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Glenn Beck calls for the extermination of OWS crowd
The title says it all.
nokona 10/10/2011 18 34 - 252
The Empire Strikes Back
Oh, you thought this was easy?
nokona 11/03/2010 10 7 1 25
Lebanese to build synagogue at their Ground Zero
The situation between the Lebanese and Israel has always been taut with friction. In 2006, the Israeli's responded to a Lebanese attack by absolutely crippling Lebanon and taking control of the ...
nokona 08/26/2010 19 26 - 41
Conservapedia Bible Gets More Ridiculous
Conservatives can't help but one up their crazy everyday can they? As has been recently reported, the unintentionally hilarious Conservapedia has decided to rewrite the Bible. Because of the ...
nokona 08/14/2010 99 25 - 50
The Rebirth of the Know Nothing Party
This isn't what you think it is. However, it will be a bit of a history lesson. Let's jump back to the first half of the 1800s and learn us some good ole 'merikan nativism.
nokona 08/13/2010 10 14 - 44
RNC Committee Member calls for Revolution
Having seen how terribly the Prop 8 ruling has threatened the very fabric of our United States, the RNC has now gone and done it.
nokona 08/12/2010 45 11 - 95
This week's manufactured outrage: Couric
The last few months have seen two major stories enrapture the Republican base. The obvious one is Breitbart's shameful condemnation of Shirley Sherrod. The other one sailed a bit under the radar. ...
nokona 08/04/2010 36 8 - 37
Anthony Weiner for moderately influential place in government.
So often we contemplate what is wrong with our Congress. Join me over the jump to see what Anthony did today in Washington.
nokona 07/29/2010 1146 659 13 558
Why you should watch soccer on Saturday
I thought about titling this diary "Why you should fall in love with the US Men's National Team" but felt that was a bit too presumptuous. But you should. Really you should.
nokona 06/24/2010 69 27 1 41
Kyl: Obama refusing to secure border on purpose
At a town hall over the weekend, John Kyl has stated that President Obama told him he will not protect the border in order to force immigration reform to be supported.
nokona 06/21/2010 12 4 - 88
The America We're Giving to Our Children
This is the America I feel we're leaving to our children. It has to change.
nokona 06/16/2010 5 - - 27
Siege Mentality
It's something that European football clubs like to use against the media and other teams. It's referred to as the "siege mentality." That is, everything remains in-house, the close knit nature of ...
nokona 05/01/2010 6 3 - 20
Dear Duncan Hunter
You are f!$*ing scum.
nokona 04/28/2010 12 10 - 80
The Re-Elect Nixon Crowd
In 1978, Bill Murray and Hunter S. Thompson convened for a truly gonzo objective: re-elect Richard Nixon in 1980.
nokona 04/02/2010 22 9 2 19
Welcome to the Team
Last night Bill Maher told Democrats to be more like Tiger Woods and "shove it down [the Republicans] throat." Today, the President responded.
nokona 03/27/2010 2 3 - 26
Send the Word, the Yanks are coming the Yanks are coming!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am slightly disappointed in you! No World Cup draw threads? Nothing on the vaunted US Men's National Soccer Team? Where's the love?
nokona 12/04/2009 13 4 1 52
CO St. Sen disparages 9/11, calls Obama a hijacker
Does it surprise you?
nokona 11/12/2009 12 11 - 21
Ron Reagan comes out punching!
Not sure who saw Ron Reagan on Hardball a few moments ago but he was absolutely stunning.
nokona 10/22/2009 105 53 1 159
nokona 10/09/2009 60 7 - 11
New Left Media does it again, eat it Boehner.
The two wonderful gentlemen at New Left Media have done it again. Posted two days ago, they went to a protest at John Boehner's office in support of the public option.
nokona 10/08/2009 12 22 - 47
Let's have some fun
Yes, the tumultuous relationship we all seem to have with the country as of the last month is draining. But it's Saturday night. If you're not going out to work off the steam from calling your ...
nokona 10/03/2009 8 2 - 35
Idiot: Obama invites Military Coup
You can almost smell the wingnuts salivating. They've been practicing their "WOLVERINES" chant for when their Mad Mex esque fantasies can finally come true. Well some idiot finally said it: We're ...
nokona 09/29/2009 43 13 2 36
Tancredo doubles down: Obama is a liar.
