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Former Director Operations NFIP -- FEMA ADVICE ON YOUR DISASTER
this is really putting myself out there, gives away any anonymity I might have had in here. and put me at risk for very real legal repercussions. FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IF A DISASTER IS ...
one pissed off democrat 11/14/2012 5 16 2 -
what an election season
hey, Hi! long time since I have had the time to write in here.. What a busy election season. I did not work any of the national, senatorial, or congressional elections this time. instead I ...
one pissed off democrat 11/13/2012 1 - - -
I have never had a harder week. It would have been bad enough losing my younger brother in law to anything, disease, violence, accident, but to a possible suicide? I can't grasp this, NO refuse to ...
one pissed off democrat 06/02/2012 29 50 - 512
Glass Ceilings Re Engineered, Women Only Need Apply
I was doing a job search for my daughter, and I kept seeing this: Reference Code: 12008175 Location: Wilmington, DE, USA Education Level: Bachelor's Degree Required Description Summary: Duties are ...
one pissed off democrat 03/19/2012 35 3 - 405
ASHAMED to be an American today -- Hungry Seniors Update
President Obanas reply, January 20, 2012 Dear Friend: Thank you for writing. I have heard from many Americans about issues affecting older Americans. Today'
one pissed off democrat 01/21/2012 4 6 - 116
ASHAMED to be an American today -- Hungry Seniors
I went to lunch yesterday, McD's dollar menu, with three friends. It is all we can do anymore, I am retired disabled and 2 of the three have lost their jobs. But we are long time friends, so where ...
one pissed off democrat 01/07/2012 157 216 4 830
"Dont want to be an American Idiot."Let's Be Honest
We know who our candidate is, we know the challenges facing us and the re-election. Lets be deadly honest this time. No more pulling punches no more Mr nice guy. As Green Day Says,
one pissed off democrat 09/25/2011 7 7 - 73
Where were you.... My Pentagon Memories
We opened the call at 8:30 am, my new client was a New York Healthcare System. We were planning the infrastructure update. About 15 minutes into the call we heard the explosion. One of the guys ...
one pissed off democrat 09/11/2011 3 4 - 41
September Blues
It is September. Memory Month for me Memories of trying to help during, and after Katrina, being blocked by FEMA, watching in horror as the people in the Super dome were dying and hungry, dirty, ...
one pissed off democrat 09/03/2011 1 1 - 39
Still Feeding the Machine? Then you can NOT Bitch
If you are still contributing to your 401K, you can not bitch about the machine in DC. If you Still hold a large mortgage, or are looking for, for a house that is really too big for you, you can ...
one pissed off democrat 08/21/2011 15 15 1 178
Real Losses Medicare or Defense Contracting
Now that I have been on both sides of this fence I wonder. Who loses more a year, the defense contracts or Medicare/Medicaid. After all those nice men on TV want me to think they are on my side,
one pissed off democrat 07/18/2011 6 5 - 33
Dying in America Part 13 -- They Refuse to Re Hire My Husband
My husband is a union Electrician, but the Union refuses to re hire him. They asked if he was going to take disability. The issue is He is not disabled, I am. The actual quote was "so if you ...
one pissed off democrat 07/02/2011 13 22 - 181
Dying in America Part 12 -- The Bills
Today I received the usual amount of medical bills in the mail. 11 11 separate and due now bills, from the hospitals, doctors, medical equipment companies, associations, and practices. They all ...
one pissed off democrat 05/16/2011 12 15 - 103
Pot as a Path to Solvency, Get Big Tobacco To Take Over
There is a path to solvency for this government, for this nation, and for us all, and we are not even looking at it. Big Tobacco could easily move this path forward, and do so quickly, it is a ...
one pissed off democrat 04/07/2011 7 - - 27
Dying in America Part 11 -- Eaves Dropping
I was not allowed to move for 12 hours after the procedure, for fear that i would burst the femoral artery, and bleed out. To lie in one position for hours on end, no TV no computer, no Phone, ...
one pissed off democrat 03/24/2011 8 10 - 79
A Question for DKos
One of my hospitals is George Washington University Hospital in DC. It is a nice place if you have to be hospitalized, and where the Doctor who did the lung biopsy on me is affiliated. GW is a ...
