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About that Coke commercial...
You've heard about that Coke commercial, with people singing "America the Beautiful" in a half-dozen languages. You've heard about the conservative apoplexy in response to its not being, um, "Anglo"
nominalize 02/03/2014 25 40 - -
Why arguments for open carry of guns makes no sense
The thing I never understood about open carry can be summarized in a question: If guns aren't intimidating, how are they supposed to deter a criminal? This question comes to mind as I read this ...
nominalize 12/20/2013 32 21 2 -
How to prevent future shutdowns, in two easy steps
So the shutdown is a disaster, and once again, zealous ideological Conservatism has driven Republicans to use the letter of the parliamentary process to abuse its spirit. Nothing can be done about ...
nominalize 10/09/2013 9 4 - -
Tired of gun excuses? Here's how to deal with them this Christmas
Christmas is fast approaching, for those of you who do that sort of thing. Many of us are heading to see family, those folks we wouldn't hang out with if it weren't for our shared genetic material.
nominalize 12/23/2012 55 32 2 -
Briefs 2: Undermine GOP talking points in one sentence
Last week, I posted a diary that offered some one-sentence 'zingers' that not only counter GOP talking points, but undermine the conservatism behind them. For instance: On trickle-down: The ...
nominalize 10/17/2012 5 6 - -
Briefs: Undermine GOP talking points with one sentence
Sometimes, it's hard to undo right-wing talking points because it requires long, detailed, complicated explanations anchored in reality. But sometimes, it's not so difficult. Here are a few ...
nominalize 10/12/2012 16 25 4 -
Nobody pays zero tax in this country. Nobody.
Let's get one thing clear: Nobody pays zero tax in this country. It's true: 47% of (adult) Americans don't pay federal income tax. This includes retirees (duh), the unemployed (obviously), and ...
nominalize 09/20/2012 7 3 - 43
The best word to describe Mr Romney? Inept
Mitt Romney's job for the last six years has been running for President. And yet, his campaign involves one inept gaffe after another. Say what you will about his proposals, but he's a terrible ...
nominalize 09/12/2012 5 - - 36
"I'm tired of the Occupy people", says my wife.
Last night my wife and I had a conversation about the Occupy people. Just out of the blue, she said "I'm tired of hearing about the Occupy people". Alarm bells went off in my head as my debating ...
nominalize 11/18/2011 32 30 - 404
A letter to the 1%, from a member of the 99%
Dear 1%, Fuck you. We thought you had shattered the economy, but it turns out you've only shattered us. The recession ended two years ago, but joblessness stays as high as in France. In France! ...
nominalize 10/12/2011 2 5 - 42
A phrase I don't want to see here anymore
There's a phrase that we often use here and elsewhere where liberals congegrate and commiserate. It's an expression of exasperation at the apparent unwillingness of the average American to vote for ...
nominalize 06/13/2011 99 18 1 446
What *is* wrong with American education?
From the sound of it, if there's one thing we gotta fix in America, it's our nation's education. We used to have a great system, but now it's failing our children. Everyone's got a solution for ...
nominalize 03/30/2011 5 1 - 45
Conservatives lie through video editing... again!
We remember the ACORN prostitute advisors, and the Shirley Sherrod saga at the Dept. of Agriculture. In both cases, conservatives selectively edited videos to make the truth fit their memes. They ...
nominalize 11/19/2010 13 14 - 62
Some bullet points
I just had a few thoughts, and don't have time to develop them fully (That whole job + young family thing is a time suck from blogging!). But they've worked well for me, and hopefully they'll give ...
nominalize 10/20/2010 2 2 - 27
Militias are just gun geeks, really...
Whenever Democrats run the country (or whatever it is Democrats are doing in Washington :D), we hear about militia groups lurking in our forests, preparing for armed insurrection. I guess we're ...
nominalize 10/01/2010 43 - - 39
A simple eight-point-plan for health reform
It might seem like ages ago, but it was only this spring that our country was all up in arms about health care reform. With all the shoutin' and fightin', it was hard to figure out what was goin' on.
nominalize 09/25/2010 7 2 - 24
Bush Tax Cut: Where are the jobs?
It's funny how Republicans are saying that we have to extend the Bush tax cuts, or we'll raise taxes on "job creators". They think they're being clever by setting up a frame whereby rich people are ...
nominalize 09/15/2010 25 15 - 40
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