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YK07 Auction Re-Starts Friday!
I am pleased to tell you that eBay has reinstated the YearlyKos account, and we will restart the June YearlyKos eBay Auction Fundraiser on Friday evening, June 29th. Unlike previous auctions this ...
oortdust 06/27/2007 75 68 1 17
Frackin’ eBay! YK07 Auctions Update
As many of you have noticed, eBay has cancelled our auction. We have no hope of getting this auction reinstated with the last known bids prior to what would have been the end of the auction today. ...
oortdust 06/24/2007 229 150 1 29
YK07 Auction Ends in 24 Hours!
That’s right, just 24 hours until the end of the YearlyKos Mega eBay Fundraiser Auction ! Please bid now if you have been holding off. We have ...
oortdust 06/23/2007 40 27 - 1
Stargate SG-1 Series Finale Shopping Therapy!
Stargate SG-1 has ended. Sci-Fi Channel is now dead to me until November and the return of Battlestar Galactica. I really liked SG-1. I loved Farscape, and have an unhealthy obsession ...
oortdust 06/22/2007 19 8 - -
Crafty Kossacks for Sale!
Rush on over to the YearlyKos Auction Mega Fundraiser to get your chance to bid on your choice of Kossacks! Ok, ok, rush on over to bid on amazing items ...
oortdust 06/18/2007 17 21 2 9
Moyers and Olbermann and Stewart...Oh, My!
The YearlyKos Auction is proud to offer Bill Moyers, Keith Olbermann, and Jon Stewart for your purchasing pleasure! Mr. Moyers himself has donated ...
oortdust 06/17/2007 42 37 3 9
Impending June! Kossack Donors Deadline!
Were you one of the Kossacks who pledged an item to the June YearlyKos Fundraiser Auction? Have you turned in your Donation Form and sent in your images? If you have not, here is ...
oortdust 05/31/2007 4 4 - 1
Crafty Kossacks Needed!
The June YearlyKos Auction is in great need of contributions by our crafty Kossacks! We have only a few lonely pieces of handmade items to offer. We need quilting, jewelry, knitting, crocheting, ...
oortdust 05/24/2007 37 15 3 8
Olbermann, Edwards, and Gore! June YK Auction!
We’re gearing up for our third and final auction before the 2007 YearlyKos Convention ! We hope to have many more items in this auction then ...
oortdust 05/23/2007 3 10 - -
I personally do not remember the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, but many do. For those of us who don’t remember that crucial event, there are books, documentaries, ...
oortdust 04/21/2007 23 21 1 19
W vs. Webb!
There have been many diaries on the differences between W and (now) Senator Webb. These diaries usually point out the breadth of experience Sen. Webb has in foreign policy, military experience, and ...
oortdust 04/19/2007 9 6 - -
YearlyKos: April Auction Starts Next Sunday!
Sunday, April 15th at 7pm eastern, the second YearlyKos Auction of 2007 will start! The auction will run for seven days, allowing plenty of time to rant and plead with those daring to outbid you. ...
oortdust 04/08/2007 2 7 - -
YearlyKos APRIL Auction!!
Did you miss the February YearlyKos auction? Were you outbid on something you really wanted? Have you begun your spring cleaning and need to de-clutter your home? Well, lucky Kossack, YearlyKos is ...
oortdust 03/26/2007 19 21 - -
28 Hours Till It’s Over! YK07 Auction Ending Soon!
The YearlyKos Auction comes to a close tomorrow, Monday, between 7pm and 11pm eastern. If you have bid or are going to bid, make certain you check your ...
oortdust 02/18/2007 24 23 - 4
YK ’07 Auction Extravaganza!
YEARLYKOS 2007 AUCTION FUNDRAISER IN PROGRESS!! Skip on down the orange brick road & find your way to that shopping paradise known as the ...
oortdust 02/12/2007 27 21 - 13
YK ’07 Auction About to Start!
MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Come on by eBay Monday evening and view the fabulous items up for auction! The auction will start at 7pm Eastern. Thirty-four donations will appear between 7 and 11 pm. ...
oortdust 02/10/2007 3 17 - 8
YK ’07 First Auction Info!
This weekend we are trying to get the last few thousand of you to offer up donations for our first auction! The auction will start Monday, February 12th, and we would like to have a fabulous array ...
oortdust 01/19/2007 45 24 - 19
YearlyKos Auction Opportunity!
Hello, Dear Readers! Welcome to another fine installment of How You Can Help the YearlyKos Convention! I know you sit there each day fretting about what you can do to help out the convention and ...
oortdust 01/12/2007 28 28 1 14
Open Thread - VA Senate Debate
oortdust 10/09/2006 138 23 - 12
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