one pissed off democrat 03/23/2011 27 3 - 242
Dying in America Part 10
AS the congress debates removing my benefits, i sit in a hospital emergency room. It is a stark room, painted tan to be neutral. Again admitted for chest pains, the lung disease is compromising ...
one pissed off democrat 03/12/2011 45 65 3 298
Have You Had Enough? Time to ACT
Have you? this is going to be short, and to the point. CEO's and the UBBER rich understand one thing and one thing only,,, Impact their profits and they will get in line. How to impact their ...
one pissed off democrat 03/10/2011 7 5 - 53
If this Budget Does Not Mobilize us to Strike now and Vote Later
I don't know if I could stay in this country. There are hordes of diaries laying out for us all the what and where of the money the Republicans are slating for cuts. Not one millionaire is affected,
one pissed off democrat 03/09/2011 3 7 - 61
Disillusioned & Not so Pissed Off Anymore Perhpas It Is Time To Leave
Perhaps I should create a new name the NOT So Pissed Of Democrat. Perhaps it is time to leave. I am frustrated, and tired, and it seems the only people I am Pissed off at are the common American ...
one pissed off democrat 03/07/2011 5 7 2 114
The Truth About Corporations and Barganing Unions
I am so sick of hearing how Bargaining Unions are bad. How they destroy businesses, are too expensive to deal with. Blah Blah Blah The very same companies that complain and get the Republicans ...
one pissed off democrat 03/05/2011 2 15 - 77
Dying in America -- Part 9 Gifts
It has been a while since I chronicled what it is like to be disabled and dying in America. We have been very busy, we lost the house to foreclosure, having to vacate by Jan 29, 2011. and we have ...
one pissed off democrat 02/24/2011 15 48 1 224
The Times they are A Changin == BUT NO ONE CARES
Boy the old protest songs from the 60's really ring true today don't they. Unrest in the middle east over food, and jobs. Unrest in the Mid West over food and jobs. When does the revolution ...
one pissed off democrat 02/23/2011 10 4 - 65
Dying in America Part 8 -- Merry Christmas IT IS SNOWING
This is my 7th Sick Christmas. 7 years now of terminal, chronic illness, pills, hospitals and doctors. 7 years of accumulating bills for all of the all the aforementioned. I am weaker than I ...
one pissed off democrat 12/25/2010 9 15 - 84
Dying in  America Part 7 You Should have Refused Service
NO matter what I do or who I run into on this journey toward my final days, I am continually surprised at the medical community. The Doctors insist on treatments and test, telling me over and ...
one pissed off democrat 12/23/2010 27 19 1 61
Challenge for all Senators & Congressman, Give UP your paycheck  First
Average pay in the senate is around 165000, (average between high and low). So each year We Tax payers pay you a healthy salary. Average pay in the House of Representatives is around 140000. ...
one pissed off democrat 12/20/2010 16 4 - 59
Do You Think of Their Mothers? When you Start your Car?
Do you think of their Mothers when you start your car? Do you consider their wives while you run your gas powered lawn mower? Maybe it is when you get on your four wheeler, that you say thank ...
one pissed off democrat 12/12/2010 39 14 - 71
GOP Sign Letter to Block All Democratic Legislation
Nothing like putting the country ahead of your personal interests huh boys. I am going to cross post this where ever I can See Document ...
one pissed off democrat 12/01/2010 15 8 - 121
Dying in America 7 Update dr doom
Everyday they call. Everyday it is the same mantra, this is a debt collector, we need to notify you that information obtained will be used for debt collection. And they are all from the same set ...
one pissed off democrat 11/29/2010 25 12 - 68
What Can We Do to Change America
I have thought a lot about this, over the years. How could we, the working class of America, change the future of corporate America, and the government without a coup, or much more effort than ...
one pissed off democrat 11/26/2010 11 6 - 53
Haze of Blue, Surrounding Me
It is the fist pull, the light of the lighter, the draw on the cigarette, the sweet feeling of that addiction on my tongue. It has been my constant companion for over 40 years now. 40 years, ...
one pissed off democrat 11/23/2010 8 9 - 44
Dying in America Part 6 Disabled Rant
It has been a while since I update this series. Elections tend to do that to me, get me all worked up,even if all I can do these days is type and make phone calls. It was frustrating to d4eal with ...
