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The Background Music driving the Hobby Lobby decision & the War on Women
Apparently, corporations are people and women are not. That was my first thought upon hearing the Hobby Lobby Birth Control decision. There are many subtexts that bother me in this whole decision, ...
oakborn 07/05/2014 21 30 - -
An amateur runner who will NOT be afraid.
I am a runner, coming to the sport relatively late in life. I love running because it's a very pure sport, no matter how many cool gadgets I use to measure my times or distances, or play music to ...
oakborn 04/15/2013 9 17 - -
A Fundamental betrayal of women’s empowerment
Yesterday was International Women’s day (…yay… we get a day…) and a birth story I read online triggered my 2 a.m. brain squirrels into frantic activity. The birth story was very typical, ...
oakborn 03/09/2013 88 29 - -
Low Level Right Wing Buyer's Remorse
There may be some hope for a backlash against the Right Wing's grip on the redder parts of the map.
oakborn 02/28/2013 74 242 2 -
Going Full-Goose-Biblical in New Mexico
WARNING: I write in a hyperbolic style. Please take that into account when reading and understand that when I leap to what appear to patently ridiculous conclusions, my tongue is firmly planted in ...
oakborn 01/25/2013 8 15 - -
NO! Pandering to the Rape Culture.
This morning while watching the Today show, they began talking about the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. They did an overview of the story and kept repeating how the accused kept saying it was “...
oakborn 01/08/2013 264 318 2 -
Emotional Numbness after Sandy Hook & Moving Forward
In the aftermath of yet another tragic shooting in which a (most likely) mentally ill individual got ahold of weapons and took the lives of innocent people, this time mostly young children. I am ...
oakborn 12/14/2012 1 - - -
My #1 Reason for Being Unable to Vote Romney
If I listed out the reasons why I could never vote have voted for Mitt Romney, I would be here for quite a long time. There never was any question as to who I was going to vote for this year, anyway,
oakborn 11/12/2012 8 5 1 -
Insane dreams and unsettled sleep
I started this as a Facebook status and it just kept going, so I moved the frustrated ramblings over here when they started become more coherent.
oakborn 09/15/2012 1 - - 43
Fighting for those who fight for us… an Army Nurse Case Manager story...
I joined the US Army as a nurse in 2009. I am currently mobilized to Texas.
oakborn 07/05/2012 18 45 - 187
My Independence Day Thoughts…
A reflection on what America and being American means to me... with a huge homage to my wonderful parents.
oakborn 07/04/2012 7 9 - 69
Real Patriotism
On this Memorial Day 2012, I offer up something I wrote 4 days after raising my hand and taking the oath to become an officer in the United States Army. I mainly joined to help soldiers. I hope I ...
oakborn 05/28/2012 4 5 - 36
If you want to know why women don't speak up about sexual harassment and assault...
Women don't come forward so often in cases of sexual harassment or abuse seen through several stories and venues, starting with Herman Cain...
oakborn 11/08/2011 10 36 - 138
The Invisible Battlefront...
I am a public health nurse in a rural county in Missouri. My job duties are varied... tracking & investigating communicable disease, giving vaccinations, assessing children in WIC clinic and ...
oakborn 08/17/2011 7 20 - 97
Pedicures are like pap smears? Why we need the ERA.
I read this article, Fox ‘Expert��
oakborn 08/02/2011 4 12 - 66
"Don't Be That Guy" Week...
This has been one of the oddest weeks I've had in a long time... It's kind of hard to explain, but I had so many examples of how NOT to act in regard to others it was rather mind boggling. I don't ...
oakborn 05/20/2011 2 3 - 52
ding dong, the witch is dead... or not
Make no mistake, I am glad bin Laden is dead, it was necessary. But I have conflicting thoughts as well.
oakborn 05/02/2011 6 3 - 117
Don't Confuse Me With Facts!!
I have been getting increasingly frustrated with people in this country... people who cannot accept or believe in the truth, even if they get the documentation they want, in black and white, and ...
oakborn 05/01/2011 8 2 - 75
Mulling the motivations of Republican voters... an intro to the REAL America Mythos & Believers...
This is an essay that has been brewing in my thoughts for some time. First I introduce myself... then I introduce three separate, but intertwined concepts that seem to have brought us to where we ...
oakborn 10/25/2008 6 2 - 1
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