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Shutdown costs $24 billion, so far
According to Standard & Poor's, the Teabagger shutdown has so far cost us $24 billion: 1:55 PM – Today Government Shutdown Cost $24 Billion: S&P Standard and Poors estimated that the government ...
oythegoy 10/16/2013 18 15 - -
Onion nails Rubio
A short but worthwhile take on Marco Rubio's rebuttal last night: Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them WASHINGTON—Faced with a menial and unappealing task they had no ...
oythegoy 02/13/2013 26 29 - -
Shove Public Option Down Republican Governors' Throats
Last week about a dozen GOP governors announced they would not go forward with the construction of insurance exchanges in their states, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act, and since then another ...
oythegoy 11/19/2012 15 24 - -
Newsflash! IEA Agrees with Bill McKibben
Yesterday, the International Energy Agency released its annual report, World Energy Outlook . The report's release has been covered in most major media outlets, but the headlines have generally ...
oythegoy 11/13/2012 37 77 1 -
Harry Reid Hospitalized after Car Crash
This is not a diary, but urgent info. Huffington Post is reporting that Harry Reid's motorcade was involved in a chain-reaction collision in Sahara, Nevada, and that Reid was taken to the hospital.
oythegoy 10/26/2012 2 4 - -
Perry's Latest Gaffe. Sigh.
Rick Perry has made so many goofs and gaffes during his 15 minutes of "Not-Mitt-Romney" fame that it almost feels like kicking a man when he's down to point out that he's still making stupid, ill-...
oythegoy 11/15/2011 80 88 1 1368
God has spoken
I'm sorry if this seems like unseemly gloating, but as a lifelong Democrat, a 48-year Giants fan, a chartered seat license owner, and a 13-year season-ticket holder, I would like to point out that ...
oythegoy 11/01/2010 12 11 - 33
Let's take Sarah Palin up on teaching creationism in the schools
When I first heard that Sarah Palin believes creationism should be taught in the public schools right alongside evolution, I was horrified. It was bad enough to learn during the primaries that Mike ...
oythegoy 08/31/2008 21 15 2 15
Barr may tilt a few states to Obama
A quick note, since I have to get back to work, but there is some emerging evidence that Libertarian Bob Barr's candidacy may hurt McCain by several percentage points-- enough to potentially tip a ...
oythegoy 06/04/2008 9 2 - 8
Obama Campaign's Really Dumb Move Pisses Off Its Strongest Supporters
Earlier today I posted a diary that complained about the way the Obama campaign treated its prospective California delegates, by arbitrarily cutting as many as three-fourths of those who signed up ...
oythegoy 04/10/2008 229 15 2 48
Edwards vote via absentee ballots hurt Obama in CA
After working precincts in Alameda County for Obama during the last couple of weeks, I was surprised by the size of Hillary's margin in California. She really had no presence here in Alameda, and ...
oythegoy 02/05/2008 15 8 1 13
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