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I'd like to clarify something about this term. Hasbara (הסברה, which really should be appropriately transliterated as hasbarah) is a common Hebrew word that translates as 'explanation'. In ...
ortheother 07/17/2014 28 4 - -
Climate Science is NOT Apocalypticism
I've never really considered myself an environmentalist. I don't live a particularly "green" life, though I recycle, don't litter, and don't leave lights on or other electronic devices running. But ...
ortheother 05/12/2014 93 64 - -
Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism
One of the most debilitating and divisive aspects of the discourse surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the way constituencies engage the question of how anti-Zionism relates to anti-...
ortheother 02/10/2013 72 6 - -
Right Wing Israeli Government Moves to End Jewish State
Bibi Netanyahu's response to the UN vote is nothing less than the manufacturing of an unmistakable Pyrrhic victory: Israel plans to build some 3,000 new housing units in East Jerusalem and West ...
ortheother 12/02/2012 59 18 1 -
Some Views From Jerusalem
This past Friday evening, as I finished mopping the floors and removed the food I had prepared for our guests from the oven, I heard the siren that announces the approach of the Sabbath in Jerusalem ...
ortheother 11/21/2012 21 13 - -
The Next Four Years: Agon or Agony?
The way I see it, we are poised before the alternatives of agon and agony. Whatever the etymological connection between the terms, they can be construed in direct opposition. Agon is the ancient ...
ortheother 11/08/2012 5 1 - -
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