one pissed off democrat 11/22/2010 4 12 - 49
Here we Go Program Cutting Time
After watching the news, I began to think. Ok Balance the budget, cut fat, let's get real, and the new Repunks are about to pounce on us in DC. But lets be real, the very first thing I saw on the ...
one pissed off democrat 11/13/2010 7 4 - 85
Unemployment Caused by Republicans
What a shock The numbers are in and they do indeed confirm that the Republicans are responsible for and are the ones who caused the High numbers of Unemployment, which they are trying ...
one pissed off democrat 11/01/2010 11 3 - 33
Tea Party Candidates -- Will they succumb or Rise Above?
A couple of things happen when you first hit Washington as a new elected congressman/woman, or Senator. First you find out just how futile most of your campaign promises were. You can't change ...
one pissed off democrat 10/17/2010 15 8 - 64
Dying in America Part 5
Since I started this series, I have received email after email regarding personal experiences with terminal and chronic illness in the current American Medical environment. It seems we are ...
one pissed off democrat 10/16/2010 20 13 - 41
Dying in America Part 4
I am really really sick today, vomiting, coughing, wheezing, and stuck, it is only October 14TH. The prescriptions all reset in 10 more days. I am out of the cough medicine, and almost out of ...
one pissed off democrat 10/14/2010 17 12 - 38
Jobs to India 8 years ago and Now the Dem's take the hit
I am a little confused. I was in corporate America, in a leadership position while we sent all of the American Jobs away. First we outsourced all call centers and anyone related to those help ...
one pissed off democrat 10/13/2010 14 12 1 51
Dying in America Part 3
So now it comes to what is left of my life and is that sliver, shadow of my former self worth living for or not. I am entrenched daily in Medicare, SSDI, Food Stamps, energy assistance, more ...
one pissed off democrat 10/12/2010 27 19 1 58
Give me your Huddled Masses, Dying in America Part 2
I have Interstitial Lung Disease, with Pulmonary Fibrosis. It is a terminal illness, with no current treatment that improves or arrest the ...
one pissed off democrat 10/10/2010 23 39 - 237
Give me your tired, your poor  Right? Dying in America
We proclaim on the statue if liberty: "Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A ...
one pissed off democrat 10/09/2010 21 8 2 79
Don't Forget the Ditch Digger's Vote
You wonder where the apathy is, it is in the NON College educated Democratic base YOU FORGOT THE DITCH-DIGGER My Grandfather warned me, I told ...
one pissed off democrat 09/28/2010 11 5 - 52
Maryland Gubernatorial Race One Point of View
I have been watching with great interest the polls for the Maryland Governor's race. Week after week they come in 50/50 almost. 53 O'Malley (D) 47 Ehrlich (R), and I can't help but wonder why... ...
one pissed off democrat 09/21/2010 19 5 - 67
If the Young Dems Join we win, If the economy changes we win
IF IF IF We need to get the vote out, we need those young democrats from the last election to join us this time, or understand that if Republicans win the house and senate back, ...
one pissed off democrat 09/07/2010 17 5 - 34
Less Government More Government --- What to think
I get Republican Spam mail, most of us do I suspect. In it there is a constant theme, less government and less taxes enables business, more government inhibits business. Inhibiting business is bad ...
one pissed off democrat 07/28/2010 19 7 - 29
Political Strategy- One Person Can Make a Difference
Castle Bay's is a restaurant on Main Street in Annapolis Maryland. It is one of the local favorites for Traditional Irish Music, in fact they have ...
one pissed off democrat 07/18/2010 3 4 - 28
Political Strategy -- Time for a Re-Do?
