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Rep. Weiner on MSNBC: FTW
I'm hoping someone here can shed a little more light on whether or not Re. Anthony Weiner is playing a major role in the health care debate/bill writing on the Hill, if for no other reason than the ...
njdem08 09/01/2009 26 12 - 31
Breaking: Crist Picks Former CoS LeMieux to Replace Martinez
AP is reporting that Fla. Governor Charlie Crist has choosen his former chief of staff, George ...
njdem08 08/28/2009 8 5 - 5
M-D for Florida: Obama 48%-McCain 46%; Obama leads in I-4 corridor
The Orlando Sentinel is reporting a poll by Mason-Dixon that shows a 48%-46% lead by Barack Obama. For Obama ...
njdem08 10/07/2008 20 17 - 4
A Boost for Obama in Montana
Posted over at Open Left by David Sirota. Just remember, regardless of what every national ...
njdem08 09/09/2008 25 23 1 5
Obama + McCain = Football?
The Orlando Sentinel has a short piece up on its Web site about how they were able to get Sens. ...
njdem08 08/21/2008 34 8 1 2
Barack Obama wins the Bobblection
When they talk about things as "American as apple pie," you really do have to throw in Minor League Baseball. Sure, "The Show" is highly entertaining and the big-name ballplayers are who everyone ...
njdem08 08/15/2008 7 3 - -
Dick Gephardt as VP?
Here's a name I haven't heard once amongst all the VP speculation. Yet, there it is: a U.S. News and World Report article front and center of Yahoo! home page new feed entitled "
njdem08 07/02/2008 65 2 - 34
Drudge Reporting: Obama confidence: 'In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president'
Link This should get interesting. For all those who thought Drudge had warmed to our candidate, the cease-fire is apparently over. And while I'm ...
njdem08 06/06/2008 39 2 - -
Telegraph (UK) Reports on Possible Peace Offering from Obama to HRC
Small lil' thing on the Drudge Report, and probably as loosely based on reality as anything, but with all the VP talk getting really old really quick, a ...
njdem08 05/31/2008 79 13 1 18
Is there "honor" without "victory?"
I've probably heard/read it a thousand times, but today one of John McCain's favorite juxtapositions -- used during his foreign policy speech -- got me thinking: Can "honor" only be achieved in "...
njdem08 05/27/2008 39 5 - -
Politico's Ben Smith Thinks Obama, Supporters Hate W.V.
As if the degrading comments of a few trolls directed towards West Virginians weren't bad enough, Ben Smith of Politico thought it best to fan the flames further by suggesting that these comments -- "
njdem08 05/13/2008 74 5 - 13
Nader: Should We Care?
So Ralph Nader is scheduled to make an appearance Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert. Presumably, he'll appear to ...
njdem08 02/22/2008 42 1 - -
Carville Issues Hil Ultimatum. Again.
On the chances of Hillary Clinton, the candidate he is advising: "She’s behind. Make no mistake. If she lose either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done."
njdem08 02/13/2008 20 3 1 -
Will Hil Alter Strategy in Slightly-Less-Super-Week-​After Contests?
With Obama's African-American support continuing to swell at what seems like a breakneck pace, and a campaign matching (if not exceeding) Clinton's every move, one has to wonder what Clinton's ...
njdem08 02/06/2008 10 - - 5
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