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McCain Was For Embryonic Stem Cell Research While He Was Against It
Politicians sometimes take a stand for a policy. Sometimes they take a stand against a policy. Sometimes they are for a policy before they change their mind and are against it. With embryonic stem ...
oldandcranky 09/14/2008 4 2 - 2
Why Was Palin Making Commitments To Saakashvili?
An interesting nugget from her ABC interview is that she's been on the phone with Saakashvili, and that she committed her full support. Saakashvili, whose country employs McCain foreign policy ...
oldandcranky 09/11/2008 25 12 1 4
Palin's Extremism Means McCain Is No Longer Safe Moderate Choice
Up until Palin's selection I was on the fence in this election. I don't like extremism. I fear that Obama, a liberal, teamed up with large Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress could lead ...
oldandcranky 09/08/2008 7 1 - -
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