Thousands of statewide contests around the country will be decided this next election. Whether you're seeking a seat on the local school board or a term as U.S. senator or congressman, running for ...
one pissed off democrat 07/17/2010 11 3 - 33
Congressional Reform -- I would Vote For this Now
We have discussed on here numerous times the short comings of our current system. this was passed on to me, and I want to pass it on to you Congressional Reform is needed now, this election...... ...
one pissed off democrat 07/13/2010 10 2 - 26
One Life, One Woman
There are people we meet in our lives who profoundly change the way we see ourselves and the world. One such of those people for me, lost her battle with cancer this morning, I was raised Irish ...
one pissed off democrat 07/10/2010 7 24 - 201
OK so when are WE ACTUALLY going to do something
I have not been here much, been out pushing a progressive agenda on my corporate contacts. No easy feat, but I always liked a challenge. Reminding them that support of the American People = ...
one pissed off democrat 06/18/2010 23 7 - 32
The Little Pink Pill
The Little Pink Pill is up in front of the FDA for approval. Once again men are trying to get us to have more sex based on a flawed set of assumptions. I have watched this with great fascination ...
one pissed off democrat 06/16/2010 11 4 - 31
Time to repay the Debt
It is time for someone to stand up and tell the truth, You, our elected officials, do not care about the American Public, you care about getting elected. It is your greed for money and power ...
one pissed off democrat 06/15/2010 9 11 - 32
New Replublican Web Site, Funny Funny Stuff
Have you seen the new Republican site where Americans speak out on the major issues. This article piqued my curiosity,
one pissed off democrat 05/27/2010 21 8 1 31
OK DKOS Help me out here Or Ignore Me
Money Money Money Makes the World Go Round the world go round the world go round. Cabaret / Joel Grey - Money, Money, Money since returning back to helping out on campaigns, all I have heard is ...
one pissed off democrat 05/25/2010 32 6 1 41
Out in the Real World
Out in the real world no one ever asks for a link, that verifies what your saying. So you need to have all your facts in order to defend your position. Out in the real world, you do not get to ...
one pissed off democrat 05/23/2010 6 3 - 30
It Was Supposed to be a Cake Walk
Instead it is a full fledged battle. Why is this election so tough? We GAVE you the House and Senate.... We GAVE you the White house...... All you had to do was follow the agenda, end the war, ...
one pissed off democrat 05/18/2010 27 5 - 23
44% Are millionaires
I could not even get past the headline 44% Seriously? And we wonder why we can't get them to enact legislation that is fair to the working man How about ...
one pissed off democrat 05/04/2010 40 20 - 40
So How are all the New Laws Working for you
So far the new Health Insurance law has generated 28 letters. 28 Separate letters from both my private insurance and the Medicare that has not even started yet, to tell me about policy changes due ...
one pissed off democrat 04/30/2010 1 5 1 12
Need a Break, Get back to Real America
I have come here less and less, I read a diary where those who say they want a break from DKOS won't be punished, only those who say they are outta here will be cut off, Well I need a break from ...
one pissed off democrat 04/14/2010 10 5 - 22
May 1st Strike Nationwide UPDATE
It is time to stand up, and fight back. Time to take back our country, Time to take back our rights, the way our fore fathers did when Worker's Day or May day was created. It is time to modify the ...
one pissed off democrat 04/11/2010 56 11 - 45
Dying for Real Health Care Reform (literally)
I was admitted this time for chest pain, shortness of breath, mausea, and dizzyness. I was on the cardio unit. All he nurses and doctors were very nice, treated me well, no issues with the ...
one pissed off democrat 04/03/2010 23 19 - 49
The President Changed the financial Markets And he was a Republican
not the other way around. I have struggled and researched, read and re-read, everything I could on What has gone wrong in our economy. There are absolutely brilliant people who have written and ...
one pissed off democrat 03/18/2010 3 1 - 17
SHOCKING President Blind to What Kind of Tomorrow for the US?
I am not shocked at all, he is one of the Rote Memory Crowd. Only original thinkers will tell us the answers to what our future holds. Do you hold a patent? I do. Have you ever rethought how ...
one pissed off democrat 03/16/2010 109 11 - 39
Real estate Foot note
I keep seeing that the real estate market is turning around. That there are buyers out there, with money to spend! I have been convinced that my house will sell, that most of the buyers are first ...
one pissed off democrat 03/16/2010 18 - - 20
Are they holding out on us??
I am in the midst of foreclosure. I can't stop it, can't change it, I got sick and am losing everything. I am heart broken, depressed at time quasi suicidal, (quasi being the operative word there)
one pissed off democrat 03/03/2010 41 10 - 33
Canadian HC System, Lies Truths and Replublicans
I am getting a bit tired of hearing how bad the Canadian Health Care system is managed. It seems that at every Republican Event there is someone from Canada talking about how they had to wait for ...
one pissed off democrat 03/02/2010 44 18 1 26
What Drives You?
