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RKBA: Solutions
In an effort to progress the conversation on firearms, a goal of mine has been to find a fundamental baseline or common ground that both sides of the debate can substantially agree upon and move ...
oldpunk 03/22/2015 234 24 - -
RKBA: Anyone else out there?
Something I strive for when I write about firearms is to present what I have to say in as clinical a manner as I can. I try to keep to facts/statistics, supporting evidence and endeavor to limit any ...
oldpunk 03/10/2015 110 24 - -
RKBA: Reasonable restrictions? Sure, as long as they’re lawful.
When it comes to discussions on firearms, often references are made regarding the need for common sense or reasonable restrictions. But when it comes to legislation intended to restrict a ...
oldpunk 03/07/2015 180 20 - -
RKBA: No such thing as a responsible gun owner.
Due to the nature of our constitution, which places an emphasis on individual liberty and the amendments that constrain the governments ability to restrict certain rights, the mechanisms we ...
oldpunk 02/26/2015 268 28 - -
RKBA: Concealed Carry, some figures.
Last week teacherken wrote a very thought provoking diary entitled Concealed Carry’s Body Count . Some figures were shared from the Violence Policy Center showing that 722 people have lost their ...
oldpunk 02/20/2015 346 31 2 -
RKBA: Finally did it
We finally went and did it. It was a big decision and it took us a while because such decisions really shouldn’t be made without significant amount of thought. That decision you ask? After months ...
oldpunk 11/17/2014 281 25 2 -
RKBA: Law, Force, Intent, Violence, Criminal and Non-criminal
In my previous diary I posed a few questions and attempted to define some terms in order to come to a basic understanding of what gun control is and what it is intended to accomplish. I did this in ...
oldpunk 07/26/2014 106 23 2 -
RKBA: Questions, definitions, problems, solutions, discussion.
I don’t think too many people could legitimately argue with the fact that Americans civilian population is one of the most heavily armed in the world. We are also one of the worlds leaders in ...
oldpunk 07/07/2014 220 15 - -
Get arrested...we take your DNA.
From NBC News The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the police practice of taking DNA samples from people who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime , ruling that it amounts to the 21st ...
oldpunk 06/03/2013 37 6 - -
AWB and honesty
Honesty - truthfulness, sincerity, frankness, freedom from deceit or fraud.
oldpunk 02/05/2013 213 24 - -
I was raised in a Democratic voting household, my dad was a member of the IBEW and we would be considered lifelong Democrats. My family and the millions of families like us make up a significant ...
oldpunk 01/27/2013 707 48 1 -
As far as semi-automatic weapons go: • barrel shrouds; • pistol grips; • flash suppressors; • collapsible stocks; and, • bayonet lugs are nothing more than customizations…its all ...
oldpunk 01/19/2013 40 16 - -
Attention gun controllers: I don't trust you
In a comment from my last diary, Robobagpiper wrote; This. It's a matter of trust. When gun controllers incessantly go on with "ban this! ban that!" out of one side of their mouths, and sneer "you ...
oldpunk 01/11/2013 382 33 - -
Firearm Registration
This is going to be short. Here are some reasons why I am skeptical of any registration regime. These are off the top of my head and in no particular order.
oldpunk 01/09/2013 284 16 - -
Rational gun control, unless it’s too late
What follows is a post from the blog of a guy I work for. It is being reproduced in full with his consent. If you are interested in reading what a chemical engineer who immigrated to Australia has ...
oldpunk 01/03/2013 69 4 - -
RKBA: Gun controls
I am a member of RKBA and I want to have this conversation. Before I start I want to say this. Let's try to be constructive. It is not constructive for people who are in favor of more gun-control ...
oldpunk 12/17/2012 1181 117 1 -
RKBA: A conversation revisited
I was pretty happy with my last diary, at least regarding what I wrote. I really was trying to have or start a conversation. Unfortunately the bulk of the over 500 comments (which is a lot for one ...
oldpunk 09/19/2012 126 24 - 362
RKBA: A conversation
I am confident that most everyone wants to stop or at the least lessen the consequences of the actions of people like James Holmes. So what could have been done, what controls could have been in ...
oldpunk 08/07/2012 514 30 3 672
RKBA: No Trust
People who own firearms can’t be trusted; at least that’s what we are told time and time and time again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. We can’t be trusted to carry them, either openly or concealed ...
oldpunk 07/02/2012 131 23 - 374
On a personal note, remembering my Grandma
It was 1963 when my mother divorced my Dad; I was 2 at the time so I have no recollection of what happened or why. I do know that she packed me up and moved back to Joplin Missouri to live with her ...
oldpunk 03/07/2012 11 14 - 68
RKBA: No individual right.
