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Delta Airlines - making refunds extremely difficult to obtain
This isn't a political diary - except in the sense that corporations no longer have any desire to truly serve their customers. I work for an attorney. A couple weeks ago, he had to make travel ...
one of 8 04/11/2013 12 14 - -
Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan - California's version
I wrote a couple diaries some time ago about a) becoming uninsured and how I obtained affordable heath care in my community; and b) my initial attempts at getting "Obamacare." In California, I had ...
one of 8 01/17/2012 10 10 - 106
Part Two: I canceled my health ins, now what?
This is the second in a short series I'm writing about going from having health coverage through an individual plan with Kaiser, to being uninsured for three years and counting. If you are ...
one of 8 05/12/2011 52 50 3 390
Becoming uninsured - The beginning
I have been without health insurance since June 2008. I had an individual plan through Kaiser Northern California for many years, but by early 2008, I finally had to face the fact that I could no ...
one of 8 05/10/2011 111 151 2 726
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