What drives you to succeed? What is it that makes you get up every day, go to work, and if your so inclined, be successful. I am asking for 2 reasons, one to help me find the motivation to get ...
one pissed off democrat 02/25/2010 37 6 2 19
Requests for Contributions...........
I must get 15 emails a day, all with some message of hope that the Party is ACTUALLY going to accomplish _______________ (fill in the blank, health care, defeating Sara you name it) From Everyone, ...
one pissed off democrat 02/18/2010 18 10 - 22
Dear Mr. President,
You have been laid bare. You have been exposed for the posers you are. And Frankly we the rest of the country, those of us who are not in your inner circles, not in the beltway, we are tired of ...
one pissed off democrat 02/09/2010 41 8 - 8
What Happened When did It all Change
So much of my life seems filled with ghosts and shadows these days. I have done all of the things portray myself to have done. And yet during these long days of illness it feels as if it may not ...
one pissed off democrat 02/08/2010 11 11 - 12
Stop it Damnit It is About GREED
What part of this are you not getting..Kossacks, Media, Stupid Ass Republican that are under the age of 50, Starry eyed Democrats Welcome to what happens when you get what you THINK you deserve I ...
one pissed off democrat 02/07/2010 11 12 1 20
It is not about Parties. It is about Politics
"Democrats take your money and give it to the poor. Republicans take your money and go to war. But make no mistake, they all take your money" I remember my grandfather telling me this, while ...
one pissed off democrat 02/06/2010 11 4 1 22
Penalized for being Poor in America
I just finished watching the You Tube Interview with Pres Obama, how cool was that, how in denial we are about our country. If you are college educated, and last stats said we are ...
one pissed off democrat 02/02/2010 163 16 - 42
Take The Money out of Bank of America and Run!
I have been in an epic struggle with my finances and the Bank of America. I am sure I will not be as clear on this as you would like, or as informative as you will need, but I need to try. this ...
one pissed off democrat 01/30/2010 73 23 2 59
Late Night Pharmacy Run -- Health Care Reform
I go late at night, to the 24 hour pharmacy, which takes and extra 10 minutes to get to, because I am embarrassed. I ran out of one set of the pills the Doctors give me. No big deal the pharmacy ...
one pissed off democrat 01/29/2010 22 6 1 12
Who Will dig the Ditches?
It was a question that my grandfather used to ask when the discussion in the 70's came around to student loans and the "right" for every child to go to college, or unions or well any job related ...
one pissed off democrat 01/19/2010 50 15 - 24
Does drilling into Earth's Bedrock cause Earthquakes?
MY ONLY CONCLUSIONS TO ALL OF THIS, NO MATTER HOW TWISTED ANYONE CHOOSES TO MAKE THIS DIARY ARE: Haiti was mentioned because It started me looking at the fault line and that ...
one pissed off democrat 01/14/2010 96 1 - 29
Should We Have Tin Hats on?
I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. I have done enough work in agencies to know how dysfunctional; they really are. But of late the "terrorist" activities being released to us, almost look as ...
one pissed off democrat 01/13/2010 31 4 - 10
Changed Heart
They called last night. Actually my son called, headed to the hospital to have their first baby. All day now they have been waiting, walking the halls, contractions, but not close enough, ...
one pissed off democrat 01/06/2010 14 10 - 11
And Now for Something Completely Different....
From Monty Pyton, something completely different? More like something exactly the same, I want what I want for my friends. "I 'll get by with a little help from my friends" Well Your out of ...
one pissed off democrat 01/05/2010 24 7 - 34
Supply Chains and Economic Recovery
An article was out today in the times titled " In Recession, Americans Doing More, Buying Less "
one pissed off democrat 01/04/2010 18 3 - 37
A lifetime Part Deux
I put out this diary a couple of days ago on what it was like being a woman in America in the 60's 70's and 80's. It was Simply :
one pissed off democrat 01/03/2010 17 8 - 21
What will create Jobs? What is the New Incentive?
