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Torture without Walls: So Much Great Faith, So Misused
I am appalled at all the unjustifiable costs of war, which I believe, as the Dalai Lama says, is obsolete. I denounce our many war crimes, like mass punishment, displacement, torture and rendition ...
oqwitcherwoofn 12/23/2012 2 1 - -
Torture without Walls: Wear Black and Carry Anarchist Publications
First amendment takes another hit in Portland and it is time ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/26/2012 15 5 - 85
Torture without Walls: 3 Shorts
Three short stories today: Glenn Greenwald (more), pager privacy (not), and criminalizing condoms (really). ONE Star civil and human rights reporter and commentator Glenn Greenwald is moving ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/19/2012 1 1 - 21
Torture without Walls: CCR Web Attack
The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) , which I'm hereby designating as an official cause for "Torture without Walls", was subject to a major web outage due to cyber attack. CCR does a range ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/17/2012 2 5 - 35
Torture without Walls: Apartment of Seattle Occupiers Raided
An apartment home to several Seattle Occupiers who are members of local anarchist groups was recently raided in a search for "black hoodies", "anarchist literature" and weapons, says a report by The ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/15/2012 13 25 1 145
Torture without Walls: Magic Laser Sniffer Story in Guardian
The story of the IR laser sniffer that can detect microscopic detail of the coffee in your stomach, the adrenaline in your veins and the soot on your shoes from 50 meters, which appeared a couple of ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/15/2012 1 1 - 81
Torture without Walls: EFF/SSD
US federal government story: government has absolute and unquestionable right to secrecy, citizens? None! Electronic Frontier Foundation has a project to help us fight back.
oqwitcherwoofn 07/14/2012 2 3 - 25
Torture without Walls: Circumlocution Office Rising
The NSA apparently continues its project to create dossiers on each and every American citizen . It is, of course, for our own protection.
oqwitcherwoofn 07/13/2012 4 - - 42
Torture without Walls: End of Privacy?
Every molecule in your body and on your person now detectable instantly from 50 feet away by a bread-box-sized device. Smaller-than-a-breadbox version inevitable soon. This fascinating news tells ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/11/2012 23 3 - 79
Torture without Walls
Torture without Walls is covert harm and harassment done to citizens by their own country, to Americans by our own government. Torture without Walls is the secret use of psychological and physical ...
oqwitcherwoofn 07/07/2012 7 - - 53
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