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Right To Work in WI: Sadness & Solace
I woke up today eager to return to the capitol, after a good Light Brigade action last night, when we shined a message on the building even while the Republicans were shutting down the public ...
noise of rain 02/25/2015 83 97 3 -
Global Divestment Day in Madison: Love, Resist Divest... Party!
This is Our Climate (Sung to the tune of: You Are My Sunshine) Lyrics by: Elizabeth Shirah This is our climate, our friendly climate... It keeps us healthy from day to day! Don't build that ...
noise of rain 02/16/2015 17 25 - -
It's Cold, But Not As Cold-Hearted As Gov. Walker'™s Budget
Piercing winds and negative wind chills were not enough to keep hundreds of Wisconsinites from attending two actions against Governor Walker's proposed budget cuts on the University of Wisconsin'™s ...
noise of rain 02/15/2015 26 66 1 -
Light Brigade's Twitter Response to Pictures!
Two members of the Overpass Light Brigade sat during the President's State of the Union speech and live tweeted pictures from our archives. The rules that we set for ourselves were that the image ...
noise of rain 01/20/2015 35 181 3 -
Brigade de Lumière, Paris: Update
UPDATE: We found some information about the organizers behind the NOT AFRAID action in Paris. You'll need to translate the article unless you speak French, but it is a great story of how "seat of ...
noise of rain 01/07/2015 102 339 4 -
Overpass Light Brigade: 2014 in Pictures
2014 proved to be another busy year for OLB. There was no shortage of issues to engage, with the ongoing consolidation of power into the hands of the few. We completed well over 50 different actions ...
noise of rain 01/01/2015 36 94 3 -
To Discipline and Punish: Milwaukee Police Make Late Night Visits
“The police are taking this to a whole new level of intimidation. That is the only reason to bang on someone’s front door at 1:00 in the morning,” said Dave over the phone.”I am modest, and ...
noise of rain 12/30/2014 194 449 6 -
A Light Brigade Christmas Story: Elfcare 4 All!
While looking through the Kos Christmas Treasury Noise of Rain Archives , I found the following tale told on this day last year. Though clearly a unionist screed and a cri du coeur for universal ...
noise of rain 12/24/2014 9 43 - -
Die-Ins Are Like Spy Movies but with Better Dancing
I was walking into the Mayfair Mall earlier this evening, and saw some of our people in front of me. It was about 4:00, and the die-in was scheduled for 4:30. Everyone was told to meet near Santa’...
noise of rain 12/23/2014 7 40 - -
No Longer Will We Cry
This morning, Milwaukee’s DA announced that there will be no criminal charges against Chris Manney, the policeman who killed Dontre Hamilton last May. The man had been sleeping. The cop poked and ...
noise of rain 12/22/2014 66 166 - -
The Language of the Unheard
"A riot is the language of the unheard." - MLK Last evening at 4:30 rush hour, two groups of activists in Milwaukee shut down I-43, the massive freeway that bisects the city. In a highly ...
noise of rain 12/20/2014 17 37 1 -
“This minor inconvenience was brought to you by a major injustice” was a quick response to a question tonight as the main north/south highway that bisects the city of Milwaukee was shut down. ...
noise of rain 12/19/2014 46 133 - -
Okay, folks: Hit the streets, hit the phones, knock on doors: get people to vote, and drag ‘em to the polls. Now is the time! PISS OFF THE GOP… and … VOTE !!!
noise of rain 10/22/2014 73 209 5 -
Language In Lights, Swamp Singers & the OLB
A massive table made of old rafters bisects the span of an abandoned railroad bridge in North Milwaukee. It is the terminus to what was known as the old Beerline Trail, a railroad spur that fed a ...
noise of rain 08/26/2014 7 26 - -
Overpass Light Brigade & The Rolling Rebellion
The new stage light projector is packed, it feels like a howitzer or bazooka to handle. I've got its power source, a brand new deep cycle marine battery that I bought this afternoon, set down in an ...
noise of rain 07/08/2014 27 70 1 -
The Puppets of SCOTUS... (no, Really!)
