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Monday Night Cancer Club: Prostate Cancer and Active Surveillance
Good evening! There has been quite a bit of news coverage surrounding prostate cancer over the last few months. As with all cancers, there are many specific issues to PCa, and it can be very ...
outragedinSF 10/21/2013 94 43 6 -
Nothing. Really, NRA?
Maybe I don't understand their website...I've never been before tonight. Maybe I'm just not good at clicking on links. But the NRA, as far as I can tell, has nothing on the Sandy Hook tragedy ...
outragedinSF 12/15/2012 10 2 - -
The heat is on: decimates Boehner and the republicans
The financial press is putting the pressure on big time. Right now on, there are two front page articles that totally nail Boehner and the republicans. As many have pointed out, ...
outragedinSF 07/26/2011 229 480 5 3751
The Advocate repeats a lie: Prop. 8 SF/LA Voter Turnout (with poll!)
There is a stubborn meme going around regarding San Francisco voter turnout in our recent election. Having lived in this fair city for the last 22 years, I can tell you that we are not a complacent ...
outragedinSF 11/29/2008 29 7 - 31
D vs. R Wisconsin Popular Vote - WOW!
I'm a Wisconsin native. Born and bred until I moved away to college in 1979. I'm very proud of my home state's progressive tradition, from Fightin' Bob LaFollette to Senator Bill Proxmire to Gov. ...
outragedinSF 02/19/2008 17 14 - 24
DIEBOLD - Removing Humans from Absentee Voting Authentication (w/Poll)
outragedinSF 07/26/2005 10 13 - 4
Carter, Baker to head Electoral Reform Commission
outragedinSF 04/05/2005 6 6 - 2
Greenspan needs to retire: Private Accounts OK
outragedinSF 02/16/2005 - - - 3
AP - James Baker urges phased troop withdrawal
outragedinSF 01/13/2005 15 1 - 3
Contrasting Boxer and Feinstein
outragedinSF 01/06/2005 10 2 - 4
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