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Beyond anger- changing policing in America
I lived the first years of my life only blocks away from North Ave and Pennsylvania where the events surrounding the death of Freddy Gray took place. I recently visited that house on Smallwood an ...
arodb 05/06/2015 1
Economics, like politics: 31 flavors of permanent unreality
Summary: Yesterday we read the "OPOL report," which argued we have a "bullshit political system." Today, with reference to a piece by Raul Ilargi Meijer in today's Naked Capitalism , I'm going to ...
Cassiodorus 05/04/2015 11
D'var Torah: Our Duty to Aid and Respect those in Need
This week's parsha is Aharay Mot and Kedoshim, Leviticus chapters 16 to 20. During leap years, it is split into two parshas, but this year is not a leap year so the two parshas are read together. ...
Navy Vet Terp 04/30/2015 18
A short note on Baltimore and that sort of thing
Property is theft. -- Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. -- Frederick Douglass So what white America told black America was: "Two ...
Cassiodorus 04/30/2015 5
B-24 Bombers over San Diego
It was a perfect Sunday morning for my regular tennis session, a loose congregation of people who get great pleasure out of enjoying each others company while we pretend to give a damn about winning ...
arodb 04/26/2015 23
The TPP and climate change: two issues at once!
OK, so first the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Nobody is allowed to see it, but it's going to pass. The White House is working with Republicans on this one . One of the things TPP will ...
Cassiodorus 04/24/2015 22
HRC Goes OWS? 1% Requires Toppling
Well kiss my grits, the HRC for President Campaign REALLY goes populist, with HRC even reportedly calling for the 'toppling' of the 1%!
divineorder 04/23/2015 39
Dems Stop Fast Track in the House ?
For those who want Congress to have more input from constituents on TPP and TTIP there's still time to stop TPP Fast Track Authority in the House!
divineorder 04/23/2015 28

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