The only thing better than a Light Brigade action is a Light Brigade plus Big Head Puppet action! The Light Brigades are doing some great work around the country. ...
noise of rain 04/02/2014 13 21 1 -
398 Arrests @ Anti-KXL = Epic Civil Disobedience Updates
Final Update: There were 398 arrests today at the anti-KXL rally. Bill McKibben notes that the number is, coincidentally, the "exact current concentration of CO2 in the air." This won't be covered ...
noise of rain 03/02/2014 117 383 9 -
Striking UIC Teachers Hit the Streets!
If unions want to matter, they gotta get up and do stuff. The University of Illinois - Chicago staff and teachers are striking for better wages and working conditions. Yes, they do it for themselves,
noise of rain 02/18/2014 14 28 - -
Minobimaadizi: How Is Your Path?
Every year, the Lac Courte Orielles Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe hosts a "Mid-Winter Social Dance" in Hayward, Wisconsin. Hayward is way up north, a good 7 hour drive from Milwaukee, and is a ...
noise of rain 02/16/2014 24 41 3 -
Boots Riley & The Overpass Light Brigade: Chicago Edition!
We in ...
noise of rain 02/09/2014 11 38 - -
Unconstitutional & Unintimidated in Wisconsin!
Tonight I gloat in the news that the Capitol Police's summer smackdowns of Solidarity Singing was found unconstitutional in the eyes of the law. Those militarized bastards were taking gentle ...
noise of rain 02/05/2014 97 261 3 -
KXL Night of Action. The Coalition Builds!
It was cold tonight. So cold that batteries start to get weird, that cameras quit working, that you stand amazed when over 100 people turn out to protest dirty oil, the scraping of the Canadian ...
noise of rain 02/03/2014 26 70 2 -
KXL Foxes Write the Henhouse News. MICATS Are Convicted of Criminal Caring
Yes, America, we understand. We understand that we are fully owned and operated by the Global Lubrication Cartel, and that no matter whom we elect, the Cartel gets its blood tribute. We understand ...
noise of rain 01/31/2014 16 26 1 -
The State of the Overpass Address
The Overpass Light Brigade hosted a wonderful punk-polka singalong in Milwaukee last Friday evening. It was well documented by Rule of Law in his diary yesterday. You can read about radical polka ...
noise of rain 01/26/2014 30 57 3 -
The Light Brigades Are In Beautiful Trouble
If you aren't familiar with the book, Beautiful Trouble , you should be. It is a very thorough compendium of strategies and tactics aimed at the disruption of the dominant and increasingly ...
noise of rain 01/09/2014 30 154 5 -
Resolution/Revolution: A Video Premiere from the Overpass Light Brigade
Only the most diehard Holders of the Lights come out for a wintertime film shoot. When St Paul filmmaker Dusan Harminc contacted me to say he'd be in Milwaukee and would like to try out his new ...
noise of rain 01/02/2014 20 38 2 -
Overpass Light Brigade, 2013: A Year of Collaborations and Light
Milwaukee, WI: In 2013, the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) worked hard to shed light on issues ignored by the mainstream media. Along with the other 40 affiliates comprising the nationwide Light ...
noise of rain 01/01/2014 34 85 4 -
Spectacular Light Brigade March, NYC (update)
Note: There is an update on the text and new picture (aerial view) right below the fold. This was a momentous day, with actions across the country in support of low wage workers: people rising up ...
noise of rain 12/05/2013 44 143 5 -
Why Walmart? A Network of Protests
The Light Brigade Network continues to grow, with actions like fireflies in an August night happening around the country. From Portland to Peoria, different groups came out last night, holding anti-...
noise of rain 11/29/2013 43 83 3 -
Jesus Was A Carpenter...
