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The failed coup d'etat
The subtext of the SOTUA was the trap shutting on the stupidest and most intelligent attempt to re-instate a corporate feudal system since the last one they fell into. What I saw was a failed ...
nolagrl 01/29/2014 14 5 1 -
Pearl Harbor, Mon Amour
Today, I raise a glass to director John Ford, the person most responsible for my Doctorate in American Studies. Then I raise my middle finger to him. Ford has us hard wired, even now. His ...
nolagrl 12/07/2013 14 6 - -
My Little Blogee- On Sabbatical
We are declaring ourselves (my brilliant, PTSD musician husband, two puppy mill refugee Bull Terriers, both with PTSD, 2 cats, both entertained by our Addams-esque antics, and me, your PTSD/MST ...
nolagrl 11/30/2013 17 13 - -
Chidlren's televison as cultural influence.
We of the Boomer generation had the first uncontrolled access to the world outside our homes. Children of a military culture, television whispered that Father Didn't know best, and there was ...
nolagrl 03/29/2013 2 3 - -
Addwine #2 -Those who don't....
theorize. Musing on American culture and history is an addiction I picked up in the American Studies Dept at the University of Hawai'i - Manoa. Having never lived a mainstream American lifestyle,
nolagrl 03/23/2013 6 15 - -
Add Wine and stir - recipes for instant Grandmother
I wrote to a friend undergoing surgery that "there's always at least one turn in the path you never see coming." Life in the past three years has been a Gordian knot of turns, kinks and surprises .
nolagrl 03/23/2013 16 36 - -
Let's ALL go Galt
"Atlas Shrugged" is based on the incredibly Liberal notion that ideas have value. As a matter of fact, Galt's ideas to make money are worth more than mere human life. He and his merry band are ...
nolagrl 02/21/2013 67 132 9 -
All the gyring and gimbaling in the wabe about gerrymandering seems to make the assumption that demographics, living patterns and suburban growth will remain the same, with urban areas being hubs of ...
nolagrl 02/20/2013 1 - - -
Your guns = my uterus
It occurs to me that there is a connection between gun lovers and women. Hear me out. We both are outraged at what we see as intolerable intrusions into private citizens' lives. We both are seen ...
nolagrl 01/30/2013 127 29 1 -
How anarchy is organized. By telepathy
We are witnessing a radical transformation in society. the end of privacy and the rise of the Global Village. And the revolution is over. Hierarchy as an organizing principle lost. What fired my ...
nolagrl 01/30/2013 7 1 1 -
Jesus Rides the Dinosaur
Generally, if they are using big words, they are trying to rob you. This use of words stems from a decreasing need for an elaborate vocabulary in every day life. It's the new age of empathy - the ...
nolagrl 01/30/2013 6 - - -
Jesus Rides the Dinosaur
The Hierarchy is dead. The Word is no longer Sacred, no matter how they try. Fight back, we're almost to the part where Justice does some severe butt kicking...... and some chickens appear. ...
nolagrl 12/27/2012 11 3 - -
An Impotent God
My husband is back from the hospital (12th time this year. Argh.) So this Samhain night has been quiet. So with the right stimulation, I'm off on flights of fancy. Abortion rights, women's second ...
nolagrl 10/31/2012 8 9 - -
ER Hell
Screaming tv, floodlit drop ceiling squares and spiteful furniture. 3 hours sitting in the new St. Bernard ER. Feels like a food court - no real sense of dignity or comfort - just industrial cheap ...
nolagrl 10/23/2012 6 5 - -
Privatizing Our Investment
"Of course the renter's needs will always take precedence to the owner's." That's the argument for privatization in a nutshell. And we swallowed it.
nolagrl 09/19/2012 1 1 - 18
Name that Sin!!!!!!!
Strap on your logic and critical thinking guns. The pen (or smartphone) is still mightier than the sword. I've been pushing for a discussion of the 7 Deadly Sins and the American way of existence. ...
nolagrl 08/26/2012 8 1 - 69
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