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Romney Gets a Predictable Endorsement
Mr. Burns endorses Romney!
norm 11/01/2012 9 19 1 -
Review: Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?
One of the movies featured in Netroots Nation's Screening Showcase panel talks, Heist: Who Stole the American Dream is a riveting, clear and concise, but also hard hitting and motivating documentary ...
norm 06/05/2012 5 30 - 120
Dishonest Flyer in California
Before every election, it seems that those of us in California receive these fliers from a group that claims to either be for Democrats, Progressives, etc. These fliers endorse candidates (in the ...
norm 05/16/2010 16 22 - 170
Carrots AND Sticks
In general, the Carrots Not Sticks movement makes a recommendation to give carrots, rewards, when your congressmen vote the correct way, rather than focusing so much on giving out sticks, messages ...
norm 11/07/2009 4 2 - 14
My Health Care Nightmare Story
In late July, 1999, on a day when I was supposed to be apartment hunting in Tucson, Arizona, for my future temp position at University of Arizona, I had to instead spend a few hours on the phone ...
norm 08/20/2009 12 23 - 28
Who Needs 24 Hour "News" Channels or Media Matters?
I have my father give me a good idea what b.s. is really being spouted up at any given time. First of all, the spin currently is FYI that the Democrats are "full of pride"--they are filled with so ...
norm 05/09/2009 3 2 - 28
Musings on Having Lived Through Amendment 2 (and now Proposition 8)
Back in 1992, the "Culture Wars" were probably new and unleashed, even when the country just elected Bill Clinton. In the state of Colorado, the same state that elected Bill Clinton, also passed ...
norm 12/19/2008 4 8 - 24
Gay Rights on the Ballot Bibliography
Cross-posted at Calitics On the "Day Without a Gay", I took the day off from work where I decided to use my time and skills where I ...
norm 12/13/2008 18 32 5 38
Anti-Gay Rights Initiatives, Mormons and Mormon Church (LDS) Activism: A Historical Perspective
I know-- "Not another Prop. 8 diary!" you might scream, but that's not the point of this particular diary, except for all who hope where to go forward, to either repeal the proposition by voter ...
norm 12/05/2008 40 35 2 245
I'm in Tears Tonight
Many years ago, when I was about four or five years old, the television was on, it was the news (so of course I didn't care), and my father suddenly pointed to the television and told me, "Norman, ...
norm 08/28/2008 4 12 1 2
What's Playing on Your IPod Right Now?
I've had a long stressful day and weekend--looked at dailykos for three minutes to see I need to not read any diaries (except maybe this one I am creating)-- And since diaries real estate is being ...
norm 04/28/2008 101 15 1 38
Randi Rhodes Has Left Air America
For more information go to: I think Air America will be gone a year from now. Rachel Maddow will have her show on ...
norm 04/09/2008 121 44 3 25
Corporate America Rant: The Insignificant Consumer
Since Thanksgiving weekend, apparently the consumer (or the "shopper") is supposed to be at least as significant as missing rock climbers and a little more significant than say policy or soldiers or ...
norm 12/19/2006 7 5 - -
Google Trends: See the Most Popular Areas
norm 05/27/2006 35 7 - 8
Thousands of Voters Dumped Off California's Voting Rolls
norm 03/29/2006 7 3 - 15
Lexis-Nexis' Top Stories of the Year
norm 12/07/2005 2 - - 1
Four Fitzmas Carols for a Friday Evening
norm 10/21/2005 4 1 - 21
New Rules Issued for National Forests
norm 12/23/2004 3 2 - 11
These Online Polls Need Help
norm 10/09/2004 2 3 - 1
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