And This Pope Nails It!
noise of rain 11/26/2013 50 68 2 -
Power Shift: Youth Activism and Hope for the Future
It is 8:00 on a Monday morning, and I sit in the Pittsburgh Airport, waiting to fly back home to Milwaukee after an amazing weekend at Power Shift , a massive environmental conference focussed on ...
noise of rain 10/21/2013 32 46 4 -
We hit the bridges tonight in honor of Ted Cruz. We were thinking of TEA PARTY TANTRUMS, or TEA PARTY TALIBAN, but felt that those messages might be ambiguous for the 60 mph crowd on their way home ...
noise of rain 10/16/2013 83 291 4 -
The Light Brigade Network and the March Against Monsanto
Who's in? What messages are you thinking of taking out? What hashtags do we want to use? The conversations on our Private National OLB Working Group were particularly fruitful and focussed last week.
noise of rain 10/13/2013 7 22 1 -
Water Is Life: Especially If You Walk The Walk
As the Water Walkers spoke in hushed tones around the sacred fire, our Letter to Water was reflected in the lake before us. Across the lagoon were the gathering tribes, watching our messages, while ...
noise of rain 09/08/2013 19 38 - -
Songs in the Key of Brutality: Young Black Man Tackled, Immobilized and Jailed for Singing. (update)
(Update at bottom of diary... new video compilation footage in!) The Solidarity Sing Along continues to grow in Madison. Walker's palace guards are obviously getting frustrated, as the press is ...
noise of rain 08/26/2013 201 287 8 2
Songs In the Key of Persistence: The Zip Ties Aren't Tight Enough To Silence the Singing.
The singing begins promptly at noon, and it is loud, exuberant and tuneful. There are easily 200 or more people here, down on the rotunda floor, and also lining the first floor balcony. The Raging ...
noise of rain 08/22/2013 82 174 4 -
Singing In Detainment: Hidden Video from the Dungeons of Wisconsin
The Capitol Police continue their games of Duck, Duck, Goose during the noontime singing of the Solidarity Sing Along. If you don't have a permit, and more than 20 people congregate, they'll cut you ...
noise of rain 08/13/2013 31 112 2 -
Please, Governors: Jobs, Not Vaginas!
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is hosting the National Governor's Association in Milwaukee this week. Time for fireworks and posh soirees on the lakefront. The Overpass Light Brigade was there to ...
noise of rain 08/03/2013 50 70 2 -
Songs In the Key of Defiance: Basement Tapes and Jean Jackets.
Walking onto the bus was a heroic act of defiance for Dave Huddlestone. How could he even make that simple act seem so cool, so rebellious? Every morning, we'd stop at his house, and every morning he'
noise of rain 07/30/2013 72 58 4 -
Songs In the Key of Resistance: Dueling Sing Alongs, Guns, Trombones, and American Resilience.
I sit on the hard marble floor of the elegant Wisconsin State Capitol building, listening to America The Beautiful, God Bless America and other "patriotic" songs being sung by about 50 rightwing ...
noise of rain 07/29/2013 74 134 6 -
Songs in the Key of Resistance: "Nitro, Nitro: This Man Needs Nitro!" (Update)
UPDATE on Reverend Dary's condition: He is resting comfortably at UW Hospital - he has had heart issues in the past and things are looking O.K. for now. He will have a stress test tomorrow - He is ...
noise of rain 07/26/2013 92 138 4 -
Songs in the Key of Resistance: The Police Came in Waves Today.
The police come in swarms today, in predator waves, jackals culling antelope, scanning the room not for the easy efficient takedowns, but for the ones they most begrudge. They lope into the large ...
noise of rain 07/25/2013 239 514 19 -
Trayvon Will Live On: Milwaukee & The Light Brigade Network
Milwaukee, WI - A day after the stunning “not guilty” verdict was read in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin, a diverse group of concerned citizens of Milwaukee came out en ...
noise of rain 07/15/2013 181 94 4 -
Oops! Northwoods Mercenaries Not Properly Licensed to Operate in WI (Update)
UPDATE: Here is a picture of the Bulletproof Security paramilitary mercenaries beating it out of town... probably back to Arizona, where they are from! ++++++++++++++++(begin original diary)+++++++
noise of rain 07/10/2013 150 323 5 -
Mercenaries in Northwoods Wisconsin Protecting Destruction: UPDATES!