This started as a comment in this Diary It has I believe grabbed a life of it's own now, so I am putting these questions to ...
one pissed off democrat 01/02/2010 37 9 - 49
A life time being told what I can not do
Musings of the past year, decade, lifetime. As a young girl I remember being told that I could not throw the ball as far because I was a girl, I accepted that. As a Teenager I was told I was ...
one pissed off democrat 12/30/2009 25 34 2 210
Merry Christmas Daily Kos and all you Kossacks
I am done working for the day, it is the eve of Christmas Eve. I have started my Holiday. Irish Hannukah, tonight the exchanging of gifts begins with friends close to home. Gifts will be exchanged ...
one pissed off democrat 12/23/2009 32 10 - 34
KILL THIS BILL START OVER -- And leave my Reproductive Rights OUT of it
Your kidding me right? Barb Milkulski, Ben Cardin, Steny Hoyer?!?!?!?! I have to say that the wording is wonderful, most of the garbage I read in there has not even been raised as an issue, that ...
one pissed off democrat 12/19/2009 93 15 - 70
A Candle for Change Tonight/Tomorrow Night Sat Night, at 8 PM EST
Huh, have you had enough? I have, Ready to Actually SHOW them how you feel what you want? REAL Health Care Reform with a REAL public Option Everyone of us should go out in the street tonight, ...
one pissed off democrat 12/17/2009 32 9 - 82
OK KOS One Last Time Repeat After Me Gov Contracts NOT HCR is What Politicans Care  About
Go on Repeat AFTER ME -- GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS -- Go on you can say it ARE WHAT THE POLITICIANS WE ELECTED -- Yes you can I really believe in ...
one pissed off democrat 12/16/2009 29 4 - 75
Merry Christmas -- Your foreclosure is in 45 Days
Merry Christmas, As this Holiday rolls into full swing, I got my foreclosure notices this weekend. I have 45 Days 45 Days to pack my belongings 45 Days to explain to my grandson why he has no ...
one pissed off democrat 12/14/2009 44 21 1 66
Why doesn't Anyone Get it? UPDATED
Why don't you understand? Why don't the politicians understand? Why is this depression still going on? OK I understand why the politicians don't change their ways. It means that they would have ...
one pissed off democrat 12/08/2009 132 11 - 47
Sick of it Yet?
I am I think we need to weep the congress and senate right on to their collective ...
one pissed off democrat 11/01/2009 25 2 - 6
OK I am Ashamed
Seriously, I thought it was supposed to be different We were supposed to be better Grant it is Katie Couric and Michael Steele and all but come on,.......... When are we, the America People ...
one pissed off democrat 10/28/2009 67 6 - 217
Bail Outs, Foreclosures, and the Loss of the Middle Class
TO: President Obama, the Senate and House of Representatives;
one pissed off democrat 10/25/2009 30 31 1 64
Emailin your Senators
Did you know that was a NO NO I tired to send an email to every senator, guess they do NOT want ot hear form us I got this in return count them up all 100 Failed, no more email to Senators. How ...
one pissed off democrat 10/23/2009 8 2 1 15
Ahh Wells Fargo the Heartless Employees of the Year Award
My discussion with Wells Fargo Yesterday was frustrating, infuriating, and disappointing. Ok so you expected the frustrating and infuriating right but why disappointing? The Employees, the ...
one pissed off democrat 10/22/2009 10 7 - 134
My Savings Bonds
As a child I remember getting savings bonds as a gift. Lame I thought, why not give me something I really wanted like a new Barbie car. I would heave never said that out loud as my mother would ...
one pissed off democrat 10/17/2009 27 12 1 22
Why We the Democrats May Lose the Next Election
I am aware of the current ratings on the pres . I am aware that ...
one pissed off democrat 10/15/2009 34 3 1 27
No Public Option--- No Vote
Simple diary without the public option, will we still be working for or voting for the current Democratic Leadership?
one pissed off democrat 10/13/2009 32 6 - 19
PLEASE === HELP MAKE Suggestons to Bank of America on how they Change America  ==PLEASE
I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a real conversation with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board for BOA. I have this opportunity on a fluke meeting, but the door is now open and I ...
one pissed off democrat 10/02/2009 38 7 - 29
I heard the Death Bell Toll Today
I heard the Death Bell Toll today for my home state. Saturn the last great GM hope is closing. Why? Because we buy foreign, Because when cash for clunkers hit, money went to Japan and Korea. ...
one pissed off democrat 09/30/2009 66 7 - 54
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