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Our future under climate change: mitigation, adaptation, or death? (with poll)
A really, really scary, but thought-provoking March 16th Guardian article by George Monbiot examines the political prospects for the world to adapt to climate change, ...
ohiolibrarian 03/19/2009 52 8 1 30
Breaking: Paul Harvey has died
Just heard on CNN that Paul Harvey has died. It doesn't appear to have been diaried on the site as yet.
ohiolibrarian 02/28/2009 46 28 - 20
OH-Rightwing minister leaves megachurch
You might remember that a bunch of conservative Ohio ministers banded together to overtly support both George W. Bush in 2004 and even more overtly to support Ken Blackwell's bid for Governor in 2006.
ohiolibrarian 10/12/2007 26 16 - 13
OSU cheerleaders, black students threatened
Ohio State University (OSU) has had recent trouble with two sets of threatening letters. Letters have been sent to athletic departments at several schools in addition to OSU, but the most recent ...
ohiolibrarian 04/26/2007 7 2 - 6
Youth Voter Turnout Guide (with poll)
ohiolibrarian 09/08/2006 - 6 - 22
2006 OH Gov: Blackwell ad a bit creepy
ohiolibrarian 04/21/2006 6 3 - -
Bankruptcy Bill Increases Deficit
ohiolibrarian 04/12/2005 1 2 - 2
Harnessing the Sun to Make Hydrogen Fuel - Can it Work?
ohiolibrarian 03/28/2005 21 3 - -
Secrecy and Security - a diary about framing
ohiolibrarian 03/04/2005 - - - 1
Wedging Creationism into the Academy
ohiolibrarian 01/28/2005 3 3 - 8
Social Security calculation
ohiolibrarian 01/13/2005 3 - - 5
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