UPDATE #1 This blog post is informed and thorough. Really worth the read! UPDATE #2 Paul DeMain, mentioned below, walked over ...
noise of rain 07/07/2013 315 381 13 -
OLB & The Vagina Demagogues
Wisconsin is one Tea Party Patriot Patriarch's signature away from the CCVV (Closed Circuit Vaginal Viewing) law, furthering our descent into the pinched policies of repression. As reported in the ...
noise of rain 06/15/2013 46 76 3 -
Pettiness, Thy Name Is Walker!
Scott Walker is soft pedaling his withdrawal of his own University of Wisconsin System Regent appointee - a high achieving UW-Platteville student named Joshua Inglett - after finding out that Joshua ...
noise of rain 06/14/2013 16 41 1 -
In Wisconsin, Silence Will Not Be Tolerated!
Concerned citizens lined the gallery of the State Capitol to watch the debate unfold for the Republicans' ultrasound probe law which will require unnecessary and invasive medical treatments on any ...
noise of rain 06/14/2013 190 358 5 -
From Brooklyn to Hilo, the Light Brigades Mourn
The Overpass Light Brigade originally intended to stand outside the main downtown Milwaukee post office last night with a message about corporate tax evaders for last minute filers. However, when we ...
noise of rain 04/16/2013 47 172 2 -
Light Brigaders vs Tax Evaders: Invasion Begins!
Join our big national rollout of coordinated actions targeting corporate tax evaders during the week leading up to Tax Day. This is a national project involving artists, game designers, researchers, ...
noise of rain 04/10/2013 4 17 - -
SEQUESTER THIS!!! (A Highway Haiku)
The manufactured punishment known as The Sequester is akin to ingesting a tapeworm to get skinny. You get skinny, but you then have tapeworms! Austerity is the stun-gun of the plutocrats, keeping us ...
noise of rain 03/03/2013 13 24 1 -
A nasty mining bill passed Wisconsin's Republican controlled Senate the other night. You can read about that here. It is clear that this bill, which was specifically written by the very company that ...
noise of rain 03/01/2013 40 139 - -
Snow and the Show of the Iron Mine Hearings: An OLB Tale of Resistance & Futility
The snow began yesterday at about 3:00 in the afternoon. It started coming down hard, so hard that at 4:00 I hemmed and hawed about the trip 70 miles due west to Madison. We were slated to bring an ...
noise of rain 02/27/2013 23 50 1 -
To Keystone Activists: An Homage from the Overpass Light Brigade
The rightwing wet-dream of our wetlands' scream works it way through the Koch held hostage state of Wisconsin. We in the Overpass Light Brigade have been working with environmental and indigenous ...
noise of rain 02/13/2013 31 90 2 -
Walker's Policies Declared Bankrupt While Walker Looks On.
Milwaukee's noted civil rights activist, Father James Groppi , was receiving a posthumous MLK Heritage Award today at the Wisconsin State Capitol. His wife, Dr. Margaret Rozga, also a renowned ...
noise of rain 01/21/2013 47 249 4 -
Dancing On the Asphalt at the End of the World: A Walmart Story in Pictures. (Update)
UPDATE: OLB made the New York Times. (h/t to marigold for letting us know!) Things were happening pretty fast at the Kenosha, Wisconsin, SuperCenter last night. The massive parking lot was filling ...
noise of rain 11/23/2012 69 369 3 -
Black Friday Walmart Walkout… Join Us at a Super Center Near You!
Come join us as we support the Walmart Walkouts around the country. Find locations of protest actions near you, or better yet, make some disturbance theater of your own! Carry some signage, pass ...
noise of rain 11/21/2012 29 36 1 -
Homelessness in the Heartland: Where Can We Live?
The situation at the homeless camp was complicated. We had been contacted the day before with an SOS. The homeless encampment was being evicted and the people involved had pretty much exhausted ...
noise of rain 11/19/2012 14 34 - -
Jeepers, Freaky Freepers: A Journey to a Shining City of the Mind.
