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opendna's groups.

Group Last Diary
Canadian Kossacks
This is a group to discuss news and politics and events north of the border.
Global Expats
Global expats membership is open to everyone. This site is ran by people with international interest that include immigration to the United States and the rest of the world. This site is ran primarily by current and former expats, (or those who are interested in international issues) for the benefit of the Kos community and as a service to our members. The international expat community residing abroad has a responsibility to tell the folks back home what their experience is living overseas unde...
Math and Statistics Geeks
For questions, answers, thoughts and stuff about math and statistics. Also for sharing of data sets, requests for analysis, debunking statistics cited by RWNJ, and so on.
Teachers Lounge
This group is for discussion of teaching and education at all levels, from elementary to university, from international to continuing education, and everything in between.
Thursday Worst Diary Competition
A group dedicated to the recognition, promotion and promulgation of the Best of the Worst
This group is dedicated to promoting investigative blogging and digital activism by publishing HowTo guides and curating search engines, tools, methods and data sources.
Troll diaries are great fun and do a great service to our community. The best should be preserved and the latest promoted for the greater lolz, TROLL HUNTERS WANTED: please message for membership.
WordPress Geeks
WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) there is. I'd like this group to talk about WordPress, heck even Joomla and Drupal. I make a living using it and I have to admit I don't really get a chance to talk with many folks that know a single thing about the darn program. Lets do that in this group.

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