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Ebola the greatest existential threat?
So many people around me are talking about Ebola. In the local library yesterday, two strangers (obviously known to each other) were discussing the dangers of Ebola. "We need to secure the ...
novapsyche 10/09/2014 25 4 - -
"Sir, what is going on? Oh my God! You will terrify my children!"
Several outlets are reporting that police in Texas pulled over a woman who had four young children in her car. They instructed her to exit the vehicle, then placed her under arrest without warning, ...
novapsyche 08/24/2014 317 505 7 -
Former CIA Chief calls Sen. Feinstein too "emotional" to objectively review interrogation program
It's a little early in the week for abject sexism, but former CIA director Michael Hayden decided to kick things off anyway . [Senator Dianne] Feinstein declared that the findings [of the report on ...
novapsyche 04/06/2014 181 207 1 -
Hate crime in my backyard: Woman attacked for marrying her wife
A woman in Ypsilanti Township was attacked by three male assailants Monday for marrying her same-sex spouse . The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, had recently been on the local news in a ...
novapsyche 04/02/2014 23 20 1 -
Congressman "strongly urges" SXSW to remove Snowden from panel
Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) recently penned an open letter to the organizers of SXSW, who plan to have Edward Snowden speak via webcast Monday as part of a panel regarding surveillance. In this ...
novapsyche 03/08/2014 15 16 - -
Police officers doing reprehensible things
I should be writing a short story for my assignment due tomorrow for my creative writing class. Instead, I am preoccupied with the shortcomings of various law enforcement officers around the country.
novapsyche 02/26/2014 8 8 - -
News brief: Three AZ Republican Lawmakers Regret Vote, Ask Brewer to Veto Discrimination Bill
A blurb out of the Washington Post has this tidbit: Three Republicans who supported a bill that would bolster the rights of business owners to refuse service to gays and others on the basis of ...
novapsyche 02/24/2014 31 19 - -
Wendy Davis open to supporting 20-week ban on abortion after all
Well, that's disappointing . Wendy Davis, whose filibuster against new abortion restrictions in Texas made her a liberal hero and led her to run for governor this year, says in a new interview that ...
novapsyche 02/12/2014 73 11 - -
The long view as seen by Rand Paul: Texas could turn blue
With a cautionary tone, Rand Paul admonished his fellow conservatives and had this to say about the future of the GOP in Texas: "Texas will be a Democratic state within 10 years if you don't change,"
novapsyche 02/09/2014 8 3 - -
School "celebrates" Black History Month with menu featuring fried chicken, watermelon
Almost as certain as someone will dress in blackface for Halloween, someone will offer "authentic" African-American cuisine during Black History Month . Some parents and pupils at Carondelet High ...
novapsyche 02/06/2014 40 5 - -
CNN does hit job on Dawn Zimmer
On a day when the national press is refocused on the Chris Christie scandal, with subpoenas expected from various sources, CNN decided to train its eye instead on Dawn Zimmer. First, there's the ...
novapsyche 02/03/2014 90 142 - -
Predictions & Strategies (w/poll)
novapsyche 09/30/2007 22 3 - -
MI-Gov: Margin of Relief: Granholm secures lead in poll
novapsyche 10/19/2006 14 7 - 2
London Telegraph: "US 'could be going bankrupt'"
novapsyche 07/14/2006 27 41 4 18
Veteran Arrested for "Protesting for Peace" via T-shirt UPDATED
novapsyche 07/05/2006 262 421 12 273
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