For the sake of argument let’s say that there isn’t an individual right to keep and bear arms. Instead that right is limited to the context of a militia, an argument that is consistently ...
oldpunk 02/29/2012 151 30 - 415
RKBA: Reasons why
In a previous diary I put forth the question "Why are some people against firearm ownership?" I then gave some examples of the more common reasons that people have provided in gun related diaries ...
oldpunk 02/14/2012 174 26 - 323
RKBA: Questions why
It is an established fact that violent crime is down and has been steadily decreasing since 1993. Murder is down, rape is down, robberies are down and aggravated assault is down. While the fact ...
oldpunk 01/31/2012 74 19 - 227
RKBA: We gotta do something about guns.
We’ve got to do something about guns. We have got to find a way to convince the general public that increased gun ownership is bad and only leads to more violence. Tragically the facts we've got ...
oldpunk 01/24/2012 80 29 1 309
RKBA: Crime down...gun ownership up, that can't be right.
Crime has always been a prime subject for local and national news, I am sure everyone has heard the adage “If it bleeds, it leads” and with the advent of 24 hour news services, anyone who wants ...
oldpunk 01/17/2012 58 23 - 245
RKBA: "Reasonable" and "Common sense"
In my last diary I responded to a common question regarding how RKBA members’ views differ from the policies of the NRA. The sum and substance of my response was twofold: First, since I am not a ...
oldpunk 08/30/2011 245 30 1 358
RKBA: I am not the NRA and I vote
I am writing this as a response to a not uncommon question that is posed in many firearm related diaries. The sum and substance of the question is how do RKBA members views on issues regarding ...
oldpunk 08/18/2011 111 28 1 266
My punk luggage
The work I do requires that I travel a lot. So I spend a significant amount of time 6 miles up, trapped in an aluminum tube doing my best not to verbally abuse the parents of screaming children.
oldpunk 07/16/2011 19 22 - 122
An Expat perspective
I’ve been working as an expat for a while now and have had the privilege to visit a number of countries. My most recent experiences have been on Sakhalin Island of the Russian Federation, Oman and ...
oldpunk 04/07/2011 15 18 - 123
RKBA: Electoral Victory
Hello everyone. Over the past few days/weeks, I've been mulling over what the purpose of this site is. This led to me spending some time at the FAQ page where I found this great question "
oldpunk 04/05/2011 310 34 - 855
President Obama is a shill for the NRA
That's right, nothing but a shill who is selling his party out. Comments like these are proof that he is in the pocket of the NRA and the gun lobby.
oldpunk 03/14/2011 139 17 - 386
RKBA: Who uses a gun to commit violent crime?
I know that this won't come as a surprise to..., well..., anyone but there are a lot of guns in America. Duh, right? America has scads, oodles, boat loads, and a shit ton of firearms. We've got guns,
oldpunk 03/08/2011 242 32 - 622
RKBA: Life and risk and guns and violence
Life is risky. Everyday you are exposed to risk via the innate hazards in the world has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether it is navigating a flight of stairs, crossing the street, driving a car, ...
oldpunk 02/15/2011 191 31 3 612
RKBA: What is "reasonable" firearm legislation?
What is “reasonable” firearm legislation? I hear it all the time in conversations and find it in comments here on DKos. It's not unheard of to read something like this. Look ,nobody ...
oldpunk 02/12/2011 167 19 2 383
RKBA:The illogic of safe gun ownership.
Guns are dangerous and the idea of safe gun ownership is a logical fallacy. With gun violence in America at record highs how anyone could assume otherwise is beyond me. The facts are clear and are ...
oldpunk 10/26/2010 308 24 3 138
RKBA - The duty of self defense
Self defense isn’t just a right, it’s a duty. I am sure most everybody has heard about what took place around 5:00 am on May 26th ...
oldpunk 06/15/2010 284 30 1 57
Controlling for gun violence (re-visited)
This diary is a repost from 11 April. I am reposting it now as a semi-response to a diary that has gotten some peoples dander up and to hopefully temper the conversation. The only changes I have ...
oldpunk 04/27/2009 53 6 - 13
Controlling for gun violence
Gun control is a touchy subject to say the least; you could almost say people have a hair trigger when it comes to talking about guns. Unfortunately there have been a few high profile incidents ...
oldpunk 04/11/2009 36 15 - 20
I may be slow but I ain't stupid
I have to say that when I hear statements like “stupid fucking Americans” or “you Americans are so stupid” or “how stupid can Americans be” or any other similar ...
oldpunk 08/21/2008 28 3 1 1
From Russia with...
We are here to warn you Innocent shopper buyer We are here to warn you They’re gonna say buy or die Business is on parade Corporate scam charade Crumbs for the poor Rich man’s profits ...
oldpunk 07/16/2008 8 - - 2
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