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UPDATE: WINNER!! Moments after posting this, the Oscar went to Freeheld! Congratulations Cynthia, and all those fighting for equality and the freedom to marry!

Nominated for Best Documentary Short, Freeheld, for those who don't know, chronicles one of the most courageous struggles we have ever witnessed, one that galvanized the progressive GLBT and straight communities in New Jersey.

Alternating from packed public demonstrations at the county courthouse to quiet, tender moments of Laurel and Stacie at home, "Freeheld" combines tension-filled political drama with personal detail, creating a nuanced study of a grassroots fight for justice.

Yesterday, my co-host and I on Blue Jersey Radio had the chance to interview the film's director, Cynthia Wade. For an insider's peak at how politics and film can be intertwined, have a listen.

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Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 08:03 PM PST

Politics and Film - Perfect Together

by noweeman

Every Saturday morning from 10:30am to 11:00am, Blue Jersey Radio streams live with the latest buzz in New Jersey politics, interviews with newsmakers, and live callers from around the state and the country. We've been fortunate enough to be joined by State Legislators, Congressmen, and a Presidential Candidate.

But, this week, co-hosts Yours Truly and Jay Lassiter celebrate Oscar Weekend with one of our most interesting guests: Cynthia Wade, Director of the Academy-Award Nominated Documentary Short, Freeheld, which tells the story of Police Lieutenant Laurel Hester's courageous battle for justice for herself and her domestic partner against the Ocean County, NJ Freeholder Board. Thanks to the good folks at, you can listen live to the interview right here.

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On his exit from the presidential race, Governor Bill Richardson graciously heaped worthy praise on all the democratic candidates for the race they have waged, their service to our country, and the attributes that they have demonstrated. Tea-leaf readers might want to decipher who Richardson wants to win based on his descriptions of each candidate. But, it would depend on what you think is the biggest compliment.

So, without listing the names, what are we really looking for in a President?


What do you most want in a President?

8%6 votes
1%1 votes
36%27 votes
24%18 votes
24%18 votes
4%3 votes
0%0 votes

| 73 votes | Vote | Results


UPDATE: Under pressure from rank-and-file democrats and the presidential campaigns themselves, the State Committee reversed course and is now seeking an open primary in New Jersey. In other words - We won!

They say all politics is local, and that includes Presidential Politics. Despite the DNC's effort to level the playing field nationwide for all candidates, at least in New Jersey, the state party apparatus still wants to control who gets access to the ballot, and where they appear.

Following an unprecedented arm-twisting campaign, the party establishment here is nearly united in support of Hillary Clinton for President. That, no one denies. So, when the NJ Democratic State Committee sent a letter to the Division of Elections about ballot preferences, do you think it was designed to level the playing field?

The answer is no, and the full story, as I wrote on Blue Jersey earlier, is below.

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Not content to sit back and let Iowa decide the presidency, a coalition of Democratic and Progressive Grassroots Organizations in New Jersey are conducting the New Jersey Presidential Caucus this Friday evening, December 7, where New Jersey Democrats will hear from representatives of all the major Democratic presidential candidates and then participate in an Iowa-style caucus debate to select their top 3 presidential candidate choices.

While not a binding vote, the caucus results will be an indication of how the state’s activist Democrats will be deploying their support in the months leading up to the state’s February 5, 2008 primary election.

You can find all the details of the event here.

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