I've never read anything on the Free Republic website until now. Never... I swear! I was surprised to find a somewhat cogent article lamenting Republican electoral loss. Sure, it adheres to the ...
noise of rain 11/07/2012 28 22 - -
Romney/Ryan Freeway Resistance Actions (in Pictures)
The Overpass Light Brigade is a Milwaukee, WI, creative activism group that was forged in the Walker recall. We've grown since then, with over a dozen national chapters and some large scale ...
noise of rain 11/04/2012 62 360 2 -
Bainport/Sensata: The Vultures Descend
The protest-encampment known as Bainport is in its 51st day today. We took our third trip there last night. We wanted to join the big Halloween theme party. Vultures. The night belonged to vultures.
noise of rain 11/01/2012 8 37 - 1
Voter Suppression in Milwaukee & Clear Channel Billboards
Ominously threatening billboards have sprung up around Milwaukee, mostly targeting communities of color. According to One Wiscsonsin Now , There have been "less than 24 cases of voter impropriety ...
noise of rain 10/22/2012 23 63 2 -
A visit to Bainport: Sensata's Outsource City. (pix and video, repost)
Note: I am reposting this diary that was originally posted on Sept 30th. It didn't go very far at the time. People are now paying attention to the Sensata story. Bainport is major national news, and ...
noise of rain 10/13/2012 29 89 2 192
The Faces of Outsourcing: Bainport's Tent-City Protest in Pictures
It all seems so abstract until you start talking to people. That just what we did when the Overpass Light Brigade visited Bainport, IL., a protest tent-city that has been set up across from a ...
noise of rain 10/02/2012 75 254 6 956
Shades of Envy and the Hat of Hate: Karma Under the OLB Bridge!
The horns start blasting immediately upon ascending the circular ramp to the crumbling overpass over I-894. Badscience is a stickler for letter spacing, so she goes about her work of fine-tuning. I ...
noise of rain 08/31/2012 14 48 - 155
OLB & Voces de la Frontera Take Back the Bridge
When the police response to a peaceful OLB action last Friday night swelled into a full force tactical deluge , we were a bit perplexed. Why the storm troop tactics? Who called it in? What was it ...
noise of rain 08/28/2012 36 92 - 292
Overpass Light Brigade: Merry Pranksters & The Police Parade
I wish I could stand right next to you on a bridge. We'll hold the lighted letters together, chat amiably about politics, gardens, schools, neighborhoods, as traffic roars through the dark warm ...
noise of rain 08/25/2012 42 181 1 633
OLB Message in Milwaukee: MITTS OFF MEDICARE!
I sit in my in-laws' house in downtown Los Angeles and reflect on the immediacy of social media. Earlier tonight, two-thousand miles away on a bridge just west of Milwaukee, the Overpass Light ...
noise of rain 08/14/2012 93 203 2 898
Fear No One, Frighten No One: Reflections On A Sikh Vigil
I knew that things would be pretty crazy when the organizer of the Oak Creek vigil called my home phone at 6:00 last evening and asked me, with a somewhat frantic tone in her voice, when the ...
noise of rain 08/08/2012 36 80 3 218
Milwaukee Candlelight Vigil: Wisconsin Weeps
Badscience and I were coming back from a bit of kayaking "up north" and gave a call to our friend Joe to hear how Friday's Overpass Light Brigade action in Madison went. We had coordinated our ...
noise of rain 08/05/2012 36 132 4 381
Overpass Light Brigade: A View From The Bridges
For us in the Overpass Light Brigade , a tweet is long-form narrative. We have to say it in 30 letters or less when we organize between 20 and 120 volunteers to hold some lighted letters on a bridge ...
noise of rain 07/15/2012 49 90 2 265
Dateline: Overpass... HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!