Everyone's favorite moron is back!
nokona 09/10/2009 21 7 1 25
We can wait, knowledge liberates
Austrian liberals, admittedly much different from us, used to say that "we can wait, knowledge liberates" well ladies and gents, the President has laid it out on the line. The knowledge has been ...
nokona 09/09/2009 7 - 1 3
Huckster goes there: Healthcare Reform would urge Teddy to die
In words that the morons must be lapping up, Mike Huckabee states that Obamacare would have urged Ted Kennedy to hang up the boots on life far earlier.
nokona 08/28/2009 169 168 - 33
OBGYN Dr. Warren Hern threatened by wingers in Boulder, CO
The far right terrorists, let's not mince words it's what they are, has struck again. OBGYN Warren Hern in ...
nokona 08/27/2009 18 28 - 81
Texas Public Schools to require Bible Study
It's been sometime since I last posted a diary but I feel this one is a must see. The evangelicals have managed to pass a bill in 2007 that would mandate the study of the bible in ALL Texas public ...
nokona 08/16/2009 78 17 - 21
Soccer is ruining America
Yes. The liberals brought us soccer and with it, the downfall of american pie and hot dogs.,
nokona 03/26/2009 96 10 2 89
Happy St. Patricks Day, War is Over.
Happy St. Patrick's Day ladies and gents.
nokona 03/16/2009 21 9 - 3
TX: Liberal athiest fired for being liberal, athiest [call to arms]
Just when you think Dayton, TN was 80 some odd years ago, backwater Texas decides to break your heart.
nokona 02/05/2009 45 49 1 90
Dean will step down as DNC chair
Looks like Howard Dean will honor his one term ...
nokona 11/10/2008 499 404 6 42
SNL will do Olbermann skit
Yes, our beloved Keith will be torn to shreds on SNL this weekend.
nokona 10/31/2008 30 15 - -
Joe the Plumber: Israel will be destroyed
Sam the Businessman keeps the wingnutterry going on the campaign trail today.
nokona 10/28/2008 61 5 - 10
The despicable hate continues
In Ohio, a racist has chosen to hang an effigy of Obama in front of his home.
nokona 10/19/2008 4 6 - 29
Stephen Baldwin: "I'd like to knock some sense into Barack," "cultural terrorist"
Yes, the unfunny slightly mentally challenged wingnut brother of Alec has called out Barack Obama once again. You might remember douchebigalow came out in July and had this to say about an Obama ...
nokona 10/16/2008 98 9 2 43
THIS is Barack Obama, Sarah
This is the man the McCain campaign has spent hours disparaging. Check below the fold for a video "Who Is Barack Obama?" from the campaign itself. It includes behind the scenes stuff from the DNC ...
nokona 10/10/2008 14 14 2 2
Keating: "Obama of the street," "should admit drug use"
Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating keeps the race baiting going on Dennis Miller's Radio show.
nokona 10/09/2008 63 13 - -
McCain Brother: VA Suburbs "Commie Country" UPDATED
I love the smell of McCarthyism in the morning.
nokona 10/05/2008 18 16 1 -
Louisana Republican calls for Eugenics
No joke, Rep. John LaBruzzo is calling for elitist eugenics. You really can't make up some of the things these people say anymore.
nokona 09/24/2008 35 14 - 3
So this is how we lose the election
Congrats guys, We really did it this time.
nokona 08/31/2008 59 1 1 1
Republicans declare war on bears
Yup, war on bears.
nokona 08/29/2008 10 4 - -
We have seen a Kennedy son grow old
The other night, after Ted Kennedy's terrific and heroic speech our beloved Keith Olbermann said that "we have finally seen a Kennedy son grow old." It was so touching because finally our royal ...
nokona 08/28/2008 4 7 1 8
Help me not help Cindy
Folks, every weekend we elitists often sit down with something to drink unlike the moral right.
nokona 08/22/2008 17 - - -
Republican pleads guilty after senseless killing of geese
The new eco-friendly Republican party! They're on the forefront of offshore drilling, they love hydrogen and electric cars that they'll give $300 million to, but so help me god if those geese aren't ...
nokona 07/15/2008 33 20 - 56
McCain campaign originially stood by Gramm
Yes, you read that right. Before the distancing, the "my views are my own," the Dr. No comments, the McCain campaign sent out ...
nokona 07/10/2008 16 11 - -
In that case, Let's throw Stephen Baldwin out
Stephen Baldwin has come out stating that he will leave the country if Barack Obama wins the Presidency.
nokona 07/01/2008 57 3 - 35
Newsweek: John McCain defaults on California home
nokona 06/28/2008 551 700 7 76
President Bush: Phillipinos make great cooks
Just when you thought the dumb things this man says couldn't get any worse or make us, as a country, look any more ridiculous...he does this:
nokona 06/24/2008 78 12 - 25
I'm Scared of the Media Narrative after Republican Convention
Nerves after the jump edit: please check out the tags....this is thinly veiled humor.
nokona 06/04/2008 34 2 - -
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