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One explanation for addlepated people being hired as cops
I knew a child from the Dallas area because her Dad was a client. I watched her grow up. She grew up large, a young lady almost 6 feet tall. Her dream was to be a sheriff's deputy.
on the cusp 12/06/2014 15 18 1 -
An update on my rescued hound dog
The vet had asked me to come take a look, see if I wanted the dumped dog, and I took her home.
on the cusp 09/12/2014 79 98 1 -
Thanks for dumping your hound dog!
Whoever you are, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving your overweight young Blue Tick Coon Hound running down the highway after you threw her out.
on the cusp 08/06/2014 214 577 5 -
Having ACA insurance
I had not been ill other than the occasional seasonal flu in 30 years. Then, I had something awful happen I went to bed one night, just fine, then awakened to a body I didn't recognize, and that ...
on the cusp 07/23/2014 16 1 - -
The 62nd Birthday
I haz it. Today. I rebelled just a bit.
on the cusp 05/01/2014 31 16 - -
My life and times with Steve McQueen
I will be 62 years old in a week. I miss Steve McQueen.
on the cusp 04/25/2014 30 15 - -
What the ACA has done for me
I just hung up on a friend who was spouting off about how anybody could always buy health insurance, and how he should not have to pay taxes for those slackers to buy what he was always buying due ...
on the cusp 02/19/2014 37 65 2 -
Thirteen Days
My Dad was a soldier in the D-Day landing, more particularly, Utah Beach.
on the cusp 01/04/2014 2 4 - -
My Dad got Mr. Dobb into the Masons
I know exactly squat about the Masons, but boy, do I remember this Masonic Lodge incident well, as the fall out lasted for over 40 years. As I said, I know little about the Masons, but I sure ...
on the cusp 09/15/2013 7 18 - -
My Dad stole Boney the cow
My WWII vet dad passed away November 4th, 2012. At that time, I was not only having difficulties navigating his loss, but also this site. I wanted to post something about it, as he was the next-to-...
on the cusp 06/08/2013 103 369 7 -
Can a 91 yr old woman be beautiful?
I never thought so. Until today. Until I attended the viewing of my Mom's body, and I kept hearing over, and over, "she looks so beautiful".
on the cusp 06/27/2012 46 97 1 455
What it feels like to be hungry
I have written about my Dad, his horrific war wounds sustained in D-Day, but I wish to pass this along.
on the cusp 05/17/2012 17 112 1 349
my 60th birthday
Some flowers, some other wishes, but mostly some thoughts.
on the cusp 05/01/2012 20 18 - 99
I am packed, headed for China for a couple of weeks!
on the cusp 04/04/2012 15 13 - 201
Remember your sick pals
I recently wrote a diary about a terminally ill friend who just raged such hatred, such racism, that I was shocked to the point I have not taken a call from him since. I am still not certain if it ...
on the cusp 03/24/2012 19 15 - 76
I have trouble with wing-nutters
I backed out of a trip of a life time to Europe when my travel companion informed me she had included a wingnut to share our room. But!!!! Please stay with me under the Orange ...
on the cusp 03/01/2012 26 14 - 219
Dad wounded in Normandy
My brother and I worried about the VA visit today when it was not on Dad's schedule .
on the cusp 02/04/2012 15 16 - 96
Rescuing the autobiography of Shirley Temple Black
As I do each year, I rescue hundreds of books the local public library offers up for yard sale prices. If they cannot be sold, they are hauled to the county waste disposal. Arrgghh...I grabbed up ...
on the cusp 11/20/2011 3 6 - 110
W. L. Viet Nam army guy
I taught a little girl baton twirling lessons. Her mom got to know me well. Her mom asked me if I might write her brother in Viet Nam a letter. I am 14 yrs old. Sure. I am articulate, and funny, ...
on the cusp 11/11/2011 35 63 4 277
Bubba died this morning
My goodness, he was a crazy baby. And student in school. And young man with a wife and babies. His wife died in an accident, and he raised his sons, they are Army and they have rank,and he ...
on the cusp 06/30/2011 22 106 2 662
A Lawyer's best day
Oh, it may be the murder case that results in a "not guilty" verdict, or the multimillion dollar personal injury award. But for me, it was an adult name change. My client was 18. He wanted to ...
on the cusp 06/02/2011 10 13 - 101
Against your own interest because Fox sez so
I got over my shock with my Republican gay clients attempting to adopt a child yet telling me they did not believe gays, including them, should be able to marry. But this union bashing ...
on the cusp 02/16/2011 9 3 - 53
living with people with colored skin
In East Texas, near Louisiana, and far away from liberal Austin, and even farther away from chic Dallas, we have a skin color problem that will get people hurt or killed. What prompted this first ...
on the cusp 02/15/2011 14 11 - 80
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