The Overpass Light Brigade went out in Milwaukee last night in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act. We hadn't planned anything, and needed to create some ...
noise of rain 06/29/2012 12 33 2 106
Nuns On The Overpass: Question Austerity
When the Overpass Light Brigade contacted the D.C coordinators for Nuns on the Bus , we didn't really expect to get the busy Sisters out to one of our bridge parties. We really just wanted to extend ...
noise of rain 06/20/2012 107 331 9 1054
The Overpass Light Brigade: a Union, a Strike, a Bridge and a Boycott
The striking Latino workers walk the picket while shouting a mix of English and Spanish slogans through bullhorns. They march up and down the sidewalk in front of Palermo's Pizza's Milwaukee ...
noise of rain 06/17/2012 21 63 1 224
Essential Visibility and the Overpass Light Brigade
The Overpass Light Brigade wanted to be in Madison Tuesday night for the recall election results. The Solidarity Sing Along was going to perform in front of the capitol at 8:00, and we planned to ...
noise of rain 06/07/2012 104 173 2 552
Bridges, Badgers, Bagpipes and Barrett [or] What "Enthusiasm Gap?"
Yesterday afternoon, while I was working on some signs, I received a call from the Barrett campaign. They were making public a promotional video that was shot last week with the Overpass Light ...
noise of rain 06/04/2012 88 285 5 1092
Things Get Complicated for the Overpass Light Brigade: Whose Bridge Is This, Anyway?
Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is in the lovely and developing Menomonee Valley which was historically the industrial heart of Milwaukee. Overlooking the park and up on a modest bluff ...
noise of rain 06/03/2012 134 551 6 1923
Fitzwalkerstan Gag Order: Don't Talk About Bad Jobs News
According to Wisconsin Media Co-op: A source in the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has revealed the DWD Secretary Reggie Newson has ordered staff not to discuss new and ...
noise of rain 05/31/2012 24 82 1 421
We're On the Overpass Engaging Peaceful Protest While Cowards Break Our Car Windows.
We were packing up after another Overpass Light Brigade bridge party, and were standing around chatting in the chilly evening air. Some folks had already left the West Allis neighborhood where we ...
noise of rain 05/31/2012 122 432 2 1859
On the Bridge With OLB: Banners, Flags, a Marching Band. They've Got Money, We've Got Us.
We had another great turnout last evening when the Overpass Light Brigade met in Milwaukee. 43 people joined us to hold signs, carry flags, play music, and display our new message - VOTE BARRETT ...
noise of rain 05/24/2012 79 179 1 554
WI's Overpass Light Brigade, the Law and Building a Movement.
The police seemed a bit surly when they arrived last night. Perhaps they were made nervous by the 41 people on the bridge, the reporter, the video crew shooting a spot for Tom Barrett's campaign ...
noise of rain 05/19/2012 75 185 3 615
WI's Overpass Light Brigade and Signs of Resistance: A Week In Pictures.
Come out and spend some time suspended 30 feet over a freeway, holding signs of resistance while cars and semi-trucks roar by, upsweeping their roadway winds that smell of cement and gas. Their ...
noise of rain 05/06/2012 82 141 5 543
Overpass Light Brigade Visits Janesville, WI: 11 Ducklings Are Saved.
Janesville, WI, is a town beset by massive joblessness through decades of downsizings, closings, offshoring and general rustbelt erosion. Recent economic reports on job growth have put Wisconsin ...
noise of rain 04/28/2012 81 158 2 540
Bridge Warriors of Wisconsin and Walker's Dismal Job On Jobs
It was unusually cold last night over I-894 on an overpass in West Allis, a western suburb of Milwaukee. I could have used more layers. Even the cops looked cold when they came in three squad cars ...
noise of rain 04/22/2012 53 96 1 377
WI's Overpass Light Brigade and Bridging the Embankments
When cars and trucks pass underneath our glowing signs, the drivers and passengers retain a memory of the message, distributing it to both nearby and far-flung locations. We hold the letters one-side-
noise of rain 04/15/2012 65 150 4 540
WI's Overpass Light Brigade: Bridge Party and Police Escort!
