffington Post Article
The Huffington Post is currently featuring a very lengthy pro-legalization article entitled California ...
nirbama 07/18/2009 75 32 1 99
Legalize Pot = 1.4 Billion A Year in New Tax Revenue Says CA Bd. of Equalization!
Now we can quit throwing around "pretend" numbers about this. The California state Board of Equalization analyzed the financial impact of a bill pending in the legislature to legalize and tax the ...
nirbama 07/15/2009 63 33 1 79
Nightmare Scenario: Corporations Can Make Campaign Contributions
If you believe the Repub and Dem Parties are tools of corporatist interests now, read the nightmare scenario coming to us this fall courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court right wing Gang of Five. E.J. ...
nirbama 07/13/2009 27 25 1 56
Pot dispensaries multiply, want to be taxed in CA
The Sacramento Bee ran a front page story this week on pot dispensaries multiplying in Sacramento and marijuana advocates running ads on TV in major California cities proposing marijuana be ...
nirbama 07/11/2009 17 13 - 23
Repub "Death Spiral" = New Center Right National Party?
The Republican Party is eating its own, and the more thoughtful people are leaving the ship. See this story in Huffington Post about Joe Repya leaving the party and writing a very incisive letter ...
nirbama 06/24/2009 46 3 - 2
Why I support Conrad's "Health Co-ops" proposal
In a diary on the recommended list, slinkerwink says: I'm tired of Senator Max Baucus trying to do anything he can to avoid the passage of a strong, robust Medicare-like public option ...
nirbama 06/12/2009 57 4 - 18
Some Good News About the LAPD. Really.
The L.A. Daily News reports that "Diversity Bolsters the LAPD," proving the value of the long held "liberal" view that government works best when its makeup mirrors the actual population it is ...
nirbama 05/26/2009 8 10 - 10
Dionne:  Obama Succeeding in Isolating GOP [w/Update]
E.J. Dionne looks past the MSM fixation on ephemera to describe the deeper significance of Obama's somewhat politically contradictory position taking during the past few weeks in a new Op-Ed that is ...
nirbama 05/25/2009 49 57 1 237
Decriminalization of Drugs Works in Portugal
Portugal decriminalized all drug use in 2001. TIME Magazine online raises and answers the question: "Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?",8599,...
nirbama 05/22/2009 32 16 1 127
SCOTUS Upholds Medical Marijuana Laws
The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) today dismissed challenges to California's Medical Marijuana law by two California counties. Here is the link to the L.A. Times report on this:
nirbama 05/18/2009 26 22 - 22
Vicente Fox Says Legalize Marijuana
Vicente Fox, President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, said today "It's time to open the debate on legalizing marijuana." Fox pointed out that ending Prohibition in the U.S. in 1933 brought down ...
nirbama 05/13/2009 14 18 2 24
Roxana Saberi's "Confession" any Different from Those of CIA's prisoners?
How about some consistency in our thinking about the efficacy of "harsh interrogations." The Iranian courts have released Roxana Saberi, after she was convicted of espionage. I'd bet that 100% of ...
nirbama 05/12/2009 9 2 - 4
Legalizing Pot Now Front Page News in Sacramento
The Sacramento Bee today upped the ante in pushing the debate on legalizing pot, running a "debate stirred over legalizing marijuana" article with photos on its Saturday front page. The link is: ...
nirbama 05/09/2009 26 25 1 20
Sacramento Bee: Reasons to Legalize Pot!
The Sacramento Bee in an editorial published today gave even stronger reasons than new tax income to legalize marijuana in California. Read the editorial at:
nirbama 05/07/2009 50 20 - 19
Breaking:  Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to debate legalizing marijuana!
Governator Schwarzenegger said today that "it's time to debate" legalizing marijuana in California. The Sacramento Bee newspaper is trumpeting the story in its online "blast" email forum. You can ...
nirbama 05/05/2009 43 40 - 24
My wife has waited 45 years for this feeling.
My wife can get emotional. Today she expressed her feelings to me about Barack's win last night. What she said seemed profound to me, and I asked her to write her feelings down and let me post ...
nirbama 11/05/2008 4 6 - 2
New Obama Jibe Is Sound Bite of the Day!
The L.A. Times is awarding Barack Obama the "Sound Bite of the Day" award for today for a jibe at McCain/Bush/Republican Admin which surprised the media because it apparently was not included in the ...
nirbama 10/08/2008 12 47 - 27
Palin generates $800,000 for Planned Parenthood!
Planned Parenthood has announced that as of 9/27/2008 more than 30,000 persons had donated more than $800,000 to Planned Parenthood "in honor of Sarah Palin." This was the result of a viral email ...
nirbama 10/07/2008 28 57 2 53
New DEM voters in CA swamp Repubs 26-1!
For all of us who fear the Repubs are planning some devastating October Surprise, we can relax. This is because the Obama campaign and the Dems have created a GIANT political surprise that is ...
nirbama 09/28/2008 9 13 - 10
Obama demands Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac CEOs Not Get Golden Parachute Payoffs
Obama just hit on a lodestone of public indignation that he and Dems should ride all the way to November. Barack has asked the Treasury Dept. to actually follow the rules Congress set for Treasury ...
nirbama 09/14/2008 47 36 1 29
Undecided Minnesota Voters on C-SPAN HATE Palin
C-SPAN just finished broadcasting a two-hour Focus Group session led by Frank Luntz questioning 25 undecided Minnesota voters on their views on health care, the two presidential candidates, and the ...
nirbama 08/31/2008 19 30 1 25
Political Jiu-Jitsu:  Obama should advocate national campaign to keep tires inflated
McCain is sending out tire gauges to ridicule Sen. Obama's suggestion last week that one thing citizens can do right now to lower gas costs is to make sure their tires are properly inflated. The U.S.
nirbama 08/04/2008 22 7 - 9
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