When Kossacks jorogo and Sand Hill Crane said they could gather some volunteers together for an Overpass Light Brigade visit, I jokingly suggested that if we were to drive the two hours from ...
noise of rain 04/07/2012 88 252 6 995
Wisconsin's Overpass Light Brigade: Bridge Parties and Drive-by Seeing
Badscience and I have for the last year dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of creative strategies for activism and visibility. These have included the collaborative creation of a PAC, The Playground ...
noise of rain 03/31/2012 116 220 7 752
No Country for Young Men: Trayvon and Bo, a Milwaukee Vigil.
Peace activists gathered in Milwaukee last Thursday evening under a clear night sky, in a park named after a man named King, surrounded by tough streets where young men are routinely gunned down, in ...
noise of rain 03/25/2012 10 32 - 98
Two Minutes of Silence, a Milwaukee Vigil
Peace activists gathered in Milwaukee last evening under a clear night sky, in a park named after a man named King, surrounded by tough streets where young men are routinely gunned down, in an area ...
noise of rain 03/23/2012 43 79 4 263
Politics, Art and Joy: Overpass Light Brigade at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
A lot of loose ends came together for Overpass Light Brigade's outdoor debut of new JOHN DOE signs which refer, of course, to the continuing investigation into Scott Walker's involvement in illegal ...
noise of rain 03/17/2012 51 93 2 391
Walker and Kleefisch Recall Is Coming!
Note: I changed my original title of this diary from "Breaking: Walker and Kleefisch Recall Is On" because I can't find verification of my original story which is below. I picked up this news from ...
noise of rain 03/16/2012 126 256 2 1375
Meet John Doe: Scott Walker Keeps Talking Smack.
Governor Walker has continuously reassured Wisconsinites that he is "not a subject of the investigation," referring to, of course, the ongoing John Doe case focussing on campaign corruption that has ...
noise of rain 03/13/2012 126 233 2 1158
More Amazing News: Photo ID in WI = Unconstitutional!
"Judgment is rendered declaring 2011 Wisconsin Act 23’s photo ID requirements unconstitutional to the extent they serve as a condition for voting at the polls. Moreover, defendants are permanently ...
noise of rain 03/12/2012 225 507 6 2368
Wisconsin Today: We Took Our Blows Last Year but Now We're Swinging Back!
A friend of mine, a hard-working union man known in the activist community as Milwaukee Ironworkers, put it like this over a beer in a bar in Madison after the rally today: "Last year, we took our ...
noise of rain 03/10/2012 74 150 2 526
[UPDATE] Walker Won't Challenge Signatures: Or Will He?
Citing "an impossible timeline" ( translation: we weren't willing to pay people to do a futile job and we couldn't get enough volunteers) Walker's spokeswoman Ciara "Rove" Matthews stated "recall ...
noise of rain 02/27/2012 173 277 3 1690
Friday in Wisconsin on the Ice Glazed Highway with the Overpass Light Brigade
These are special times for all of us activists who weren't activists a year and a month ago, but who are now veterans of the cold streets and who dress for the cold nights and make crazy signs to ...
noise of rain 02/25/2012 128 203 3 758
Wisconsin Republicans Working for the [Capitol] Clampdown
In an effort to halt the daily irritations of the Solidarity Singers and other protest groups that converge on "the people's house," Republicans passed "rules" (not laws) restricting assembly. These "
noise of rain 02/19/2012 113 143 3 765
Beauty Happens: Holders of the Lights and a Madison Overpass
There are plenty of local bridges to inhabit in our Milwaukee neighborhoods, but the Overpass Light Brigade is interested in traveling further afield to locations throughout our beloved state of ...
noise of rain 02/18/2012 137 286 4 1076
Perched Before the Fall, 1% Walker Stalls For Time. Grifters Are Coming Unglued.
Caught in the web of his own corruption, failing Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has asked a Dane County judge for a second extension in order to allow the continued review of over 1 million ...
noise of rain 02/15/2012 154 346 6 1901
Various Shams and Scams Among 1% Walker and His Fitzgrifter Friends
My household was called twice last week by Republican pollsters. I had friends who were also called. It is strange that we subsequently didn't hear anything about the results of the poll. Not a peep.
noise of rain 02/13/2012 135 200 2 1057
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